We save on cosmetics. Part 1. Questions of psychology
 In difficult times of crisis, when the world economy appeared short of breath, and we held our breath, one of the most popular search queries becomes the "economy". Forums are filled with themes of "How to save money on clothes", "Should I save money on cosmetics", and we kept a reproachful look at her dressing table, which has long turned into a whole "building" cosmetics (fit to be divided into administrative units, and select " power on the ground ").

Yielding to the general panic (or reasonable?) Mood to save, we, too, are increasingly wonder - is it possible to save on one of the main items of expenditure for each woman? However, before you dive implement tips from the category of lip gloss to replace olive oil and tonic - mineral water, talk about whether you are ready for a radical change in the make-up of his life.

First of all, I want to ask: are you ready to move to a more morally cheap makeup? How big is your contempt for the low-cost mass-product cosmetics? If you've always shied away from both the fire from a low price tag, if you can feel comfortable, having made up of cheap lipstick? You will not panic every half hour to look in the mirror, afraid that began to crumble your cheap ink? If such is the price of your savings, it is not necessary. For more nerves. You can save in other ways - armed with tips from myCharm.

So, how to save money, but do not bring your favorite brand?

Let us take the victim to another altar

Let's say your income declined and costs increased. Without savings, in any case can not do, and you are fighting over how to "cut down" on so many thousand.

If the quality of cosmetics, you are not ready to sacrifice (as we have seen, and so we take for granted), throwing the victim to another altar. Buy yourself this season 1-2, "clothes" is smaller than in the past. Go to corporate in his old costume or grab a girlfriend (it's still a "one-time" option). Here is the lower costs. Or "tie" one of the expensive cafes, which are used to going to dinner - ask around to see if anything more democratic prices. In short, save on other articles and cosmetics leave it alone.

 We save on cosmetics. Part 1. Questions of psychology

Actions and sales

Now, during the general fall in demand, stocks and sales - more than enough. All you need a little bit - go to related sites and see where, what and when to pass.

On the other hand, I understand that too lazy to go for a lipstick to the other end of the city. And when you consider the cost of travel, spent a bunch of time, wet feet, but at first glance it seems that the case generally not worth a damn. But ... do not jump to conclusions!

Makeup is better to buy "wholesale". No, not in the sense that it is necessary to buy the whole store. And the fact that it is necessary to shopping promonitorit your home "warehouse" and make a list of what is to be updated tomorrow, next week and next month. Surely a lipstick case is not limited. In addition, polazte of diary and see if there is not approaching birthday of one of your friends. High quality mascara or lip gloss - it is always necessary and a nice gift for a woman.

discount cards

Discount cards are good that discounts with their help can reach 1/4 of the cost. Therefore it is not necessary to rush through the city every time you need to buy something. 1-2 Find a good shop - go there and girlfriends drive.

When you have "diskontka" - do not be greedy. Offer her friends and colleagues. So the size of your discount will continue to grow, and benevolence will help open access to maps of the same colleagues and friends.

To the category of "discount" I attribute the so-called "membership" in the cosmetics company distributing cosmetics schemes of network marketing. Well, think about why you buy the same Mary Kay at full cost, if it is possible to pay only two-thirds of the cost?

 We save on cosmetics. Part 1. Questions of psychology

Great plan!

If you use a high-quality expensive cosmetics, do not forget that these expenses, like any other, you need to plan. Then you will not have a situation because of the lack of money, you buy the cheaper milk makeup remover or tonic to 2 weeks later, when again there will be money thrown in a waste bin, and put in its place a product favorite brand. This is really superfluous, useless expenses.

The fact, on what is possible and what is impossible to save from cosmetics, read the continuation of the material.
Author: Marina Tumovskaya