Fashion - is managed by the epidemic
 Appropriate to its logical conclusion in 2009. All summarize, make plans. Even in such a capricious and unpredictable business-like fashion. A fall-winter 2009-2010 season left a whole train of fashion trends. We are introducing them to your attention.

Favorite colors

At the forefront pulled clear contours and preferably contrasting colors. A special place is white and black color palette. Elegant look fashionable shades of dark blue, cobalt, sapphire. Particularly elegant stretch material hugs the body, focusing on the clear-cut lines of the model and smooth movements.

What defines a woman?

"What defines a woman? The head and legs "- as the French say, meaning that the main thing for a woman is a good footwear and headgear properly selected. It is this small part of the female image and has undergone radical changes in fashion in the fall of 2009. Of course, the traditional wide-brimmed hats are not a thing of the past. But today more and more women prefer a light, mild, and most importantly, comfortable hats. They do not require much delicate handling, and you can easily simulate the silhouette alone. Elongated proportions, high crown, drapery of the "precious" stones or tissue, and closing the face gauze bandage decorated with a pattern of the Eagles' horns.

 Fashion - is managed by the epidemic


Ethnic patterns and intricate artistic elements perfectly fit into the everyday and festive clothing autumn-winter 2009-2010. Thin gold thread yarn, rich choice of colors, bright design - all this gives the fabric a new look. The game also encourages imagination. Nobody forbids dilute bright tweed cell, light or soft satin scarf knitted with beads.

 Fashion - is managed by the epidemic

 Fashion - is managed by the epidemic

New Classics

In the last decade, it is not subject to a strict dress radical changes. But as always, it is the details determine the relevance of a particular thing. At the height of fashion - business woman 80s. This means that in a fashion comeback large pockets, deeper neckline jacket, come bright accessories and layering massive shoulder areas. Finishes will be less flashy but more refined - jacquards, pleats, folds dominate the colors dull, muffled, low gloss and drawings that still more emphasizes the female charm.

 Fashion - is managed by the epidemic

On their own fashion

As always, the famous designers are not spared and evening dresses. This season fashion again turned on its head, and the head of the table stood a dark tone. Especially succinctly of them looking model purple, black, dark purple hues. Open shoulders, loose cut skirt to the floor, elegantly clean the hair - once again underlines the femininity of models and mannequins perfectly matched. Particular preference in this season designers have also given the abundance of fur, a short tunic with animal patterns and high heels.

Are you romantic?

So, fashion trends and have not spared. Lace, ruffles, pleats, flounces and edges look more delicate and are recognized only if the scrutiny of the costume. The color palette ranges from white to kipelno all shades of beige. Inflated or, conversely, down waistline, puffed sleeves, flowing silhouettes trousers and skirts take us back to the Victorian era.

 Fashion - is managed by the epidemic

Woven fabrics strife

Cold upcoming season makes itself felt. Of the variety of choice of fabrics, designers and fashion collections autumn-winter season 2009-2010 Special preference is given furs, crocodile skin and practical tweed. It is these tissues could inspire them to create a warm and nonetheless always mysteriously, making a significant emphasis on comfort and contrast. Of course, on the highest podium and appeared along with Lurex and lace, denim and always current, but rather fewer.

 Fashion - is managed by the epidemic

At the height of fashion, which year

It turns out that the most original and simple (as practice) way
"Transformed" and meet minimum program any fashionista this season will be the so-called "extension" of any suitable matching gizmos to your basic outfit. Feel you can wear just a few tops, scarves, sweaters layered, by the way will have to skirt worn over trousers. Do not be surprised and a blouse over a dress, jacket over a blouse, and crowning all this magnificent beauty of shorts, worn with leggings. That they have become an indispensable thing in the wardrobe of any woman, while retaining its simplicity and versatility. Leggings with a skirt, with a huge baggy sweater and leggings tucked into boots. Varied course, but quite risky.

 Fashion - is managed by the epidemic

Points are not supplied

What awaits dandies and ladies in the next spring-summer 2010 season? The answer is only one word that can accommodate a diversity of fashion styles and trends, "luxury". Wait and see!
Author: Valentina Syrenkova