3 main problems of the skin around the eyes and their solutions
 "Crow's feet", bags and dark circles under the eyes. Do you know at least one of these problems? Then we offer affordable home remedies to address them.

"Crow's feet"

It wrinkles
  in the corners of the eyes. They occur with age, the skin loses when collagen and hyaluronic acid. One solution to consider Botox, but this method is not for everyone: prices "bite", have an allergic reaction to the drug, needed renewability procedure. Wrinkles around the eyes - it's not just a sign of aging, they are in very young women. The reason - the abuse of the sun, smoking, bad environment and not very good genes, as well as expressive facial expressions.

Here are simple ways to reduce home "crow's feet":

- Egg white.   Whisk the egg white until frothy consistency. Apply on the outer corners of the eye. Leave for 10 minutes and rinse with cold water. Take this simple mask once a week, as well as before responsible events and "go out."

- Papaya. This fruit contains vitamin C, which is effective when updating the damaged skin. But if citrus have much acid in the composition, the papaya beneficial effect on the skin. Gently crush raw papaya, leave the flesh on the skin around the eyes for 10 minutes and rinse with cold water.

- Aloe vera.   Fresh aloe vera juice and aloe vera gel (from a pharmacy) can be used as an eye cream, it smoothes out wrinkles.

- Milk. Cold milk, mix with almond oil (from the pharmacy), apply to the skin around the eyes and leave for the night.

 3 main problems of the skin around the eyes and their solutions

Makeup and "crow's feet"

Minimize fine lines around the eyes and helps to correctly applying makeup.

- Always start with moisturizing the skin. No, even the most expensive tonal resources, unable to disguise the wrinkles, if the skin is too dry. Use eye cream with vitamin C and wait until the cream is absorbed, before applying makeup.

- Primers have the ability to align the skin and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Use them. Choose a specific primer for the eyes, they are hypoallergenic and designed specifically for the skin around the eyes.

- Powder shade better than the cream. But the texture should be silky and matt, not flickering.

- Foundation and concealer applied with a brush, not with your fingers or a sponge.

- Avoid to blush fell on the area around the eye, where there is a wrinkle, it will draw attention to the "crow's feet".

- If there is no primer, apply a thin layer on the eyelids tone means that the shadows do not crumble and do not accumulate in the folds around the eyes.

- Clear the eyebrows can also help. If eyebrows are bright and regular shape, they distract attention from wrinkles will generally form a more harmonious way.

Eye bags

Sagging skin under the eyes caused by fluid retention. Sagging skin aggravates the problem. But if you care about strengthening the thin skin under the eyes, the trouble can be reduced.

 3 main problems of the skin around the eyes and their solutions

Follow the advice in order to minimize bags under the eyes:

- Swelling is reduced by using time-tested techniques: circles of fresh cucumber, potatoes, bags of green or herbal tea.

- Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins from the body and skin, as well as to the body fluid is not garnered the future.

- Eat less salt and salty foods. Salt retains fluid in the body and skin.

- Apply castor oil at night. Apply it on the massage lines and left for the night sleep.

- Use under eye pineapple juice, leave it on the skin for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water.

Dark circles under the eyes

Some of the causes of the problem - the aging of the skin, dryness, lack of sleep, unhealthy eating plan or diet and frequent tears.

 3 main problems of the skin around the eyes and their solutions

Women around the world face this problem, and has already found several home and efficient means:

- The juice of raw potatoes.   It contains natural bleaching agents that help lighten the skin under the eyes. Apply juice of raw potatoes for 10-15 minutes under the eyes and rinse with cold water.

- Tomato juice.   Mix a teaspoon of tomato juice with 1 teaspoon lemon juice (freshly squeezed). Apply on dark circles and rinse after 10 minutes.

- Milk.   Try to compress of ice water and cold milk. Put it on closed eyes and leave on for 15-20 minutes. This recipe helps many Indian.

- Spices.   The cold cream, add turmeric. Apply the mixture under the eyes and rinse after 10 minutes. The composition can also be applied on the entire face as a mask.

- Coconut oil.   Natural coconut oil gently massage the skin under the eyes. This advice often recommend American cosmetologists.

 3 main problems of the skin around the eyes and their solutions

Makeup and dark circles under the eyes

It is not always possible to deal with dark circles under his eyes quickly, so camouflage with makeup useful:

- Moisturizing eye cream should contain vitamin C, E, K, and in the winter season - retinol. Apply it to the make-up.

- Concealer - best product for dark circles. Choose a shade under your skin tone or lighter, but not darker than your skin.

- Prefer concealer with the effect of light, reflecting light, it facilitates the darkness under the eyes.

- Powder can cover dark circles. With this handle only liquid foundation: concealer, BB-cream concealer.

- Do not use the skin under your eyes with makeup perfumes and strong scents, it adversely affects the thin skin around the eyes. You should not use make-up products containing salicylic or glycolic acid, these ingredients irritate the skin, causing skin reactions.
Author: Tamara