Stylists DailyMail named the most iconic dresses 2011
 Stylists and experts - the British, but their list of concerns of celebrities around the world. Kate Middleton on the list, by the way, is not the first. And who won the first place?

So, the most stylish women and dresses 2011.

1. In the first place, Michelle Obama and her dress by Alexander McQueen   on the US-China Summit. It should be noted that I personally have the choice of British stylists somewhat puzzled. It is clear that a beautiful dress and the designer - honored in the UK. But the Americans just criticized First Lady for this choice. Firstly, the red color - the color of Chinese flag, not American. And secondly, in meetings with the principal partners such as China made strongly emphasizes its position and intransigence. And then - the British, not American designer. In general, stylistically - luxurious, but politically and etiquette - very wrong.

2. Kate Winslet in "smart dress" by Stella McCartney   on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival. Here we agree. Kate is one of the first examples of a trend, "smart dress" and not mistaken, after its example was followed by millions of women, and celebrities as well.

 Stylists DailyMail named the most iconic dresses 2011

3. Natalie Portman in Rodarte   at the Oscars. Generally, Natalie planned to wear a dress by Dior, but the scandal with John Galliano, at that time the art director of the House of Dior, changed plans. Portman openly condemned the anti-Semitic statements Galliano, stressing that she was Jewish. As a result, for the Oscars, she chose no less a landmark brand - Rodarte, the official brand, makes clothes for the film "Black Swan".

4. Pippa Middleton Alexander McQueen   at the royal wedding. This dress Sarah Burton, designer House of Alexander McQueen, practically made of Pippa celebrity. Surrounding immediately noticed ideal figure of the bride's sister, and beauty salons and cosmetic clinics included in their price lists the new services: "tan like Pippa," "buttocks like Pippa," "waist like Pippa." However, now the hype died down a little. Still, Sarah Burton - the genius in her dress Pippa looked almost perfect, but after press photos were younger sister Kate, and many have noted, it is not so perfect at Pippa. By the way, dress like Pippa also very popular with brides, though it was not a dress of the bride and bridesmaids.

 Stylists DailyMail named the most iconic dresses 2011

5. Lady Gaga's outfit from the Hussein Chalayan   at the ceremony of Grammy Awards. Lady Gaga in 2011, has become the most popular girl on the cover, on her account, a total of 36 covers gloss over the year. Almost three every month! Impressive! I do not know why as the most stylish outfits, it was selected this dress. Probably because it is designed by world-renowned, and this latex composition at least as it fits into the concept of the traditional style, where Lady Gaga is very difficult to determine. Still, it is - the creator of their own style.

6. Kate Middleton in Alexander McQueen   on his marriage. Finally, it reached up to the Duchess of Cambridge. Surprisingly - only the sixth place! So much has been said and about the dress, and about Kate. It is necessary to recall that the designer's masterpiece - Sarah Burton, and it was named recently by British fashion designer of the year the community.

 Stylists DailyMail named the most iconic dresses 2011

7. Again Kate Middleton, in a dress Jenny Packham . There stylists enjoyed it - and make-up and hair and dress. Indeed, the image can be considered canonical. Although I probably would have chosen her burgundy coat during a visit to Norway or sweater dress, which she attended a charity party before Christmas.

8. Gisele Bundchen in Alexander McQueen   the ball to the press in New York. Undoubtedly, the most highly paid model must be present in the "icons of style 2011", however, she wore a dress from the collection of Giselle in 2005. Wise outfit called critics are not old and vintage.

 Stylists DailyMail named the most iconic dresses 2011

9. Jennifer Lopez at the American Music Awards ceremony . The singer showed youth and independence, perhaps, it was pleasant to the experts. She divorced her husband and has become even more open in their behavior on stage. Overalls - the card of Jennifer, none of the other celebrities so often appears in overalls. And this solid outfit with glitter later tried to repeat Britney Spears.

  10. Emma Watson Valentino . Stylists say that this year, Emma has grown. It ceases to make mistakes in a style that is not afraid of long cocktail dresses and now it is called the most stylish, not only youth fashion publications.

 Stylists DailyMail named the most iconic dresses 2011

As you can see, white, red, nude, these colors have been successful celebrities who have identified the British stylists. Many dresses from Alexander McQueen, but this is understandable, their home and favorite designer is the pride of British fashion. It is a pity that there is Victoria Beckham, I think, this year it has taken a big step forward in his own style, he finally formed and become recognizable.
Author: Julia Gnedina