We save on cosmetics. Part 2: Dear at least for the doubters
 You could hardly remember a time when the economy on cosmetics? Do not know where to start to patch a hole in your budget? We use the method of reverse - define the so-called least for the doubters, ie cosmetic products, which is not worth saving.

How not to be left without a face

Cine divas are not in vain persons cosmetic corporations. Face - this is important in a man, but because he must accrue to the best means to care.

You can find a more affordable price for creams for the body, arms and legs, but his face ... A person must be a "porcelain". What am I doing? Yes, that you can not buy cheap tools for primary care: tonic, cream, tonalnik ...

The most expensive on your dressing table should be tubes whose contents are not washed off with water - namely, toner and face cream. Their active ingredients penetrate the skin purified and digested. This means that funds must be as natural, saturated with useful substances, without there cheap preservatives.

As for the foundation, its quality determines the overall impression of make-up. This means that tonalnik should not be noticeable on the face. Consider also that the foundation "live" on the face of at least 10 hours (working day plus the way to and from work). This means that the vehicle must not only create well-groomed appearance, but also to really care about the skin. What do you need? First of all, the ability to pick up foundation according to the type of skin. Attention is also drawn to the solar filters that protect from the sun. High foundation rests on your face all day and does not leave traces. Of course, this can only be an expensive cream.

Shadows at Noon?

What is the cheapest shadow? They are unstable, slipping into the folds of the eyelids and make a lasting impression on all who have something to compare. Shadows should be of good quality and expensive, because you can not afford to look after lunch is worse than before. In addition, it's also a question of your health. Products known companies always goes ophthalmologic control, which resulted in the fall in the market means not pose a danger to the mucous membrane of the eye.

 We save on cosmetics. Part 2: Dear at least for the doubters

Clap eyelashes and fly up

Good ink must meet three main requirements. Firstly, it should not cause you allergies. Secondly, it must not crumble. Finally, thirdly, it should have a comfortable brush. Ophthalmologic monitoring, which we mentioned above, are equally applies to mascara. And if cheap mascara tends to crumble, the road does not allow himself such "liberties".

However, some eksperimentatorshi claim that corresponds to the specified requirements are not only expensive products, but also ink from the middle price segment. What can I say? If you have already found the perfect product for yourself, do not compromise with them in order to save. As they say, Do not part with your favorite ... Well, if you are still dissatisfied with something, and you can try.

Tenderness Kiss

It's no secret that in the structure of lip holistic image of women attract the attention of so many. And therefore the lipstick should be both nourishing, moisturizing and reception. Dear lipstick contains more color pigment, and therefore lasts longer on the lips. Due to the fact that the cosmetic product is denser consistency, very expensive and very obvious. However, I'm telling you - if you ever once used cheap lipstick, you know that better than me.

 We save on cosmetics. Part 2: Dear at least for the doubters

The strength and shine

Unless you are a lover of home masks of burdock oil, onion, eggs and bread in the hair mask you have to spend a large part of its "cosmetic" budget. Preference should be given to professional lines, from which really is an expert. This is especially true care for colored hair (and who they are today are not painted?).

Hair need special care, and because in addition to cosmetics can buy vitamin complex, which will help "shine" from the inside. Fortunately, the "beauty of nails" and hair care today and pharmacists.

Here, perhaps, and all. And the rest of you can really save a little. But we'll talk about next time.

To be continued.
Author: Marina Tumovskaya