When the cosmetics are not disappointing?
 Considering the publicity of new cosmetic products in the pages of glossy magazines, listening to the alluring promises brilliant beauties of the commercials on television, we are willy-nilly give in this magic subliminal and begin to really expect from the contents of this magic jar is truly impossible!

Return of youth, the complete disappearance of wrinkles, finding love, success and all that so convincingly authors show us scenes of advertising, which is boundless imagination. And when this happens, we are disappointed declare that this cosmetics does not work and are beginning to look closely for the next "miracle" of the cosmetic industry.

Why not come true hopes? I think the main reasons are only two: First, we have too much to expect from cosmetics, and secondly, we are buying the wrong makeup that fits namely us . On the expectation of miracles is a little mentioned, cosmetics and yet - this is just cosmetics, we should not expect from her magic changes appearance. Yes, it can protect the skin from harmful influences, water it with moisture and smooth fine lines, even out the color and improve elasticity. But even the most expensive and well-known cosmetics, still not able to return the youth, if age-related changes have gone far. Otherwise, unless the non-poor would go away and still beautiful pop diva and stars of the screen on the risk of plastic surgery in an effort to hide the traces of time? As they say, time - the best doctor (for resentment and emotional turmoil), but a poor beautician. Yet without makeup we can not do, even if it does not protect the skin from aging but well-chosen cosmetics is fully capable to delay the signs of age on your face, slow the aging process and improve skin condition.

In general, to cosmetics must be approached calmly and carefully, and if you find it difficult to determine the type of your skin or her age, just need to find a good beautician and clarify these issues so as not to throw your money is not the wind, buying unnecessary and may even be harmful to your means skin.

Do you know the age of their skin?

 When the cosmetics are not disappointing?
   If you think that is enough to know the age specified in the passport, you are deeply mistaken. In most cases, the "passport" age and biological age is not quite the same, and sometimes these differences are quite significant. So, buying a cream and focusing on their, say, 35 years, you run the risk of making a mistake. If the biological age of the skin over ten years, the acquired funds will not be effective for you, and if your skin is younger than passport age, the possible negative effects on the skin, young skin overfeed potent substances should not be. Age skin may deviate from the passport and in the other direction, and 10 and 20 years, and it depends on many factors: diseases, nutrition, climate impacts and working conditions, bad habits.

Approximately possible to determine the biological age of the skin with a small test.   Count the points, if you have in stock:

• wrinkles between the eyebrows - 3 points;
• wrinkles under the eyes - 4 points;
• drooping of the upper eyelid - 4 points;
• bags under the eyes - 4 points;
• "crow's feet" - 4 points;
• clearly marked nasolabial folds - 3;
• pigment spots - 5;
• wrinkles around the lips - 5;
• wrinkles on lips - 4;
• a double chin - 4;
• wrinkles on the neck - 5;
• weakening of the muscles of the face oval - 5.
Now we add to the result of 20 points, and obtain the biological age of your skin.

As you know, if you have no aforesaid mentioned drawbacks, the age of the skin corresponds to 20 years, and your face is young and perfect. Regenerative processes in the body are going fast, the skin recovers quickly after stressful situations (sunburn, disturbances in sleep and nutrition), and during this period is sufficient to purify, moisturize and nourish the skin cosmetics manufactured in the plant material.

With 25 years in the whole body has been slowing down of cell reproduction. The skin is not updated as quickly, which leads to structural defects in all its layers, the outer layer of the skin thickens and coarsens.

 When the cosmetics are not disappointing?
 After 30 years, it thickens to 1% each year, and the inner layer becomes thin and fragile .  Skin metabolism is disturbed, which accelerates the aging .  This process is genetically programmed, so the outer shell of the body, starting from this period, it is necessary to look very carefully .  Must apply and day and night creams, masks, lotions .  Depending on the type of skin, once a week to clean it by means of peeling .  The composition of many cosmetic products for this age range include special substances that enhance cell reproduction .  Their operating principle is based on a constant gentle exfoliation of old cells from the skin surface .  Since about 30 years, you can start using the funds from the collagen and elastin, because it is from this age decreases the production of collagen and decreases its ability to accumulation of water .  At this age, there are fine lines and wrinkles between the eyebrows - often called wrinkles "Lion"; drawn nasolabial folds, coming down on the wings of the nose to the corners of the lips; clearly identified features in general .  Changes the complexion, fades inner radiance of the skin, there are bags under the eyes . 

And for 40 years collagen production stops completely. Number of elastin in the skin and has been steadily declining. Deepening wrinkles, nasolabial folds accented and "crow's feet" - the fine wrinkles around the eyes. All the attention in this period it is necessary to focus on the deep layers of the skin.

Problems of mature skin

After 50 years in the daily skin care should include a more active cosmetics - with a strong regenerating, deep moisturizing, firming effect. As a means for peeling preference should be given a more gentle exfoliation action. Can not do without in the care of bioactive cream and a lifting firming serum, which increase the elasticity of the skin. For aging skin is shown periodically at night cream to apply a special cocktail of plant hormones almond, avocado, evening primrose, coconut, vitamins A, E, F, extracts of wheat germ. These plant hormones act on the vital processes, like our natural hormones and stimulates cellular regulation mechanisms to combat aging of the skin.

 When the cosmetics are not disappointing?
   Note the cellular makeup (on the label cellular - cell). Under cellular makeup cosmetics should be understood, the main active ingredient of which are embryonic cell material. The products of cell cosmetics contain hormones, their action is limited only by the skin, but it turns out they have the effect of its power is comparable to the effect of drugs on hormonal basis. The effect of these drugs is not immediately, but gradually the skin is much improved, the skin regains its natural healthy look. The skin starts to look younger than their biological age and more actively resist the adverse external factors.

Well, in severe cases, experts offer their clients the hormonal creams for the skin, acting at the level of the dermis and supplementing other cosmetic procedures that are performed in beauty salons and clinics. To well into adulthood look attractive and youthful, a little makeup, you need to work tirelessly, caring for themselves, to monitor the health and nutrition, an active lifestyle, to love themselves and others. And then the person will be an attractive reward for the constant work.
Author: Olga Travleeva