Dancing and fitness? - Zumba!
 Often we are scratching their heads, where do we sign - a dance or fitness, because the one and the other time is not enough. But now solves this problem perfectly Zumba - fangled fitness dance. In it the complex and sometimes monotonous exercises turn into light and fire-na. Those who have not yet tried to imagine the rhythms of Zumba, offer to meet this amazing and gaining huge popularity worldwide phenomenon closely.

The main thing - the desire and good mood!

The word "Zumba» (Zumba) - Colombian. It translates as "to be drunk, buzz, move fast." There are so referred to the latest fitness dance style Latino, which has become incredibly popular in the West, primarily because of the availability and high performance training.

 Dancing and fitness? - Zumba!

Doing Zumba everyone can! No strict limitations on a person's age or build. After all, it is in fact not even exercise and rhythmic dancing in the company of new friends. The most important is only your desire to maintain its shape, to monitor the health and dance and have fun from the heart!

Helped improvisation

The founder of a new and extremely winding dance is a fitness trainer and choreographer Alberto Perez from Colombia. There is a legend that Alberto Zumbo came up by chance when he was on his regular aerobics classes, Alberto forgotten at home recording music to your workout. So he had to improvise - as the background music was Latin compositions in the style of salsa and samba, which is played on Colombian radio. In order to get on the beat Alberto added a few dance steps.

 Dancing and fitness? - Zumba!

Over time, the coach is constantly finished the dance and make it more intense. And today we can see the full Zumba, which includes elements of bachata, hip-hop, erenge, salsa, reggaeton and samba. This beginners do not have to learn all these complicated and incomprehensible movement. Just remember one rule - "Do not think of exercise, think about fun! ". Energetic and exciting Zumba dance shows maximum efficiency if you completely surrender to occupation. Therefore, in order to burn the maximum amount of calories you need to have fun as much as possible!

No hierarchy can not do

Popular in Europe, zumba party do not always put in front of the main purpose of training and exercise. Instead, people just enjoy the music and try to get into the rhythm of the dance. Yes exactly! Many simply do not know how to dance Zumba, but they burned no less, and even more calories than the "experienced" visitors (usually experienced dancers stand in the front row, and they only repeated movement trainer).

 Dancing and fitness? - Zumba!

But for the serious study should contact the Zumba fitness center, which operates a licensed coach (gradually their number is growing). Intra-system in the classroom implies a hierarchical structure. In each group, there is also a subsidiary, where those who can not meet the rhythm, or who have previously missed a few workouts will gradually go up one level. The individual groups may be formed, even for a single person.

However, training Zumbe does not cause any problems, since you do not need to perfectly repeat traffic instructor and learn complicated steps. You should look for a coach, but also you can improvise and create their own "party" to completely surrender to the will of music. To achieve good results only need to be a little more relaxed and indulge in pleasure.

Choose a suit brighter

On employment on Zumbe you will not only dance, but also to do push-ups, squats, do twisting, lunges, and so on. Therefore it is necessary to choose clothes that are not shackled to your movements. Choose a sport, but a bright and comfortable form, even if it's loose trousers, or leggings. From shoes can be used Gym shoes and sneakers with shock-absorbing soles (just warm). And do not forget that your costume should include a little dance extravaganza. After all, this is the main idea of ​​Zumba.

 Dancing and fitness? - Zumba!

Do not forget to warm-up

Standard fitness program on Zumbe lasts 60 minutes and consists of three parts:
- Warm-up,
- Aerobic component,
- Dancing fitness.

In this hour lessons you burn about 650 calories. In comparison to the high-intensity aerobics you burn 485 calories on the low-level - 215.

At the beginning of each session, the trainer holds a mandatory workout. This instructor will look closely at the work of his disciples. Since before any physical activity is necessary to warm up the joints, muscles, tendons, perform stretching and so on. But this is probably the only phase where you are required to focus on fitness. Then start dancing, interspersed with strength training.

Wasting time without fatigue

Thanks Zumbe you get the same power load, as in this gym. But it is no psychological fatigue you feel. The creator of the program believes that music has a positive effect on the subconscious and thus, does not tire the nervous system of students. Musical accompaniment can be very diverse at this stage. For example, today many practicing Zumba classes under the African and Latin American motifs, as well as a hip-hop, jazz, Go-Go (club dance), and others.

 Dancing and fitness? - Zumba!

The final stage of training is dedicated to dance aerobics. Head of the class demonstrates new moves and steps, and you, in turn, try to repeat them and to bring them something new and his own. With this improvisation you and your team will enjoy the dancing rhythms and groovy music. If someone forgets about the main purpose of Zumbi, the coach always says, "Understand that this is not training, it's our little party. So enjoy it! ".
Author: Albina Rogov