7 ways to keep a perfect shape on holiday
 When the aircraft attains a height every second distancing you from the sandy shores of the sea, warm azure waves and carefree idleness, you will regret for two things at once - that the vacation is over, and you ... better. And if the former does not prevent our best (after all, all good things must come to an end) that help you maintain a perfect body at rest - our duty!

The secret of a successful holiday Revealed! To leave the welcoming country that gave you a week or two happy resort life, you do not have to take on the road with extra grams of weight and centimeters of volume, even on vacation to think about her figure. It is not necessary to keep a tight rein on himself, indulging in a romantic dinner after six pm and bright, for the most part, rave-nocturnal. Your only task is - to burn the maximum amount of calories, for which you are capable. And believe me, this should be fun, pert and his fun! Let's see what are the options?

1. Walking on a sandy beach

Walking - the most natural form of fitness, which is great to burn calories at a time when you are passionate about something else. For example, the statement of sketches from the life of holidaymakers or conversation with a nice young man. In one hour pleasant for body and soul walks you can spend 200-400 calories! And, stepping doctors recommend to everyone, regardless of fitness and starting parameters of the figure.

2. Riding on a water bike

It may be a nice continuation of the previous phase of the "containment" of its own weight. A ride on this form of transport can be almost anywhere in the world, calling itself the stately seaside resort. Riding on a water bike unique in that it is working well thighs and buttocks, destroying the visible manifestations of cellulite and resulting in perfect order breeches zone. With regard to the consumption of calories that you will certainly lose in sea water, it will be about 200-300 calories per hour.

3. A fascinating diving

A stay at sea and not to see at least once underwater, diving with fins and diving is probably a crime. Dive into the water - it is a storm of emotions and beautiful experiences runaway adrenaline. Surprisingly, the number of calories, which will cost you one diving, will continue to grow even after you will come out onto the land. The reason for this - unusual for the body mode, when you have to overcome the resistance of the water to move forward, as well as the blood flow in a larger number of "happiness hormones". Minimum consumption of energy units per swim - 300 calories after a dive before the next day.

 7 ways to keep a perfect shape on holiday

4. Water Polo

Team sports, which may also include volleyball, basketball and mini football - a favorite pastime of most men on vacation. Many of them are looking forward to a vacation just to enjoy, finally, a good game. After practicing these sports at home is not at all impossible. Having joined the team of "the powerful", you not only lose about 400 calories per hour, but also earn the admiration and even honor. Especially if the game will be on the conscience. An added bonus would be the study of all muscle groups, which, as you know, it is useful for the figure.

5. Extreme Rafting

For marvelous word "rafting" hides a delightful event - rafting on inflatable boats. During descent, you will not be bored - you load a rowing their muscles, while strengthening and tempering them. In addition, compulsory avoidance of spray with which you have to face - check the body on the reaction rate and speed of action. A little extreme, which is absolutely safe for humans when deliberate approach to the selection of the route, tones the nervous system and leave behind only good memories. And that's what you have to forget, because it's about 350 calories, you will lose an hour of work. Given that the standard trip lasts 2-3 hours - it's a good "shake-up" to the body.

6. Tennis, badminton

Two variants of active entertainment. In these types of games are usually played by two or four. Almost "home" game minimizes embarrassment players, allowing them to show itself in all its glory, moving actively and quickly. Having mastered the technique of hitting, you can lose up to 400 calories per hour! It does not matter you are practicing the "big game" or the desktop version - the loss will be significant. And the movement from one corner of the grid to the other, and movement around the perimeter of the table tennis requires quick response and every second adjustment direction. So that significant calories will be implemented.

 7 ways to keep a perfect shape on holiday

7. Water skiing

To master this equipment will have to visit two or three sessions with an instructor. But your time is worth the effort. Riding the wake of a boat, you can feel like a lady waves and master the sport of skiing. Hour walk takes you 400-500 calories, frighten the press and tighten the muscles of the legs and buttocks. So many nice bonuses for the one event that this action is required to bring to life.

7 great ways to spend your time on the sandy shores and warm sea water - it's a secret harmony of your figure and excellent mood to return home. Be beautiful!
Author: Natalia Bartukova