Getting rid of dark circles under the eyes
 Are you acquainted with a man ... and the first thing you look - it's ... not clothes, despite the well-known proverb! The first thing you pay attention - this companion or the companion eye. I so want to consider the source and in your eyes attentive and friendly! But do not forget about the fact that such treasures should be worthy of framing! Thick lashes groomed and no dark circles under the eyes is very decorate your opinion. Therefore, pay attention to the health of their eyes due attention!

What where When

How many times told the world: wash off makeup at night, do not drink before going to sleep and most importantly - get enough sleep! But nevertheless, these three things are the most common causes of swelling, redness and dark circles under the eyes. And every time we are looking for an excuse: Well, what can you do - session or working late, or the child is not made to sleep ... And such justification can even understand to some extent, but we have to face become a fait accompli (and we also face with dark circles under the eyes!) what the problem is! And if it is, then solve it as something you need.

So, how to care for the skin around the eyes?

1.   Keep in mind rule "It is easier to prevent than to treat" If attribute it to our problem, then remember that to begin to care for the skin around the eyes should be, not when her first wrinkles, and long before that - and then wrinkles appear later!

2.   "Tempers" the eye. Maybe, this advice sounds ridiculous, but it will help you in the morning and wake up, and put himself in the tone, and improve blood circulation. Prepare two bowls with water, one with warm (not hot!) And the other with cold. Alternately leans over each of the bowls, scoops up the water with his hands and squirted in the face of such a scheme: 8 times over a bowl of 8 over the other. Repeat this exercise 3-4 times (ie 3-4 times alternately on one and the same on the other). And try to keep your eyes open. Allowed slight tingling. This exercise is also known as "Eyeball Massage". Finish "hardening" in the bowl of cold water.

 Getting rid of dark circles under the eyes

There is another way of "hardening": Freeze the mixture of black and green tea in a special container for ice and get cubes to wipe the skin around the eyes every morning, and it is useful and helps to wake up!

3.   Do not forget about the massage. Tapping the tips of his index and middle fingers for about 3 minutes each morning and evening will prevent stagnation of fluid and take care of circulation.

4.   Use cream. Best of all - immediately after the massage cream to hammer tapping. Do not forget that the cream for the skin around the eyes should be special, because the skin there is very thin and delicate, requiring special care. I do not regret the time and take it a rule to apply the cream twice a day - morning and evening. At the same time the night is possible to spread the eyelashes castor oil - with regular use they will become thick and shiny.

5.   Do masks. Have you forgotten that, in addition to creams and gels, there are natural ways to care for the skin around the eyes? It's time to remember!

 Getting rid of dark circles under the eyes

Put on your mask!

Curd Mask.   Take a little soft cheese from the refrigerator (not the ice!) And put on the eye. Wash mass quarter of an hour with cotton wool soaked in cold pre unsweetened tea.

Cucumber mask.   Cucumber perfectly absorbs unwanted liquid. The mask can be done in two ways. Sodium cucumber on a coarse grater, and the resulting mass lay on the eyelids for 20 minutes. There is also a faster version - cut off a couple of plastic cucumber and apply on the eyes. Then rinse your face with cool water.

 Getting rid of dark circles under the eyes

Potato mask.   This mask is well removes black under his eyes. Also, you can hold it in several different ways. Sodium potato on a coarse grater (or we shall cut into slices) and put on eyelids for a quarter of an hour. You can boil the potatoes in their skins, mash it and cooled down in the form of (!) To impose on eyelids for 20 minutes. Good action and provides a mask of mashed potatoes with milk - also be "masked" for 20 minutes. Any of these masks should rinse with cool water. By the way, potato masks should not get involved if the cucumbers can be (and very desirable) to apply to the eyelids at least every day, this mask - not more than once a week!

Tea Mask.   Cool tea bags and put on the eyelids for 15 minutes - a proven means to eliminate both dark circles and puffiness. By the way, unsweetened tea will help in inflammatory processes, and in addition, this extra tool to hide the traces of a sleepless night! If you do not make tea in bags and loose - then moisten the cotton pads in the tea leaves.

 Getting rid of dark circles under the eyes

And finally ...

If you unsuccessfully struggling with dark circles under the eyes for more than a year, and they have been, and is, perhaps, the reason is not lack of sleep and fatigue. Baby: perhaps this physiological feature to give you inherited? If you have not seen anything, then you should see a doctor - a constant black under the eyes can be a symptom of diseases of the internal organs!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya