Veauty-antitrend "pereuhozhennoe" person
 Increasingly, beauticians and aesthetic medicine specialists are faced with such a phenomenon as "pereuhozhennoe" face. Doll Face Girls fixed forehead unnaturally big lips or overly rounded cheekbones are not admirable. We will be very honest, the sheer beauty of artificial true lady is not to face. How to protect yourself from such an effect?

Today the cult of youth in society is so great that the process of rejuvenation will soon be recommended to girls in diapers. Even today, a single parent for the future of their daughters used the funds not suitable for age, skin condition and the type of person the child. And if there is a real problem, a desire to solve it immediately - the main thing on the agenda.

But before we take very specific steps to his idealization of the person or the child think about how safe it is at the moment and what is fraught in the future!

The phenomenon of "pereuhozhennogo" person - who is to blame?

His emergence of this phenomenon is required ... by cosmetologists. The fact is that cosmetology 21st century has many therapeutic practices and methods of improving the individual patient, it can not but cause demand.

But what is important when striving to become beautiful woman "in that no matter what," and she turned off the sense of proportion, it is the task of the doctor to stop her.

In practice, many medical experts, there are cases when a client tries to persuade to enter the maximum dose of filler to hold more procedures or make a very deep peeling. If a doctor refuses to go on about the customer, the patient seeks posgovorchivee practice.

It happens that one woman for one day in a variety of clinics conducting a range of treatments for the more visible results, the possibility of stripping the skin to recover. Patients deliberately conceal health contraindications and do not tell physicians about recent events!

Sometimes the opposite situation, when the resulting effect of the procedure - only fault of the doctor. After all, excellent work - is, above all, a natural result. Unfortunately, the misuse of laser technology, chemical peels or too hasty appointment of young patients "heavy artillery" can also be found.

The only conclusion in the circumstances - very frankly doctor and patient, common sense of proportion on both sides and full interoperability.

 Veauty-antitrend "pereuhozhennoe" person

Position of the patient: what should I know?

You have to realize that replacing the natural mechanisms of self-regulation with artificial skin, you bring damage to their own attractiveness. Here is an example.

There is a problem - excessive sebum secretion of the skin. In theory (and it's a proven fact!) Skin cells can self-regulate this process. And if the actions are aimed at a specialist to help the body do it the usual way, the result will make you happy. But if you will, an artificial regulation of sebum and update mechanism is accelerated, you will receive a first over-dried and then dehydrated skin!

Only at first glance strengthening the work of skin cells that produce hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen - that's fine. Many existing hardware techniques and beauty treatments are directed at it. But it is important to consider that the skin cells do not divide indefinitely, and not far off when your skin stops responding to stimulation.

From the foregoing it follows that the most important in the conduct of procedures to find great beauty specialist. This we now do!

A good doctor - what is it?

Distinguish competent expert from a merchant who wants to get rich at your expense simply. Before you set a date for the procedure the physician must:

- To assess the phenotype of the patient's age and indications for aesthetic correction;

- To explain the possible consequences of overcorrection;

- Offer a range of rejuvenating treatments, consisting not only of the injection techniques, but also more gentle cosmetic, hardware care;

- To pick up the daily home care, age-appropriate client.

Can a home beauty ritual lead to "pereuhozhennomu" person?

No, it is possible! Since the funds that are sold in retail stores are less effective and concentrated than those which are in the hands of professionals. It is essential to change the characteristics of your skin, you can not! Only the most powerful drugs!

 Veauty-antitrend "pereuhozhennoe" person

What procedures can trigger the effect of "pereuhozhennogo" person?

Usually, those which are high in anti-aging effect and this highly aggressive. It - laser, chemical, mechanical peeling, resurfacing, dermabrasion. Doing it too often, you run the risk of biological resource drain the skin. Therefore, always observe the intervals between treatments.

When a measure can not think?

Better, of course, thinking of her always. But really, there are procedures that the skin, like porridge - "butter will not spoil." It is a rehabilitative techniques in the professional cosmetics.

The skin condition will improve only if you choose to "aggression" biorevitalisation hyaluronic acid or plazmalifting. But here it is important to respect the intervals between treatments, giving the skin a chance to recover and build up new potential to combat age.

Be irresistible!
Author: Natalia Bartukova