Our cosmetic: we compare 10 moisturizers
 Whether you are the people who spend days lying in the sun, or sit in an air conditioned office - no doubt a moisturizer is a must for all of us. But what do you think, what to look for when buying a cream? Experts advise to find a cream that is easily absorbed, but it does not leave a greasy residue. Easier said than done. Therefore, we have led one of the most popular creams to make it easier to make a choice.

• "Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream". This cream is fantastic: not very fat, but great skin moisturizer exhausted. It does not contain alcohol, so it can be used even for irritated skin.

• "Lancôme Vinéfit Complete Energising Moisturiser SPF 15". This cream is lighter and less greasy than the one I usually use. Excellent falls on the skin without leaving a stain, with a good basis for applying makeup. I am pleased to begin to use this cream to replace my old.

• "Clinique Moisture Surge Treatment Formulal". I applied this light gel twice a day, and I really liked it as easily absorbed into the skin and leaves no greasy shine. After the gel skin is tightened a little and refresh; I have normal skin, and gel she really came. Maybe those who have dry skin will need more fat means.

• "Elemis Aromapure Absolute Day Cream" (Normal to Dry). This cream is very good consistency - not too fat; it moisturizes the skin without irritating it. Importantly, the cream contains SPF 7 filter. It packaged in convenient tubes, which are much easier to carry than conventional banks. In addition, the tool has a pleasant smell and is plant-based.

• "Elizabeth Arden Daily Moisture Fluide Hydratant Quotidien SPF 15". The cream leaves skin feeling moisturized and smooth, while it has a light, but not a liquid base. It contains essential for the skin SPF15 filters and pleasant aroma. I had a few dry areas on the face, and then use this cream skin feels fresher and smoother than before.
Author: Ann, New York