Fitness and your menstrual cycle
 The monthly cycle of women affects mood, skin and hair, physical condition. Make your workout plan, depending on what phase is your menstrual cycle.

Not all women suffer from hormonal "ups and downs", but doctors believe that 85% of women of childbearing age to notice changes their menstrual cycle.

Skeptical girl believe that our mood swings during the cycle, the notorious PMS - it's all fiction and justify their laziness or apathy. But those who closely observe the changes in your body, do not doubt that every month our body goes through tremendous changes. And these changes - a phenomenon objectively. Even skeptics can not argue with measurements of heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure. A woman watching attentive and more subtle changes in mood, skin, hair, nails, food preferences.

The reason hormones that affect almost every aspect of our life. First of all, there are two main female hormones: estrogen and progesterone.

Experts in fitness are four main phases of the menstrual cycle. These four phases are in each cycle, regardless of its length, whether 24 days or 36 days. Accordingly, each of us, these 4 phases have their own length. But it is not difficult to calculate. Suffice it to observe yourself, keep a diary in which to celebrate the changes in body temperature, their own feelings. And after 3 months of observation you will know much more about yourself. It is now possible to measure and hormones several times a month to finally find out the length of each individual phase.

Next - a brief guide to choose what kinds of fitness in each of the four phases of the menstrual cycle in order to remain in harmony and be healthy. For example, takes the "classic" 28-day cycle.

Phase 1. Critical days
The days of the cycle: 1-5 (7)

 Fitness and your menstrual cycle

Hormones.   Progesterone and estrogen levels at the lowest level. The level of the hormone serotonin later in this phase, and serotonin - the main hormone that makes you feel good. But the good news is that exercise increases serotonin levels naturally, so completely abandon fitness is not necessary. Suitable moderate exercise.

The state of health.   In this phase, some feel cramps, exercise are heavier than usual, increased fatigue, energy level below. But the complete rejection of the exercise will only exacerbate health.

Fitness.   Showing strength training, but without a maximum voltage. Now you have a high pain threshold and a short recovery time. It is possible to break down fat and increase muscle mass. However, caution should be exercised, because now you are more prone to injury. Strength training can include 2-3 sets, and begin to gradually increase the load and the weight of the weighting.

Follicular Phase 2
Days cycle: 6 (8) -13

 Fitness and your menstrual cycle

The level of hormones.   Hormones are growing, and it provides good performance. The level of estrogen progesterone increases a little faster. Generally, this is the most balanced hormonal stage.

The state of health. Most women feel good and energetic.

Fitness.   Recommended cardio-load, you can also use a class with weights and dumbbells. Estrogen helps muscles absorb glucose better, giving you lots of energy and good health. Now is the time for very complex and intense workouts. During this period, you will be able to see the real results of the fitness, so do not be lazy and loaded ourselves to the maximum.

Phase 3. Ovulation
Days cycle: 14-15

 Fitness and your menstrual cycle

The level of hormones.   The level of estrogen at high and progesterone is nearing the highest evaluation.

Fitness.   Yoga, pilates, dancing. You can continue to moderate the power load to build muscle mass. Estrogen is now at the highest level, it makes you feel in harmony with your body, feel the rush of femininity and confidence. And best of all will turn out exercises aimed at flexibility, good posture - typically female kinds of fitness.

Phase 4. The luteal phase, including PMS
Days cycle: 16-28

 Fitness and your menstrual cycle

The level of hormones.   Progesterone is at maximum, estrogen starts to decline. Serotonin levels are very low, making it unstable mood, even whiny.

Fitness.   Showing moderate exercise. Try group lessons. Now your body can not effectively break down fats for energy. Progesterone does not allow much to lose weight. As a result, you can feel the weight gain of 2-5 kg, the body swells up like a balloon. The risk of injury is high, the joints need to be in focus, they are now inactive.

Food. Especially important now to limit sweets because sugar is easily deposited as fat, fat burning insufficient these days, especially in the last few days phase. In this phase can increase the blood sugar level - follow the right diet, not to provoke diabetes.

PMS (premenstrual syndrome)
Days cycle: 21-28

Some women begin to feel the PMS 2 weeks before the critical days, but most are experiencing premenstrual syndrome in the last 3-7 days of the cycle. During this period, dieters frustrated women the most, because they do not see the results of their efforts. Sometimes, on the contrary, women are even swell on a couple of kilos, which is accompanied by swelling, bloating and other unpleasant symptoms. Doctors distinguish about 200 PMS symptoms (!), From headaches and fatigue to the change in libido and mental activity.

Fitness.   Sometimes coaches even advise to pass in the days of PMS fitness, if the state is too poor and broken. Avoid jumping. Power load - fair, which includes 1-2 sets of exercises (sit-ups, push-ups, lunges, press). Compared to all phases of the cycle, this phase of the training intensity should be lower.

Balance the hormonal changes helps control stress and breathing exercises.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin