Lose weight and earn
 Cash rewards for losing weight - a new and effective form of promotion for getting rid of excess weight. To improve the shape, improve your health and make money - what could be better?

Money work

Hardly anyone would argue with the fact that money is one of the most powerful motivators. The love of money, desire for financial well-being today is used not only by employers, but also the authorities in order to get people to care about their health. And, however, the authorities are concerned not only about people, but about the money that the economy is losing because of excess weight. Obese people have a lot of health problems - these are problems with the heart, blood vessels, diabetes and many others. The more successful will be able to solve the problem of obesity, the less people will take the sick, and the greater the benefits will be bringing the country. Therefore, to lose weight is to become not only more beautiful, but also healthier, and more effective at work. In some countries people pay for losing weight?

 Lose weight and earn

United Kingdom

In 2011, in the United Kingdom on the initiative of the Ministry of Health launched a project to encourage people who are able to lose weight. The budget of the project amounted to 75 thousand pounds.

The program was called "pound for pound" (in English Pounds for Pounds), which means that the payment of pounds for getting rid of the pounds. Each participant during the program and fulfillment of all requirements received approximately 185 pounds (the amount differs depending on the progress achieved). Thanks to the project, almost half the activists who have become smaller and more exercise, dropped more than five percent of body weight. 23, 6% of dieters achieved even more - to save more than 10% of excess weight.

The average weight of dieters and earn at the same time was more than 100 kilograms. The participants were middle-aged, the number of women exceeded the number of men.

During the 13 months of the project goals in losing weight have a little over a third who took part in the project. However, even with the departures average weight loss was about 4 kg.

Participants of the project, and those there were 402 people, not only to improve the shape, but also able to fund your budget. Behind the efforts they have received from 70 to 425 pounds.

It should be noted that the UK has gone on financial incentives not just citizens. The fact that the country has a problem of excess weight is particularly acute. According to the Health Ministry is suffering from obesity for at least 12 million adults and one million children.


Another country where residents pay for weight loss - is Canada. Statistics reports that are currently suffering from obesity 17% of Canadians.

The authorities made several attempts to change the power of citizens and encourage them to actively engaged in fitness, but no significant improvement has been achieved. Then the government decided to allocate funds for the promotion of those who will take up her figure and health.

The money traditionally spent on public service ads or poorly performing projects, it was decided to spend anyway. The authorities have decided to pay a fee directly to people who eat right, engage in fitness and lose weight. Check for weight loss is discharged to a large sum - 5000 dollars per year, that person could spend on useful products, payment of the swimming pool and sports hall, and other attributes of a healthy lifestyle.

 Lose weight and earn


The UAE is also struggling with obesity using money, or rather gold. After all, the problem of excess weight in the Middle East is also critical. The prevalence of fast-food establishments and the unpopularity of fitness doing their job. An adequate response to unhealthy lifestyle began tenders for weight loss, which for success in the fight against obesity awarded gold bullion.

The competitions are organized by municipal government of Dubai, but take part in them can not only indigenous people but also everyone who lives in Dubai. Awards are established for all those who could lose 2 kilograms or more in two months, resorting only to a useful method of weight loss. For every kilogram thrown participants receive 1 gram of gold.

It should be noted that in the second contest, which will be held in Dubai this summer and fall of 2014, will be able to participate not only adults but also children. If a child participant also reset 2 kg, the reward will be doubled. Families are allowed to bring two children under the age of 13 years.

According to the Dubai Municipality Hussain Nasser Lootah, in 2014, priority is given to the family losing weight, because obesity affects not only adults but also children, and therefore, the approach must be comprehensive.

The local media reported that the competition will be held from July 15 to September 15. Registration for participants is spent on the Internet, as well as some of the popular places of Dubai.

Last year, participants received 16 kilograms of gold, which was spent about 540 thousand dollars. There is something to strive for, is not it?
Author: Marina Tumovskaya