How money affects weight, weight loss - in the relationship
 Overweight and weight loss - a problem complex. They affect our lives much more than it seems, and to change the situation is not as difficult as people think around.

Ruble weight "sharpens"

The contest "Your weight - Gold," which was held in November in Dubai revealed that to lose weight is not as difficult as most people believe. We just need to find an effective motivation - and it will go. The organizers of the competition decided to help fellow countrymen to lose weight and improve their health. All participants are promised gold - one gram per kilogram thrown. Those who accepted the challenge, given six weeks to improve the figure. At the same time the organizers followed in order to get rid of kilograms passed healthy methods - without strict diets, operations, and "tablets". In the contest was attended by 2, 6 thousand people, which at the end of the match was handed 17 kilograms of the precious metal.

Seven leaders of the race could lose a record amount of weight - 20 kilograms. Nearly two thousand people were able to get rid of 2-5 kg. 575 participants dropped to two kilograms. All of them were awarded on merit.

Of course, we have missed the opportunity to take part in the competition organized by the UAE. However, nothing prevents us to announce a competition themselves. Obviously, getting rid of excess weight - a lot of work. Therefore, to put a reasonable goal and go for it.

 How money affects weight, weight loss - in the relationship

What is considered a reasonable goal?

- Weight loss should not harm health and, therefore, do not set a goal to lose more than five percent of body weight in a month. Folk wisdom "slow and steady wins - on going" works in this case.

- The purpose of weight loss should be to set the range. This means that it is always better to plan to lose weight by 3-5 kg ​​than 5 kilograms.

- For each of the results you can schedule different reward. For example, in the minus three kilograms promise to buy yourself a nice little thing (for example, a notebook, a postcard, etc.) minus four kilograms - a fashion accessory, for minus five - fashionable dress or suit. If you want to buy more looked like a "prize", arrange a pious that he will form a "prize fund" and will buy you a gift for his efforts.

How else can you motivate yourself with money?

Imagine some coveted thing is not related to food. For example, a trip to Barcelona, ​​the purchase of a series of books or a favorite writer buying a new computer that you really need, but there is no money for it, or "sorry." You can imagine the dress and favorite designer, which is half or all of your wages. Whenever you want to buy a product harmful to health and shape (a box of chocolates, bag of chips, packaging rolls), take the amount which would cost you to buy "hazards" and deposited in the treasury. Before you know how to gather up the required amount, or some part of it to your dreams. Dual use - lose weight and make steps towards the dream!

Weight Loss - Alliance or the "cold war"?

If you lose weight for the sake of improving relations with your partner, be careful. American scientists have concluded that weight loss can not only worsen the mutual understanding, but also lead to a rupture.

 How money affects weight, weight loss - in the relationship

The reason is simple - one of the partners unconsciously puts pressure on the second. If you intend to lose weight, both partners, provided support if lose those extra kilos wants only one person from the pair, it turns into a "cold war". According to psychologists at the University of North Carolina and the University of Texas (Austin), the behavior of a man who limits himself to food and making every effort to improve the figure and weight loss is amended as follows:

- Someone who wants to lose weight, criticizing his partner, who does not want to change anything - his diet, lifestyle, etc .;

- There is a gap of interests - one wants to have dinner at a vegetarian restaurant, the second - in the ordinary, one prepares and (or) buying low-calorie foods and dishes, the second does not want the limitations and intend to eat "as delicious as before," one tries to conduct more sedentary life (offers to walk to the supermarket, and the second is going to go by car), etc .;

- Nervous atmosphere at home leads to a cooling bed, and because sex is a "barometer" of relations.

All of this leads to the fact that the harmony between people collapsing, feeling cool, relationships are changing for the worse.

Associate Professor of the State University of North Carolina Linsey Roma notes: "People should be aware that changes in body weight can dramatically affect the relationship with a partner - both for better and for worse. In any case, the relationship changes - as before is no longer ".   Therefore it will be better if you start to lose weight and convince your partner. It will only improve the relationship between you, as happened with the couple from the United States Justin and Lauren Shelton. For 19 months, they dropped 240 kilograms for two, solving the problems of health, weight and strengthen your marriage.

Successful weight loss and love you!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya