From summer to autumn: transition to a new skin care
 The arrival of new autumn season marked by many familiar things: sandals and tops go to the store, gets warm scarves and cardigans. Peach and coral shades of makeup are removed as far away, because the fore terracotta and plum. And what happens in your skin care with the advent of autumn?

Many will tell you that everything remains the same. And this is a mistake. New season - new skin care - Remember this simple rule. And how to go for the fall in skin care products, check out our tips.

1. Care №1 in the transition from summer to autumn - to maintain skin moisture. The climate became colder and drier, to maintain the natural protective barrier of the skin more difficult. And the exit is quite simple and familiar to many people - a gentle cleanser to combat dryness is not enough, you need a moisturizer nourishes and protects the skin. Summer heat also contributed to the release of sweat and clog pores, it's all annoying and food deprived. And this is another argument in favor of daytime moisturizer for fall. Another rescue from seasonal dehydration - hyaluronic acid. Choose a cream with this super-moisturizing ingredient. A good solution - hydrating serum, it is necessary to put a moisturizing day cream, it will run all day, and in this case, your favorite cream can not be changed with the advent of autumn, but only supplement it with serum.

2. Attention to sunscreens remains.   Many people think that sunscreen - do not fall product. But it is not so. Over the summer, the skin became thinner, ultraviolet rays skin deprived of the protective layer, increased sensitivity of the skin, often expressed in rosacea, because the heat and humidity lead to increased blood flow to the skin. For such skin even aggressive autumn sun can be harmful. Sunscreen is needed! Especially since the fall of dermatologists advise how to spend more time in the sun, to stock up with vitamins in the winter.

3. Antioxidants and vitamins every day! Then the transition to the new weather conditions will not stress the skin, will not add wrinkles. Every morning - antioxidants - if they are in the day cream, then you can safely go to the street. Every day, in products for the skin to be present vitamins C and E. Vitamin A, as in summer, it is best used only at night, and not more than 2-3 times a week, it is a bad neighborhood with sunlight makes the skin sensitive and prone to acne. The battery should be right to choose the different colored fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water.

 From summer to autumn: transition to a new skin care
 4. Add the shine.   With the arrival of a dry period the skin ceases to shine. Harness the power of vitamin E (creams and serums with this component), as well as add to the dish more vegetable oils.

5. Must-have for fall - moisturizing wipes.   Again about hydration, it is really important in the autumn. The skin should get used to the new conditions. To help her - carry a moisturizing wipes, wipe your face from time to time. This is more convenient than ever to apply the cream or worry about how a person looks now.

6. Protecting the capillaries. Broken capillaries - a sign of the fall of the skin, it is promoted by temperature fluctuations (day and night, the temperature inside and outside). In order to strengthen the capillary walls to help the anti-age products that stimulate the production of elastin and collagen.

7. Take vitamin D.   In the fall it may not be in the desired quantity, especially when the days are issued cloudy and rainy. If vitamin D deficient, it affects the ability of the immune system, and the weakening of immunity is reflected directly on the skin - it becomes more sensitive, less secure, pimples and redness, schezaet healthy glow.

 From summer to autumn: transition to a new skin care
 8. Protect yourself from colds.   Beauty from within - it's healthy skin. To strengthen the immune system include probiotics in your diet every day (studies have shown that a healthy gut helps protect from colds), eat the greens, especially dark green, move and sleep at least 8 hours.

9. Note the fish oil or other omega 3 fatty acids. They are great to prevent dryness in autumn. And besides, elevate mood and reduce depression.

10. Do not turn on the bathroom fan or air conditioning. After taking a shower Moisture hangs in the air. Let moisture and steam linger a little longer in the room. This will moisten the air in the apartment, it becomes drier in the fall, and help the skin to absorb more moisture.

11. Moisten the air in the bedroom. It is best to buy a humidifier. Think of the dry air in the bedroom will affect your skin 8:00, sometimes with such pressure will not cope even good night moisturizers.

12. Switch to a mild detergent. Maybe we should try the oil cleansing method? Detergents with large amount of foam (gels, liquid soaps) usually contain sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate or ammonium laureth sulfate. These ingredients are surfactants, cleans and reduces the amount of oil from the skin. However, they are too stiff and skin deprived of moisture, dried under each application. As a result - you begin to apply more fatty creams. And is it necessary? Is not it better to go to such a process of purification, which does not make the moisture. It is so important in dry periods: the fall and winter.
Author: Olga Larsen