Peach fuzz on the face
 The expression "skin is soft like a peach" is not always causes positive emotions in women. After all, there is an indicator how easy peel peach fuzz. And with it something of the fair sex are willing to say goodbye.

This is only for infant skin is a good indicator, and the girls having too abundant fuzz on the skin, a complex and frustrating. The more often fuzz growing on the face - on the upper lip, cheeks. Fluff becomes especially noticeable when applied foundation or powder. The good news is a little fuzz on his face visible to others, most men do not see it (according to polls). However, women continue to be upset and look for ways to get rid of the vegetation.

Unfortunately, not all effective means of hair removal "work" for such hair.

What does not work
- Laser.   Since fuzz on the skin color is light, is difficult to remove it with a laser. The reason is that the laser is "looking for" black hair and removes them. And aim the laser at each hair is almost impossible, so-called fuzz growing too liberally and often.

- Electrolysis. This is a process in which electrical current destroys the hair follicles, a current is passed through the needle assembly. In this method a lot of supporters, because repeating the procedure is not required. But this is normal when you remove hair. And for such thin hairs, what is the fuzz on the skin to do this procedure is too difficult to get the needle into each follicle.

What works, but we must act with caution
- Depilatories.   Such tools are based on a chemical process, which dissolves the hair located above the skin. This method is effective for the removal of the gun, but there are caveats. Many people may experience skin irritation after the use of such funds, so the choice should be taken with care, and cease to use at the first sign of allergies and skin irritation. As an example of means for hair removal can cause: Set for depilation facial hair from Sally Hansen, cream to remove facial hair Surgi Cream Hair Remover.

 Peach fuzz on the face

- Wax.   Waxing works, but it is worth bearing in mind the subsequent irritation of the skin. The use of wax is contraindicated if you use creams with glycolic acid, salicylic acid. In this case, the skin will get a very big injury in the hair removal wax. Too aggressive wax for skin prone to acne.

What works
- "Surgical" method.   Done only by specialists in clinics and salons. This method involves the use of a scalpel razor. Hair cut off, without hurting the skin. The method gives a good professional results.

 Peach fuzz on the face
 - Cream, blocking the growth of hair.   There are drugs such as Vaniqa and Eflora, this cream with the active ingredient - 13, 9% of eflornithine. Cream blocks the enzyme that stimulates hair growth. Without this enzyme hair growth slows down in the applicable region, and can eventually stop completely.

There are experts who believe that Vaniqa and Eflora work only in combination with other treatments for hair removal (laser, surgical technique), but there are other opinions that the cream can run by itself. However, to completely stop hair growth by patient need some attachment to the drug - from 6 weeks to 8 months. Then you will see the result. Studies say that the longer the cream is used, the better the results. Vaniqa and Eflora applied twice a day.

 Peach fuzz on the face
 Vaniqa is best and right for Eflora gun for use in small areas of the skin (on the upper lip, cheeks, chin, neck). White and non-pigmented hair which does not react to laser removed Vaniqa cream type best. For the feet and hands require high consumption of the drug, and it will be very expensive, because one package cream stands in different places from 500 to 6000 rubles and more.

- Hormone pills. These include oral contraceptives and other hormonal preparations. The cause of the unwanted hair can become reproductive problems, abnormalities in the hormonal balance, most often it is a condition called polycystic ovary syndrome. Treatment involves taking drugs to reduce levels of androgens (male hormones associated with excess hair growth) plus pill. Good result gives such treatment in combination with a cream based on eflornithine (inhibits the growth of hair in certain areas).
Author: Vasilisa Cousin