How to lose weight in the face massage Tsogan and power system
 Overweight appears not only in adulthood but at a young age. The reason may be a metabolic disorder, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle. Of course, gaining weight is easy, but to lose - it is difficult. Some women have a body structure of the type "apple" when the belly and legs quickly lose weight, and the upper part (shoulders and face) remain the same. But to deal with this problem, not necessarily to seek drugs for weight loss, can help the Japanese massage and proper nutrition.

  About Japanese massage Tsogan

This method has been used for a long time. Now he is gaining popularity in Russia. Its author is a cosmetologist and makeup artist Yukuko Takagi of Japan. Unfortunately, she died from a serious illness - cancer of the liver, but left a great legacy in the field of cosmetology. The development of massage Tsogan Yukuko spent several years of his life. She studied the exact connection between the skin and muscles of the face, which gave the desired result - a massage Tsogan considered one of the best techniques.

The very name "Zogan" is composed of two characters which means "to make a face." With this method, you can not just get rid of the "chubby" cheeks, but also tighten the skin, to retain her youth, as well as to remove the swelling and improve muscle tone. In addition, the author has added new and special massage techniques for all types of persons called "Asahi" (at the moment there are many varieties of this massage). No wonder Japanese women look much younger than his age. For them, daily classes Tsoganom and Asahi - as a habit to brush your teeth.

How do Japanese massage Tsogan

  To get as soon as possible the expected results, massage should be done every day in the evening (it will take about 5 minutes), after washing your hands and face. And the massage should be applied to the foundation - cosmetic cream, lotion, makeup remover or a decoction of flax seed.

Massage the need to index and ring fingers while sitting or standing, his left hand on the left side of his face, and his right hand - the same.

1.   Begin with light strokes from the center of the chin upwards towards the temples.

2.   Then bend your fingers and the pads pat on the face towards the ears.

3.   Carefully Feel face.

4.   It is easy to massage the skin around the eyes.

5.   And the last stage - the "walk" your fingers around the neck from the chin towards the spine.

Japanese massage is contraindicated for people with skin and upper respiratory diseases, diseases of the lymphatic system, and if you feel unwell, and rosacea.

Proper nutrition

Wrong diet - one of the enemies of female beauty. Therefore, imposed following recommendations that will help you remove the extra weight, especially in the facial area.

1.   Every day, drink a few liters of water. Without the necessary amount of liquid, the body itself is trying to save as much water - if there is swelling of the face and other body parts. Instead of water you can drink green tea. Also, remember that drunk while eating liquid dilutes the gastric juice, which prevents normal digestion, the metabolism. Drink water 30 minutes before or 1 hour after a meal.

2.   Fruits and vegetables should always be present in your diet. They contain the desired amount of liquid vitamins and fiber. Far better to eat a sweet apple than cookies. And do not think that the sugar found in fruits, just as harmful as regular sugar. From natural food still has not recovered.

3.   Give up smoking and alcohol. Because nicotine is able to accumulate in the vessel wall, thus breaking the circulation and causing congestion in the body. Also harmful and alcohol, it is a very high-calorie product and also dehydrates the body.

4.   If you use 1, 2 mg of calcium daily, one can lose weight quickly. To do this, drink several glasses of milk a day, and eat fish, almonds, dried fruit, peanuts. Many of calcium contained in the cheese. But not necessarily only choose low fat dairy products, because the daily human need for animal fat is 65 grams, and vegetable - '25 in a reasonable amount of fat is harmless.

5.   It should refrain from the use of bakery and confectionery products, fatty meats, hamburgers, hot dogs, horseradish, salt, sugar, mineral water, beer. Permission is granted to use in your diet: vegetables, fruits, juices, cereals, dietary meat and eggs (only boiled). We must adhere to and proper diet, you - have to try to eat always at the same time.

6.   Categorically refuse semis, forget the chips, nuts, mayonnaise, ketchup, canned, smoked snacks.

7.   Most walk around (a 20-minute walk burns 250 calories), cook low-calorie food. A sweet desserts, replace the yogurt, sweets - dried fruits.

Keeping a diet and using massage Tsogan, the result will not be long in coming.
Author: Svetlana Doskoch