New Year's holidays. Stylists are advised to ...
 These holidays have traditionally been known by the whole extravaganza Christmas collections by fashion designers, both domestic and foreign production. And we only need to lose your head from all the proposals received and "popiskivany" fashion. How to choose something really worthwhile and feel like a queen in the New Year holidays, we asked a professional.

Stylist Michael Bakhareva these questions have probably stuffed nauseam - hundreds if not thousands of his friends, constantly consulted with him about what they wear. However, the author of our publication was lucky - Michael gladly opened its readers some secrets festive style.

- Michael, what do you think is fashionable in the new year and that will be a guide to update your wardrobe?

- New Year - time to truly fabulous and look like "before" and "after" it would be desirable also great: nice and fresh. So comes the Year of the Tiger. This is a very important point. The style, as well. Therefore, I advise you to stock a stylish girl dress with animal prints and fur and other things in the yellow-orange tones.

 New Year's holidays. Stylists are advised to ...

- That is all we have to dress up in all orange and yellow-spotted? Can you imagine what will be a boom in such clothes among fashionistas? And it will be difficult to stand out among each other?

- Of course, this is only a reference point, rather than a list of priority purchases! For example, in the new year, as in the past, as all leading positions will remain red. A scarlet satin dress - the king of all parties.

 New Year's holidays. Stylists are advised to ...

- Do you think that you need to celebrate the holidays in a dress? Or pantsuits still acceptable?

- Meet the New Year holidays in a dress or pants - it's up to you, but it's still a real tiger is associated with elegant mane of hair in warm shades of elegant evening dresses.

 New Year's holidays. Stylists are advised to ...

- So, we're kind of clothes to be sorted out. What about the make-apa?

- Well, there's nothing new. "Smokey Eyes" and bright lips, glitter doctored, or vice versa, bright lips, then in the eyes - a mascara. I note that this year, you should not strew themselves sequins, even if you really want.

- Apparently not to overshadow the tree. Another question about hairstyles. Here's what: elaborate hairstyles and curls "easy negligence"?

- Hair should be emphasized. There is a small trick. On wet hair, apply a few drops of your favorite perfume. Fragrance will continue for a long time. As for the hair, on the first place loose beautiful ringlets combed or high ponytail. These two hairstyles News News. Forget sophisticated styling with a large number of different means burdening the hair. Only fresh and light volumes.

 New Year's holidays. Stylists are advised to ...

- And the next day after celebrating cause hair in order?

- Just sprinkle hair with water with a few drops of almond oil and apply a little bit of foam for volume. Hairstyle refreshed.

 New Year's holidays. Stylists are advised to ...

If you choose to celebrate the holidays a few days, in the following days to dress in light or bright clothes: a white sweater or tunic, beige dress - this will refresh the color of your face and hide the traces of a stormy night.

 New Year's holidays. Stylists are advised to ...

Well, finally. Unforgettable holidays to you, dear readers of the portal, be the most beautiful and successful, always Your stylist Michael Baharev .
Author: Larisa Trishkina