Novelties fitness: piloksing, TWERKING boxing dzhamps
 What did not come up with the creators of the instructors and fitness programs, to draw us to classes at the gym! Here is news from the field of fitness. Maybe something will inspire you to create your own weight loss program?


In English it is written as "piloxing", and represents a mix of Pilates, dance and boxing. The new craze in Hollywood, has become increasingly popular destination among fitness enthusiasts who want to diversify their training. In the exercise of piloksingu go and celebrity. For example, it is known that piloksing actresses like Kirsten Dunst and Hilary Duff.

The author of the method - the former bodybuilders and dancer from Sweden Vivek Jensen. He tried to take the best of training in kickboxing and Pilates, combining them into one. Vivek felt that such stresses - the perfect solution for the figure, because they involve all major muscle combine cardio exercise and active relaxation.

 Novelties fitness: piloksing, TWERKING boxing dzhamps

Pilates has become a popular little earlier, a similar technique to it - yogalates. But before that, it was not possible to complement yoga cardio exertion. And by making it possible to burn more calories and have a slimming effect borlshy of fitness.

Piloksing burns 500-900 calories per hour! But the accelerated burning of calories - is not the only advantage of the new employment. Piloksing working on body flexibility, endurance, tones the body and strengthens the core muscles. In addition, piloksing increases levels of serotonin, stimulates metabolism and gives confidence.

"Sleek, Sexy, Powerful" - the motto of the main lessons from Viveka. And it reflects the three main components of training:
- Sleek - translated as "smooth" and symbolizes the ballet movement
- Sexy - part of the exercise, aimed at the development of sexuality, improving appearance. Among these exercises: mambo steps, elements of aerobics.
- Powerful - this is from the category of kickboxing exercises are useful not only as a power load, but also the elements of self-defense for women.

 Novelties fitness: piloksing, TWERKING boxing dzhamps

Piloksingom can study at home, having bought a DVD with a special set of exercises. And if you find a class piloksinga in its fitness center, you will certainly be remembered for a very special atmosphere of classes. Fans piloksinga very moving and interesting dress. Mandatory attribute are boxing gloves, and it is important to be dressed in a skin-tight leotard or swimsuit. On the sporting goods market, even there were special piloksing-gloves, which are a mix between boxing and cycling gloves - a stylish new accessory for lovers of the new trend of fitness, this glove with the weighting.

 Novelties fitness: piloksing, TWERKING boxing dzhamps


You may not have heard of TWERKING (twerking)? This new trend of fitness, which is distributed around the planet with a very high speed. Those who have tried it say that this is the most fun way to burn calories, and a new kind of dance.

What is so fond TWERKING? Catching them, you can cancel the exercise with dumbbells, and even jogging. Pee this strange dance moves give exceptional shape your hips and emphasizes the harmony of shapes.

Did you know that the main inspiration for classes TWERKING became an American actress and singer Miley Cyrus? She and her team dance hall often show typical TWERKING shaking motion hips and pelvis.

 Novelties fitness: piloksing, TWERKING boxing dzhamps

TWERKING you can do in the studio, and it is possible - at home. Learn the basic movements can be of special sites or video lessons, which are in large numbers on Youtube. Choose complexity classes and start training! And we'll show only the most important movement TWERKING:

- Squats.   Sit down as low as possible and widely spreading his knees. Try to keep your balance. It is best to do this exercise, if you try to imitate the way you sit on the chair. Hands - on the hips or waist. And then start doing vigorous movement hips back and forth. As if you are trying to shake off. This is best done under the dynamic music.

 Novelties fitness: piloksing, TWERKING boxing dzhamps

- Place hands.   The feet - at the shoulders. Legs are straight. Bend down and place your hands on the floor. Then vigorously bend the knees and straighten as quickly, in time to the music. But the main thing - again doing quite decent vibration motion of the buttocks, as in the previous exercise.

- Steps to the wall.   It may seem that this is a difficult exercise, but do it is not so difficult. Stand with your back to the wall, at a distance of 2 meters. Make emphasis hands on the floor, be sure to keep a balance. Then try to get kicked walls, and even on the wall like a little up and down.

Boxing dzhamps

By boksirovaniyu irrelevant. Boxing In this case, this box - box. Jumping (jumps) - jumps. At first glance, everything is simple: it is necessary to jump box. But, actually, it is able to only the one who has to keep the super-balance, like a professional dancer or dancers.

 Novelties fitness: piloksing, TWERKING boxing dzhamps

The main thing - to do the exercises correctly. In this case, you can train at home, without an instructor. Box size - 0, 3 - 0, 6 meters in height (must select a suitable height for yourself). Try to jump as high as possible is necessary, and to return to its original position as it turns out. It should also help himself with his hands as much as possible, that is to make Mahi hands. You start with a jump forward, and complicate the exercise turn of the body, as well as an increase in the height of the box jump.

 Novelties fitness: piloksing, TWERKING boxing dzhamps

Jumps are made on both legs and each leg. The optimal amount of jumps - 10-15 each species. Then, pause and new approaches. Boxing dzhamps - this cardio-load and work on the figure. Specifically developed thigh muscles (front and rear), one of the most problematic areas for women.
Author: Tamara