Lose weight after the winter
 The closer the summer, the more we will be concerned about their figure. Probably there is no woman who would not want to have a beautiful slender figure. But, alas, every year in the world is becoming more and more obese people. It is good if we approach the ideal need to lose 1 - 2 kg, at least 5, but many of us have too much overweight.

In this case, nutritionists and physicians are advised to take your time and lose weight gradually, especially if you already have high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases related to excessive weight.

The reasons why we polneem, set. Most of us are busy sedentary work. And if the spring and summer, we still find time for walking, often in the cold all the free time to spend in front of TV screens and computers. In addition, in the cold all the time you want something to chew on. And we do not zhuёm carrot, apple, dried fruits, and something more nutritious - chips, candy, cookies, and other sweets, and pechёnosti. Hence the result - Summer skirts and pants nalezaet unwilling, but not tight blouses emphasize the slender figure, and outline the fat folds. What to do?

Often, from celebrities to the question of how they managed to lose weight, one or the other diva says she just stopped eating. However, according to doctors, is not an option. Fasting is useful not for everyone, and instead of finding harmony and vitality, you can amass intractable ailments.

There are many diets that help you quickly lose 1-2 kg. But the abuse and they are not worth it. Moreover, as of now, doctors joke, "Healthy people do not, there nedoobsledovannye."

 Lose weight after the winter

Therefore it is best to lose weight slowly, observing certain rules:

For example, to begin with in order to put in coffee or tea 2 times less sugar than usual. For lunch eat half the portions, which are accustomed to.

Only eat black bread and cutting it is not just thin, but tonyusenkoy pieces.

Fat cheese substitute low-fat cottage cheese.

Refuse fatty meats, sauces, gravies.

Best breakfast for seeking harmony - oatmeal or porridge made of buckwheat, barley. This breakfast is not only good for the stomach and the heart, it is still a long time saves from hunger.

If torturing hunger, then eat a bowl of cabbage salad with carrots, 2-3 tbsp. spoon sauerkraut dressed with 1 teaspoon of the village of sunflower oil.

And the best snack is an apple or a few chernoslivin. Physicians say that apples should be eaten with the grain, as one apple grain contains the daily norm of iodine, and iodine is known not only responsible for the normal operation of the thyroid gland, but also reduces the appetite.

You can eat a normal plain yogurt.

Nutritionists do not recommend abusing coffee as the drink-ons hunger. Preference should be given green tea, tea with mint.

Now the pharmacies are selling very comfortable with bags of chopped rose hips, they brewed as tea bags, and benefit from them much more.

 Lose weight after the winter

What should be the dinner?

Often these days to hear - I do not eat soup. Well, nothing! Nutritionists say that the broth quickly fills the stomach and prevents overeating, and in winter it warms, and more. It is better if this is the chicken broth or turkey. Summer - a vegetable.

Fatty soups, of course, will not do good, and to lose weight will not help.

Bring a feeling of satiety as beans, potatoes in their skins, stewed vegetables.

A complete dinner, according to nutritionists, the best stewed fruit, thus that once served in the Soviet canteens. Although the best juice, of course, we cooked by our grandmothers.

There, experts advise to just sitting, because if there is standing or on the move, then we put a lot more food.

If possible, the afternoon would be great to go out and walk at least twenty minutes. If this is not possible, then at least walk around the office.

Supper is not necessarily at 6 pm, but not later than two hours before bedtime.

Drunk a glass of milk at night and calm the hunger, and will quickly fall asleep.

And yet, to lose weight, still have to move - do exercises, walking.

And the best incentive to lose weight is in good health, mood, and the admiring glances of men, following the slender woman as head of sunflowers follow the sun.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva