Valentine's Day - a special day for you
 Love - is when the center of the universe
suddenly shifted and moved to someone else.
Iris Murdoch,
American writer

In our country, the holiday has become a full mark about two decades ago. But every year it is gaining more and more fans and admirers, and, as we know, he was subject not only to young hearts.

Red rules

As with any holiday, from Valentine's Day has its own rules and traditions. Firstly, it must present that day are flowers and valentines. The gift should be unusual and very elegantly decorated. To looking at it, your second half understood everything without words. Of course, the value of the gift and its value depends on the closeness of your relationship and seriousness.

As with any other holiday, you can give gifts and is not only your loved ones, but just close friends and acquaintances. It may be cute souvenirs, gift or sweet homemade valentines. The main thing here - attention to the mood, with whom you will serve this same gift.

 Valentine's Day - a special day for you
   Originality - another essential attribute of St. Valentine's Day. Of course, a bouquet of red roses and lingerie as a gift, in themselves good gifts, but try to show imagination. For example, you can make to order a sweet heart or a basket of flowers, cook a romantic dinner or breakfast in bed, showing their culinary skills. Book lover for a favorite song on the radio or just celebrate this holiday in a romantic atmosphere cozy restaurant. Important Remember that your loved one for a loved one Valentine's Day should be remembered.

 Valentine's Day - a special day for you

The main dilemma

The main "problem" on the eve of this wonderful holiday is the eternal question: "What to give your loved one? ". On one hand a gift must meet all the above rules, on the other hand, even any little thing in this day means a lot, and, therefore, the choice of a gift must be approached responsibly and with a share of originality.

 Valentine's Day - a special day for you
   The most enjoyable and highly anticipated gift of this day can be flowers . Simplicity and elegance - these are the key to success of this gift. But it is better if you show a little imagination, for example, complete your bouquet in the form of a ship or a bird. The original will and sweet bouquet. Or bright, cheerful composition from sweets, flowers and unusual accessories.

 Valentine's Day - a special day for you
   Each bouquet is made by hand and therefore unique. No matter which you choose a bouquet. The main thing that a bouquet was presented with a pure heart, so he will stay, say more. And if it will tender lilies or exotic orchids, the storm of emotions, delight and surprise you provided. Although we should not forget about the traditional symbol of Valentine's Day - a red rose. Particular attention in this holiday florists pay the language of flowers. Red chrysanthemums, tulips and carnations , as well as Roses It means love. Marguerite   celebrates the beauty of your beloved. Gardenia   It means unspoken love, violets   - Attachment. Jonquil   It means selfishness, and cactus   - Warmth.

It will be nice to get a gift and love letter . Be sure manuscript, written on an old parchment like shabby time, tied with a satin ribbon. It is possible to write a whole poem dedicated to a loved one or just the three most important words.

 Valentine's Day - a special day for you
 Small gifts   also enjoyed success in this holiday and are ideal for friends and colleagues. Funny mugs with hearts painted, embroidered handkerchiefs, small figures of angels.

Always there will be an original gift unpretentious card But made it with his own hands. It can be in the form of heart or regular rectangular cards, decorated with lace and satin ribbons, with warm words inside. Such a gift will not leave anyone indifferent. If it is not possible to make a valentine with their hands, the choice in bookstores today, is quite broad, and choose for themselves something suitable is not difficult.

A particular demand in this festival are gifts made to order . Firstly, the budget, and secondly, unique and very fresh! Painted kit for lingerie with your photos, photo frames, made to order, a calendar with pictures on the wall or desktop or simply a festive poster with congratulations.

 Valentine's Day - a special day for you

Patterned set of wine glasses, table clock in the form of the heart, singing about their feelings soft toy, specially decorated for the holiday set of chocolates. Be sure to pay attention to this idea!

 Valentine's Day - a special day for you
   A nice gift can be considered for this celebration, both for men and for women, lingerie set . Of course, if your relationship is already allowed to make such intimate gifts. For women, an ideal gift would be red or white lacy lingerie. For a man, modern designers offer a much more interesting combination of colors and applications: from unpretentious hearts to frank nylon inserts. Here it all depends on your preferences.

 Valentine's Day - a special day for you
   And of course, undeniable gift has always been and will remain romantic dinner   candlelight. And no matter where you spend it - in the cozy restaurant, in the country with friends or alone at home - most importantly, the very atmosphere of the evening and your mood. It is these components will help you turn any gift in recognition of the romantic, and every evening in the fabulous magic just for you two.
Author: Valentina Syrenkova