Our People in Hollywood: Mila Kunis
 I first drew attention to the Mila Kunis when watching comedy "In flight". There, she played the role of an employee at the reception in the resort town. Actress impressed lung nekichlivogo in their appeal rights. I imagine my surprise when the exit tape "Friends of sex", where Mila Kunis has played a major role in a duet with Justin Timberlake, I accidentally learned that the actress is my countrywoman, who went with his parents to the United States from the Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi.

Today, Mila Kunis has long held a Hollywood film star, to which many contributed to its recent participation in the filming of the Oscar-winning film "Black Swan", where Mila played a sexy uninhibited dancer and understudy heroine Natalie Portman.

 Our People in Hollywood: Mila Kunis

Still from the film "Black Swan"

Milena Kunis Markovna   born August 14, 1983 into a Jewish family, which in 1991 moved to the United States thanks to the famous Green Card Lottery. Such a global change of geography was given Mile very difficult in view of the absolute ignorance of the language. Ms. Kunis herself describes this period as follows: "Imagine that you are seven years suddenly became deaf and blind."

Incidentally, in the present interview with Mila confused in terms of Russia and Ukraine, saying "when we lived in Russia", "I think of Russia", etc. This gives it a true American, as the latter is often identified the Soviet Union and Russia.

 Our People in Hollywood: Mila Kunis

But the language barrier did not prevent Mile start career as an actress in 1994. From 9 years old Mila was framed in a school of acting in Beverly Hills, began appearing in the advertising of goods for children and receive their first small role. That's how she explains her success then: "When it comes to children, the question is not about whether or not this kid play or not, the main thing - you're pretty." And Mila was and is very pretty.

Fortuna has marked his chosen in childhood: because of vision problems have developed Mila heterochromia. One eye actress green, the other - light brown. But that did not stop the actress to get weighty list filmography.

Mila Kunis has played the role of Ann Bonny in the television series "Baywatch", Lucy - in the show John Larroquette, Melinda - in the film "Make a Wish, Molly," Susie Grougen - in the film "Piranha" Sarah - in "Santa with Muscles" Jill - in "Honey, we ourselves have reduced" in the film "Gia" Mila Kunis has played the heroine Angelina Jolie in 11 years, Abby Tornqvist - in the movie "Krippendorf's Tribe" and the role of Jackie in the comedy series "That '70s Show" was on -This landmark in the career Kunis .  It is noteworthy that in this series Mila hit by fraud .  The age limit for acting audition was defined 18 years .  Kunis at the time was only 14 .  But she, without batting an eye, at length said the producers that she had a birthday coming up, but did not specify how much it should this day be filled .  At the time of disclosure of this nice young Mila fraud already before it fell in love with the director of the series, it was decided to adopt her for the role .  Kunis has played in all eight seasons of the series, and twice received the award for his performance "Young Star" in the category of best actress in a television series .

A stage in Mila Kunis acting career is linked to the animated series "Family Guy" in which she voiced the role of Meg. Also for voiceovers Mila left in the eponymous video game "Family Guy" and feature-length multi "Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story."

Followed by roles Basin in the film "Love Virus" Reeychel Newman in "American Psycho 2" Sophie "Camp" Rachel "in flight", Mona Sax in "Max Payne," Cindy "extract", Solari in " The Book of Eli, "Whipp in" Date Night. " Shattering was the role of Mila Kunis in "Black Swan" and Jamie in "Friends with Benefits".

In 2012, the screens released another acting job Ms. Kunis - the movie "Ted", where she played the role of Laurie, and in 2013 - the film "Oz: The Great and powerful", which is lovely in the role occupied by Theodora.

Looking through the filmography of the actress, one is tempted to conclude that Mila Kunis is destined to play the role of the friends of the protagonist. Anyway, it was in the most acclaimed and successful "Love Virus" and "Black Swan."

Now Mila Kunis 28 years, 8 of which she was in the status of star girlfriend comedy "Home Alone," Macaulay Culkin. The reason for the break in relations was the excessive enthusiasm Mila's career. It is noteworthy that Macaulay Culkin is the godfather of Michael Jackson's children of the deceased, so lovely, being at that time still the bride of Mr. Kalkin, he was admitted to the private funeral of the King of Pop.

 Our People in Hollywood: Mila Kunis

But, in all honesty, the prospect of a pair Kunis, Culkin from the beginning has been very vague. On the screen we see Mila whimsical and emotional. Against the backdrop of this very closed private life of Mrs. Macaulay Culkin with Kunis was too contrasting. Mila has repeatedly confessed to journalists that they spend time with her beloved only two: read books, play video games, watch TV and go to the movies. It is not surprising that such a pastime bored actress whose career has gone up rapidly. Notes of dissatisfaction with relations with Macaulay fully disclosed in the phrase, thrown by Mila in one of her interviews: "No one has ever really honestly do not recognize how happy he is and how completely satisfied with those with whom you live."

Today, plenty of sports media, attributing Mila Kunis affair with her partner in the film "Friends for sex» Justin Timberlake. Interest in the couple warms their joint photo shoot for the August issue of the magazine Elle. Young people really recently often appear together in public places, but categorically refuse to characterize their relationship more than friendship. To prove it all over the world, they have taken a very bold trick at the awards ceremony 2011 MTV Movie Awards, where they were leading. Timberlake Mila grabbed his chest, and she had to answer for manhood. "So we decided to prove that we Mila almost like brother and sister. We are bound only friendship, so I can easily do it again and again, "- said Justin.

 Our People in Hollywood: Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake at the MTV Movie Awards 2011

Mila Kunis - is not only an actress, but also made an enviable career model. Her height is 160 cm. Obviously, this is the only obstacle to its release to the world podium. But it takes an active part in glamorous photo shoots for popular publications. Her photoshoot with Justin Timberlake - not only in the career model. Her erotic photos published Stuff Magazine's, GQ, Maxim, Sosmo and others.

In his youth, Mila was the face of Guess, participated in the promotion of their collections of clothes. Also mark «Flirt! »(BeautyBank, Estee Lauder) Mila Kunis chose as its" face "seasonal collection of makeup for your cosmetic brand. And in December, the magazine Nylon Mila Kunis made his main character, putting her picture on the cover and published photoset, where the actress appeared in cozy sweaters and knitted stockings.

 Our People in Hollywood: Mila Kunis

By the way, the same Stuff Magazine's Mila Kunis put on the 54 th position in the ranking of "102 sexiest women in the world." Recently the actress has become the second in the ranking of the sexiest male celebrity version of the portal AskMen. Mila also awarded the "Holy Grail of sexuality" in the competition Guys Choice Awards 2011 ("Choice Male"), rewarding television channel Spike TV.

 Our People in Hollywood: Mila Kunis

But despite all the sex symbol status, the network is almost no indiscreet pictures of Mila Kunis. For the most part, she appears before the cameras elegant dresses or simple everyday clothes.

 Our People in Hollywood: Mila Kunis

It does honor to the actress and her recent participation in the annual ball of the US Marines. I invite him Mila received a very extraordinary way: via YouTube fan of it, Sergeant Scott Moore posted his video message to the actress. And what do you think? Ms. Kunis responded to him. True, they say that is not persuaded Mila Scott Moore and Justin Timberlake. His decisive argument was: "You must do this for the sake of their country! ".

 Our People in Hollywood: Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis at the ball Marines

In short, Hollywood is now our two Mila. And let Mila Kunis list of awards for his contribution to Cinématographe is not great, we wish her continued success on the set of the city of angels.
Author: Natalia Hryshko