Mission Possible: remains attractive during exercise
 Be confident during exercise - no easy task. Active movement fitness program, intensive exercise at the gym and swimming in the pool for long if created to cause "damage" to our appeal. Arm of beauty recommendations of experts to, in spite of everything to stay on top!

Fitness club, swimming pool could be another ritual of beauty! To do this, not much - the right to assemble and to carry out makeup in advance or after the workout a few simple procedures! But about all in order!

Putting makeup sports

For face

The focus we have, of course, with the face. First place in the makeup tool make-up remover. Among the abundance of its forms, choose the one that appeals to you more - wipes, lotion or tonic. If the prospect of disappointing you remove makeup, during his deposition, use reliable, better waterproof means. Provision for eyelashes and mascara will be quite sufficient. The skin is important to keep a "clean" to the products of the sebaceous glands are ejected, and did not accumulate inside, clogging pores.

Do not forget about moisturizing cosmetics! Especially actually use it in the room with mounted air conditioning or central heating batteries. All skin types like lung fluids and emulsions. Their advantage is that they are quickly absorbed, leaving no shine, reliably protecting the skin from drying.

Directly in the classroom keep a bottle of thermal water. If suddenly rolled forward fatigue sprysnite face with cool water, and you will regain your vitality.

 Mission Possible: remains attractive during exercise

If you have problem skin with its characteristic constituents - inflammation and rashes, grab with antibacterial wipes. You'll need to get wet sweat from his face. Owners of normal healthy skin for this purpose may use conventional paper towels.


A good hand cream - another must-have sports cosmetics. Before you begin classes at the gym, lubricate your hands cream and put special cosmetic cotton gloves. Firstly, they are many times will increase the effectiveness of the cream, and secondly, warn slipping hands with the simulator.

For body

Some fitness instructors recommend that girls and women seeking to lose weight to combine training in the gym with cosmetic wraps. If there are no contraindications to the health, get special modeling and anti-cellulite formulations. Pastes and creams applied to the surface of the abdomen, thighs and buttocks, and then put on termoshorty. By doing so, you during your workout will burn more calories. Furthermore, recalculate the excess fluid from the body and, accordingly, will come into the desired shape.

To avoid typical sports fragrances, put makeup deodorant. Make sure it is odorless. The fitness club is not relevant parfyumnye composition.

 Mission Possible: remains attractive during exercise

For hair

Nothing should distract you from school! That hair does not and tangled, armed with special bandages and knitted ribbons. The long hair up in a bundle or braid braid. To look neat styling, apply a little gel and fix the result of varnish.

Events after fitness training

Complete training is necessary, of course, a cool shower. High-quality cleaning - that is what the body needs after intense sweating. Oil shower or washable air conditioner for the body to cope with this role perfectly. In addition, they have a double effect - cleansing + moisturizing, which is a good bonus.

After taking a shower should be applied to the skin nourishing cream. Travel-pack universal means (for body, hands and feet) will be very useful. It is important that the cosmetic composition was glycerol and vegetable oils.

Return freshness and give hair volume at the roots will dry shampoo. It absorbs sebum, gently cleansing the scalp. Its application also facilitates the creation of installation.

Procedures after visiting the pool

Hold the body in good shape, forget about the pain in his back and simply indulge in complete relaxation will help to visits to the swimming pool. Regular swimming great impact on your health, but at the same time, can damage the skin and hair.

The thing is that many systems still use chlorine for cleaning the pool. It is very dry skin and hair makes it more brittle. So please be means of neutralizing the harmful effects of chlorine.

 Mission Possible: remains attractive during exercise

Tonics for body and face not only be removed from the skin surface chlorine and heavy metals found in tap water, and restore the natural pH of the skin.

After swimming, wash your hair for daily use and be sure to use the air conditioning.

Be beautiful!
Author: Natalia Bartukova