Princess Beatrice of York
 On the porch sat a gold king, prince, king, prince, princess and more - not fantastic, but real - Princess Beatrice of York.

Who is who
Beatrice Elizabeth Mary of York - this is the full name of the princess. She was born August 8, 1988, her parents Andrew, Duke of York and the Duchess of York, Sarah. Beatrice is not the only child in the family, she has a younger sister, Eugenia, who was born on March 23, 1990. Unfortunately, parents are not able to maintain the bonds of marriage and divorced in 1996.

Now the ruling Queen Elizabeth II, our heroine Princess Beatrice of York has to granddaughter, and Princes William and Harry's cousin. In the list of contenders for the royal throne, it is the fifth.

In the spotlight
Over the life of Princess Beatrice of York can be monitored headers British tabloids, which are regularly paying her much attention. Here are some striking examples:

"From Princess to the saleswoman" . Indeed, such an episode in the life of Beatrice was. Within a month she worked as a shop assistant in a famous London store Selfridges. Business Day Princess lasted from nine in the morning until five in the evening, and it worked for free. However, without some of the benefits it is still not done: Beatrice worked in the service area of ​​the biggies selling clothes wealthy buyers. Head of the department was satisfied with her diligence and customers celebrated the courtesy and helpful girl.

  "Princess-intern" . Beatrice had a chance to do an internship in the editorial of the website of the newspaper Financial Times, where she led a blog Alphaville, dedicated to financial news and economic analysts. In addition, she was preparing materials for belonging to the Financial Times magazine How to Spend It.

  "The Princess and the list of Forbes» . Forbes magazine is famous for the fact that the regular kinds of ratings. Beatrice got a list of the twenty most enviable grooms and brides of the royal blood, and in the top five. While the aisle Beatrice is not going to, but she has a boyfriend. Whether it's a hike to a night club or a joint vacation on the sea - literally haunted by paparazzi on the heels of a young couple.

 Princess Beatrice of York

It's all in a hat
Most recently, Princess Beatrice has become incredibly popular far beyond the borders of England, and all thanks to an unusual hat. For the marriage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton on 29 April 2011 in London, I watched with great interest around the world. Princess Beatrice was able to stand out from the crowd of guests and to attract attention. She was wearing a hat in the shape of a bow with ribbons, horns pointing downwards. Designer hats made of tea-rose-colored Philip Treacy. By the way, for the guests at the royal wedding, he has created more than thirty hats.

 Princess Beatrice of York

The first commentary devoted hat Princess Beatrice, appeared on the Internet even during the wedding ceremony, bloggers could not wait to share his scathing comments. Within a few weeks after the royal wedding hat has been incredibly popular in social networks and in the press, joking about it in different ways, composed of her jokes were making collages.

Generosity and sense of humor
It is interesting to follow the fate of the very hat. Royals ought not to appear in public twice in the same dress, this rule applies to the headgear. Collecting dust in the attic did not have a hat. Princess Beatrice decided to put it on sale in the famous online auction site eBay.

Originally, the auction was estimated at 18 thousand 400 pounds, but the result exceeded expectations. During the bidding for a hat rescued 81 100 pounds. In addition to the original cap at the auction were sold a few copies of it. All proceeds Beatrice transferred to the charity UNICEF and "Children in Crisis" - a truly noble act, worthy of a true princess. In addition, Beatriz showed all malicious critics that she has a sense of humor and self-irony.

90 - 60 - 90
Princess Beatrice, even in childhood was not too thin. Quite the contrary. This is evidenced by her numerous photographs. Journalists often battered Beatrice for her curvy shape, caustic comments were accompanied by a photo of her on the pages of newspapers and magazines. The current state of affairs did not suit the girl. Beatrice transformed: from crumpets it turned into a harmonious beauty.

In the fight against obesity miracles do not happen, even princesses have to work hard. The personal program Beatrice included regular sessions with a personal fitness trainer and jogging daily. Beatrice had to change my style of food, on the advice of a nutritionist, she leaned on lettuce and fruit. From soft drinks declined altogether, replacing them with mineral water.

 Princess Beatrice of York

Stylish response
With her purposefulness and perseverance Princess Beatrice to strive for excellence. Until recently, the girl was not exactly a stylish person. For example, Beatriz outfit that she wore to the wedding of his cousin Prince William, has caused no less perplexing than her hat. Coats by Valentino looked at least strange. Sister Beatrice, dressed in blue, was at all similar to the cake, topped with whipped cream. Bloggers compared this with a couple of sisters from a fairy tale "Cinderella." Agree that if the same thought occurred to people from different parts of the world, something in it.

 Princess Beatrice of York

The new figure calls for a new wardrobe. Princess Beatrice decided to professionals and invited stylist Charlie Anderson, who previously successfully worked with the actress Emma Watson. The star of "Harry Potter" and then getting into a mess: the paparazzi are not just able to capture some of her underwear, his absence. Recently Emma Watson has become more elegant and the great merit of her stylist. In addition, a record of Charlie Anderson appears collaboration with Anne Hettauey, Nicole Ritchie, Katie Holmes. That is such a master of his craft and decided to trust Beatrice. Photos from the recent social events confirm that Beatrice is on the right, "stylish" way.

 Princess Beatrice of York

As a child, the little girl's dream to grow quickly and become princesses. Beatrice did not have to dream about it, because she was born a princess. Charming, modest, purposeful - we still do not hear about it again.
Author: Irina Rukavishnikova