Top 5 women's vitamins youth
 The benefits of vitamins contained in fresh vegetables and fruits, we have heard since childhood. But what role do they, in's Skin Care, we have yet to find out! Are there vitamins female youth?

In determining the effectiveness of anti-age cosmetics wise to use the independent scientists and research laboratories. So we can be sure 100 percent that the information provided by us regarding the stunning rejuvenating properties of the ingredients of the new cream is not just another marketing ploy manufacturer and scientifically proven fact.

Remember, not so long ago on the channel BBC summed up the experiment, clearly demonstrating the anti-aging properties of vitamin A (retinol). The next day the sale of cosmetics with said vitamin increased several times! As well, all the same, that means the data's Skin can really help your skin and restore her maiden freshness. Otherwise, it would be very sad for not justify the hopes.

Therefore, in the rankings vitamin of youth and beauty, we are guided exclusively operating time independent professionals!

The first position ranking - Vitamin A

Effect of vitamin A on our skin is very beneficial. Under its influence the appearance is improved, the skin retain moisture, preventing dryness, flaking and thinning, its structure and weakens with age less.

Fountain of Youth:   Unfortunately, such useful vitamin in food stored in small amounts. Therefore, there is a reason to get him out of cosmetics. Night Cream with Retinol - a great solution for keeping your appeal!

The second position rankings - Vitamin C

Portuguese scientists have shown that a form of ascorbic acid protects the DNA of skin cells from damage, and even promotes rapid healing of wounds. Due to the effects of vitamin C, the cells trigger their own genetic program of recovery! Moreover, a diet rich in vitamin C reduces the manifestation of age-related changes in the skin - first of all, wrinkles, creases and dry!

Fountain of Youth:   if the list of ingredients of a cream or serum that you want to use vitamin C is present, be sure to place the vehicle in its makeup. This means that it contains at least 5% ascorbic acid. That is exactly the dose that is needed to your skin.

The third position rankings - Vitamin E

US scientists recommend that we apply sunscreen with vitamin E because they prevent aging of the skin exposed to ultraviolet light. In science, this process is called photoaging. The lucky ones who used makeup with this vitamin in the entire 24 per cent were aging more slowly than those who abstained from cosmetic experiment!

Fountain of Youth:   8 milligrams of vitamin E per day - the norm for women. Get vitamin E in the pharmacy! But keep in mind, if you exercise vigorously or are regularly subjected to severe physical stress the body, your rate may be higher. Choose a doctor help her.

 Top 5 women's vitamins youth

The fourth position ranking - Vitamin B9

Folic acid (vitamin B9) works perfectly in tandem with well-known vitamins B6 and B12. In this case, the effect similar to the effect of antioxidants acid that exhibits improved appearance of the skin healthy and returning its color. And if a jar of cream, together with folic acid has indicated creatine can be confident the duo will increase the production of collagen and increase the concentration of collagen fibers. Which means - an extension of your youth.

Fountain of Youth:   applying cream with folic acid for at least four weeks. During this time, your skin will improve, "crow's feet" smoothed - convince the American researchers.

Fifth place ranking - B12

Charming and eccentric singer Madonna once confessed in an interview that one of the secrets of its appeal - an injection of vitamin B12. Many fans of the singer that hour rushed to rejuvenate prescription stars, but scientists offer us another way! The reason is that these injections - a relatively recent invention, and still not fully understood. So is it worth the risk, if there is an alternative?

Fountain of Youth:   Vitamin B12 in food and cosmetics. Most useful vitamin can be found in sardines, salmon and veal liver. Regarding cosmetics, vitamin B12 stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, increases skin elasticity. So he definitely be the cream!

Top 5 skin vitamins contained in cosmetic products, will help to keep your youth and attractiveness, will be the real elixir of your beauty! Tested by scientists!
Author: Natalia Bartukova