Fashion experiment: I go to fitness Latina
 Inflammatory Latin American rhythms have always liked me. Therefore, when the "menu" fitness club, next to my house, a hybrid sports program called "Fitness-Latina" I bought a ticket, do not hesitate. This time I did not even buy a cautious and to begin a one-time activity. "What can be understood in one training session? "- I decided, and the mood for fashion experiment.

In the spacious hall with a mirrored wall to the top of the training I was waiting for a small group of girls and young lean coach. Sounded loud modern music with Latin American accents and the occupation began.

Traditional warm included several exercises for the neck, shoulders, arms. Then followed the coach we have already become more vigorously repeated incendiary movement hips, waist intensively earned. Further more. Extension moves from side to side as supplemented by blows hips and arm movements. By the middle of training we started learning the small ligaments in the spirit of Latin dance, "seasoned" with a strong cardio innings. For myself, I have noted that the healthy sweating that happens to me is extremely rare (even in the steam room).

In the second half of the training we have incendiary dance latin. And let not all out, I'm happy to pick up one item after another, and fancied himself a star of the dance parquet. Clear professional instructor movement inspired to work even more closely and with greater impact.

In the last quarter fell workout stretching, balance exercises and strength SET with a series of exercises for the abs, thighs and buttocks.

So quietly flying hour workout. Wet and incredibly happy and Inspired, I went to the locker room. Waiting for the next class would, in fact, like all subsequent ones.

But my excessive zeal in a couple of weeks brought me out of the building. It is obvious that during stretching, I pulled a bunch on one foot and leg began to swell treacherously. The verdict was merciless orthopedist: receiving anti-inflammatory drugs, the imposition of the tire on the injured leg and 2 weeks no training.

I was counting the days! When the foot is returned to normal, and the doctor has given the green light, I immediately went back to the gym Latina, but more cautiously and carefully listening to the instructions of the coach during the stretch.

 Fashion experiment: I go to fitness Latina

Again failure. At this time, a very different character. The fact that one of the training runs on Saturday morning. Who likes to luxuriate in bed, I had no time to eat breakfast and ran to their favorite fitness Latina. As I was scared when the first cardio-block during exercise, felt the outskirts of nausea and just began to lose consciousness.   Wow! I emerged from the hall in the open air, and there came to himself, returned to employment. But after that incident, clearly learned a lesson that comes to your morning workout on an empty stomach is in any case impossible. But to engage in a full stomach is not worth it. Optimally, a snack an hour before the upcoming workout.

Three workout fitness Latina week after a couple of months did their good work: my body was standing at attention, flew a few extra kilograms, and movements became more confident. Came proud of myself, I do my body, I'm starting to own it!   Incredible and positive emotional lift, which gives each class, does not give me an excuse to shirk. Motivation is stronger: I do not do routine activities and pumped muscles, repeating the same reciprocating motion simulator, I dance. And dance skillfully squeezed into the format of fitness training, gives an excellent result.

And after a month of regular practice, I became more confident, relaxed and began to come to the gym in a lush skirt, and pass through the ears earrings in the form of thin rings pretty impressive diameter. After all, this is how we imagine the Latin dance: Slim tanned woman's body in a flowing movement from the hips lush short skirt. Skirt added my training boldness and tan, brought from autumn vacation in sunny Egypt brought my way to the burning imaginary - Latin American.

And though, like any woman, I still have plenty of reasons to be unhappy with their shape. Let my press is far from the characteristic "flat and dice." Suppose that you can still retract buttocks, she looked critically, to see a hint of orange peel. But fitness Latina - it is part of me. With it, I felt more feminine, sexy and desirable. And as in any favorite business, I'm glad I do it with pleasure and filled with a desire to grow, to improve in dance and in its ability to control his body. And that means stylish experiment was a success!
Author: Natalia Hryshko