Innovation in cosmetology tools with probiotics
 When the question of female youth and beauty by scientists, the result is impressive. The innovative development of American researchers - cosmetics with probiotics guarantees perfect anti-aging effect!

About wonderful properties of probiotics is now known even schoolboy. At the pharmacy, supermarket, thoughtful hostess stand refrigerator mini bottles and cans from enriched dairy products. Yogurt, kefir, fermented baked milk and other kinds of food with "live" bacteria help to normalize the intestinal microflora, improve the digestive process, contribute to the production of enzymes needed by the body, thereby increasing immunity. Not surprisingly, today opened the way probiotics and other spheres of human life. But let's see if you need cosmetics with "live" culture!

The objective of cosmetic products with probiotics - beneficial bacteria to provide the skin for its normal functioning. Just think, the total number of bacteria that live on the surface of our skin and inside the body for more than two kilograms! Therefore, it is important to create favorable conditions for life is beneficial bacteria. After all, in the opinion of authoritative scholars, youth and beauty of women are directly dependent on the state of our body and overall health. Who would doubt that!

 Innovation in cosmetology tools with probiotics

Why cosmetics probiotic every need?

The main cause of most problems and age-related changes of the skin is the external impact of adverse environmental factors. Aggressive UV radiation, bad environment metropolis, poor-quality water - all this leads to violations of exchange-reduction processes in the dermis and epidermis. Therefore, the skin of each of us is a must "live" support!

What gives funds with probiotics?

The composition of products with probiotics (day and night creams, Cleansing and toning the skin) contains fragments of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. They have long-term positive effect on the skin:

- Enhance the protective functions;
- Reduce and eliminate the inflammation;
- Stepping up the work of fibroblasts;
- Prevent moisture loss;
- Stimulate the production of structural components - collagen and elastin.

Conducted numerous experiments have shown probiotics provide a pronounced tightening effect facial contours, improve the regeneration of the skin, restoring its vitality, reducing the number and depth of wrinkles.

Pending changes

The result of the use of cosmetic products with probiotics is noticeable almost immediately. However, the maximum effect is achieved only after 4-6 weeks - this time a full cycle of skin renewal rights. For women over fifty years of the update cycle may be three months or more, as mature skin experiencing the natural slowing of the recovery processes.

 Innovation in cosmetology tools with probiotics

Where to find cosmetics with probiotics?

Scientists are not standing still, constantly being the improvement of cosmetics with "live" cultures. At the moment, the question remains unresolved mass production of such vehicles. While it is not realistic. All because of stringent conditions imposed on the manufacture of these products. Strains of beneficial bacteria to be contained in compact capsules disposable vials and a quantity of synthetic additives minimally, so their shelf life - not more than two days. Otherwise, the magical effect will not be! For this reason, to find cosmetics with probiotics can now be only in research laboratories and individual European clinics. But soon the situation will change for the good of all of us!

Already probiotic agents were included in the product line of cosmetics company Decleor, Clinique, Lancome, Burts'n Bees, Christina, Amala, Payot and Dr.Pierre Ricaud.

Strengthening the effectiveness of probiotic

With a view to the speedy improvement of the skin of women scientists recommend cosmetics with probiotics combined with other scientific development - means with prebiotics. Under prebiotics mean substances whose presence creates additional, the most favorable conditions for the life of beneficial microorganisms. It is known to many vitamins B, minerals, vitamin D, lactic acid, panthenol and milk sugar (lactose). All of these substances can be found in the composition of the active serums and creams for skin care and body, as well as gels and foams for personal hygiene.

Using the innovative developments of the beauty industry offers tremendous promise to the woman. Be young in body and soul!
Author: Natalia Bartukova