What dark lips?
 Undoubtedly, any representative of the fairer sex dreams about soft pink lips. But, unfortunately, pigmentation, which makes them dark, is a pretty common problem. It occurs not only in older women, but also for very young girls. Why is this happening and how can I solve this problem?

 What dark lips?

Reasons darkening

The most common reasons include darkening of the lips:

• excessive use of coffee,
• smoking,
• allergic reactions
• hormonal imbalance,
• exposure to sunlight,
• lack of attention to their appearance,
• genetic predisposition.

 What dark lips?

This is not the whole list of factors affecting the discoloration of the lips, because the body of each person is different and can react differently to different stimuli. However, as there would not have been possible not only to solve the problem of darkening the lips, but also prevent in advance the process.

 What dark lips?

Abatement of pigmentation of the lips

To combat dark lips, there are lots of ways, including using expensive cosmetics and cosmetic surgery. But we look at the most affordable methods of using the most common and inexpensive products that exist in every home.
If the lips are dark because of the influence of UV rays, you can try a special serum, which contains equal parts honey, lemon juice and salt. This tool has exfoliating properties and removes unwanted tan lips. Honey and citrus juice enrich the skin with nutrients, thus return lips pink. Serum was applied for one hour, and then rinsed with warm water. In the refrigerator, it can be stored for seven days.

 What dark lips?

To lighten the lips is well suited and normal glycerol. It must be applied to the lips with a cotton swab before bed. Glycerin is able to retain moisture in the skin and lighten pigmentation. In the same way, to get rid of darkening can lips and by means of almond oil.

Earlier Russian peasant is often used instead of lipstick red beet juice, so why not use it in our time? A slice of this vegetable should be wiped his lips in a free moment, and gradually return to your lips their natural color.

 What dark lips?

Daily use of cucumber, lemon juice and aloe vera juice can also bring good results. Permissible to mix these juices to create a light labial masks. Good and useful combination - in a mixture of lemon juice and cottage cheese. But perhaps the most fragrant and delicious lips mask obtained from ripe banana, cream, honey, taken in equal parts.

 What dark lips?

If the darkening of the lips associated with a genetic predisposition, any, even the most effective means, most likely, will be powerless, and have to turn to cosmetic surgery.

How to prevent darkening of the lips?

Of course, to prevent unwanted pigmentation of the lips, it is much easier than later to deal with it. Women who smoke are more likely prone to darkening or discoloration of the lips. Moreover, this habit adversely affects the skin and causes many cancers. For this reason, it is to stop smoking, or at least reduce the number of cigarettes smoked to a minimum amount.

Excessive coffee consumption not only causes darkening of the teeth, but also makes a much darker lips. Therefore it is best to replace this invigorating drink to a healthy green tea.

 What dark lips?

When exposed to sunlight the skin produces an increased amount of the pigment melanin, which is why the lips become dark. If you go outside on a sunny day, be sure to apply a lip cosmetic UV filters in its composition.

The darkening of the lips may cause cheap or expired cosmetics. Be sure to check your lipstick on shelf life and dispose of the old means. It is advisable to use cosmetics known brands, because the cheap lipsticks are often used substandard ingredients.

As part of a cosmetic product should be vitamin E, shea butter or jojoba oil, which effectively struggle with dry skin. In no case do not apply the lipstick is very thick - it prevents the breathing of the skin. To remove makeup, use only high-quality, proven techniques.

 What dark lips?

Using a lip scrub once a week to help improve blood circulation, remove dead and dry skin cells. After its application should be put on lip moisturizer. For a deep peeling is suitable Vaseline, applied to the children's toothbrush. It is necessary to carefully massage the lips.

At any time, the lips must be moistened. You need to drink plenty of fluids during the day, and include in your diet products with a maximum water content, such as watermelon, cucumber, lemon and grapefruit. It should be avoided to chlorinated water, which leads to pigmentation lips. It is important to adjust your diet to include fruits and vegetables, especially useful those that contain a lot of vitamin C.

Let your lips delight you with its soft, healthy and beautiful color!
Author: Albina Rogov