Oily skin - it's not so bad
 Many women with oily skin think it would be better to have a dry and owners of oily skin is much harder than the rest. We would like to reassure any problems oily skin does not carry, there are even advantages. You just need to carefully take care of it.

First, about the features of oily skin. You will see that is not so bad:

- Oily skin tans better. We know at the same time, which is especially fond tan is not worth it, but you can and enjoy the fact that the owners of oily skin is a more even tan.
- Oily skin is slower than any other, is aging and showing premature signs of aging. Women with oily skin, it's one more to your advantage - oily skin hides the wrinkles!
- Natural skin shine - no problem. You think, how tired of this oily T-zone? In vain. Some women are forced to buy special products makeup to simulate the radiance of the skin. Girls with oily skin highlighter is usually not necessary.
 Oily skin - it's not so bad
 - Oily skin with age remains soft and moisturized. What causes problems in youth, in adulthood will look younger. Oily skin for longer stays elastic and a tendency to acne becomes much lower.
- Oily skin - thicker. What does it mean? What is the impact of the environment impact is minimal. Polluted air, the wind, the cold, the sun - all this works less destructive than on dry skin.
- Oily skin needs a smaller set of tools and caring makeup. Yes, the foundation becomes gray in the middle of the day, and often need to make correct. But in general, treatment for oily skin is easier and cheaper because they do not need constant moisture and nutrition. Only the correct makeup.

It remains to find out what the optimal care for such a fine, oily skin. Focus on something to keep sebum under control, and time - clean. And then you forget all that oily skin is sometimes called a problem.

- Controlling oil. How to get rid of excess fats and oils? Try a very simple face mask: the egg + sugar. This formulation will dry the skin, unclog pores like scrubs. You see the difference immediately after use. Once a week, I advise such a mask - egg yolk + orange. Person after it becomes bright, not greasy, dull.

 Oily skin - it's not so bad
 - Blotting cloth.   Use them after showering. Because you wipe off the moisture with a towel, but the oil remains on the surface of the skin. After the towels - and even napkins, and then a day cream and make-up.

- Moisturizers choose water-based. Then the skin will be able to better cope with the fat balance.

 Oily skin - it's not so bad
 - As a tonal framework, use light moisturizing creams (Tinted Moisturizer). Thus, you do not have to apply weighting on the face of products in several layers instead of a moisturizer, foundation and powder - light moisturizing cream foundation. And a little face powder, only where it is necessary, not all over the face.

- Exfoliate - once a week.   Oily skin allows the use of most purchased scrubs. Mechanical cleaning with a soft brush or terry mittens are also shown.

 Oily skin - it's not so bad
 - Absorbiruschie napkin oil (Oil Absorbing Sheets) . Find a product. This is a very handy thing, because they can be used even over makeup. Such tissues only absorb oil, make-up is not touch.

- Powder - suicide.   Light loose powder - this is for girls with oily skin. Powder absorbs excess sebum. We just do not forget to update the layer of powder, and in the evening be sure to thoroughly clean the skin.

- Avoid alcohol-based. Of course, they can significantly dry skin, but it will cause the new selection of sebum, which will only aggravate the skin condition.
Author: Your Tamara