If a person gains weight ...
 There are several reasons for completeness face. The most common of them - a genetic predisposition and overweight of the body. To understand what is the reason and how to fight it offers some practical advice.

1. Learning reflection

To get started, read the reflection of the whole of his body in the mirror and assess the proportionality of the individual in relation to the whole figure. We notice that the face looks a little better the other parts of the body? Take the time to panic. Take a look at the faces of his family - perhaps overweight person - your common genetic feature. In this case, you should choose the right hairstyle and learn the secrets of corrective makeup.

 If a person gains weight ...

2. Eliminate edema

It is important not to confuse the fullness of the face with edema that can occur due to poor diet, excess salt food or alcohol, lack of sleep or exercise, side effects from taking medication, etc. In this case, no harm will be consulting with a therapist. He will be able to confirm or deny your fears.

3. Keep your back straight and breathe deeply

Ironically, in the shape of the face is able to affect your posture. Incorrect back position belongs to another person because of the appearance of the full, including a double chin. Avoid slouching and do not let your chin close the neck. Talk to a physiotherapist about possible problems with the spine. To be less tempted to drop the chin and below the hump, it is desirable to breathe deeply. Take Pilates, yoga, swimming, which remarkably strengthens posture.

4. Eat right

Of course, to maintain the good shape of the face, as well as the entire body, you need to eat right, avoid high-calorie foods unnecessarily. Drink plenty of plain water, eat more fruits and vegetables, not forgetting the exertion. Try to minimize the consumption of alcohol - it causes severe dehydration, often resulting in edema. Keep in mind that there is such a diet to lose weight only person - the adjustment will be subject to the whole body.

 If a person gains weight ...

5. Make a "front" charge

The human face 50 muscles. By training them, you can significantly correct not only the shape of face, but also to prevent the formation of wrinkles. But we should not refer to the "front" charge as a panacea. She alone, without a set of measures is unlikely to lead to the desired result. To charge, you can add several provisions of yoga, in which the head is tilted down. One of the most simple exercises for the muscles of the face and -rezko as widely open mouth, leave it in this position for a few seconds, then close it. And so to repeat 30 times in a row, three times a day (morning, afternoon and evening).

6. Playing in speech therapy

You can train the muscles of the face, repeating some of the letters. For example, effective workout at repeated pronunciation of the letters "I" and "O". At the same time the muscles around the mouth and on the cheeks as possible horizontally tense ("I") and vertically ("O"). Equally useful letters "M" and "H". They need to say with a maximum voltage of the jaw.

7. chew

Drinking chewing gum has always been ambiguous. However, to train the muscles and getting rid of excess fat on the face of it just in time. Feel free to chew after eating it, just choose sugar-free gum. After 5-10 minutes, it is desirable to throw gum, otherwise it may cause harm to the body only.

8. care for the skin

Beauty face depends largely on the condition of the skin. Therefore, you should regularly take care of it: to clean, moisturize, nourish. Having defined the type of your skin, choose a high-quality and effective means to care for her. The facial skin, prone to fat content, can be a useful indicator, which tells about the time to diet ...

 If a person gains weight ...

9. Learn the secrets of make-up

While you expect the result of diets, workouts, etc., The fullness of your face can help hide the makeup. In the arsenal of almost every cosmetic brand has a line of corrective means, but you can achieve the desired effect, and with the usual inhabitants of your cosmetics. Here are some makeup tips, hiding the fullness of the face:

- Avoid makeup the most comprehensive parts of the face;

- What must be emphasized, it should be noted a bright, shining shades, and that it is important to hide - the darker tones;

- Apply blush darker shade of your skin from the outside to the inside of the cheeks;

- Learn how to contour makeup that will visually reduce the size of the face (cheekbones obscure, accentuate or mitigate some parts). It is important not to overdo it with accents, or as a result you can get somewhat dry, aging face;

 If a person gains weight ...

- Gently pull the face and reduce its size capable of gently curved, not too thick eyebrows, painted in a darker, unlike natural color;

- Do not forget to use concealer to cover up circles under the eyes;

- Choose lighter shades of lipstick, they do not create a feeling of heaviness.

Finally, we note that the full face good hides wrinkles, so the better and longer emphasizes youth!
Author: Albina Rogov