Age and weight loss
 Many people wonder: at what age is best to lose weight. Scientists have responded to this question, and also gave advice to those who crossed the age threshold for the perfect weight loss.

The ideal age for weight loss

Company Forza Supplements (UK) has initiated a study whose purpose was to find out the ideal age for weight loss. It was found that the fairer sex is 32 years old, and for men - less than a year. This is the time when the power supply circuit becomes Diet and fitness - is an integral part of life.

In a survey involving thousands of subjects. It was found that weight loss most successfully held from 30 to 35 years. At this time, people tend to keep a good shape and health, so they are actively involved in fitness, watch your diet.

As for the people after 35 years, then, surpassing this threshold, they start to give her appearance much less attention. At least, this applies to most people.

However, young people (from 20 to 30 years) also do little to preserve the appearance. It is a time marked by the merriment and the lack of any restrictions. However, the older a person becomes, the more he thinks about the necessary lifestyle changes. So how many times to 30-32 successfully change their lives and succeed in losing weight. 82% of respondents said they are going to live a healthy life after 30 years. More than a third of men and women admitted to pollsters that they consider the age from 30 to 35 years for an optimal solution to the problem of excess weight.

Interestingly, in the UK it is 30 years women decide to get the first child. It also has an impact on nutrition, fitness and weight normalization. After all, women are well aware that overweight is harmful during pregnancy. Fearful of losing a child to lose weight before they conceive tend to more than half of women.

It is also the desire of the fairer sex to become leaner affects the desire to marry. Despite the fact that if a woman is considered married fattening, 42% of British women said that after the wedding, they, on the contrary, it is easier to lose weight. They stop eating fast food, begin to cook homemade food, and so get rid of extra pounds.

Diet and proper nutrition in 30 years - is, according to scientists, saving straw to save the youth, so to speak, the last chance to just change your eating habits and lifestyle.

 Age and weight loss

Age - is not a sentence

However, after 35 scientists urge people not to despair. American experts came to the conclusion that "seniority" in losing weight is not important. To lose weight at any age. This will not only become more beautiful, but also to maintain health. Their findings are closely related to the results of another study, which was conducted in South Korea.

After a study involving 15 thousand people, South Korean scientists have found that being overweight is bad for health. Overweight - it is always an increased risk of these diseases and adverse changes in health, as the deterioration of the heart, blockage of blood vessels, increasing the pressure. Therefore, the extra weight should strive to get rid of always - whether you are 20 or 60.

Research specialists from the United States showed that as soon as the process of losing weight immediately begins to decrease the risk of disease. That is the current person's weight determines the risk of various diseases. As for the past, it does not matter.

According to study author Jennifer Dowd, is great news - especially when you compare obesity with smoking. If we are talking about the smoker, then 20 years of smoking never in vain to health. As, however, and alcohol, destroying the liver. The body has been adversely affected, the consequences of which could not deliver. As for weight loss, everything is completely different. As soon as you drop a little bit, your body will immediately feel relieved - normal pressure, reduce the risk of diabetes, reducing the load on the internal organs and systems.

After weight loss risk of heart attack or diabetes, you will have no more than the people who are not overweight. So weight loss is always worthy of your efforts!

 Age and weight loss

"Golden" rules of youth and longevity

Recently, scientists have called rules that will not only help maintain a healthy weight, but also to live up to 100 years.

To live happily, it is necessary, first, to give up cigarettes and alcohol. Secondly, you need to include in your diet five to seven servings of fruits, vegetables and fruits. Thirdly, it is important to do fitness every day - at least half an hour to do exercises. Finally, we must learn to deal with stress, which help to prayer and meditation, as well as a harmonious sexual life.

Stay fit and healthy at any age!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya