Pedal: what is the use cycling?
 Who wants to waste precious summer days to stay in the four walls, even if it is fashioned fitness club? Now the soul and the body requires as much as possible to spend more time outdoors. A great opportunity to combine business with pleasure are cycling, but what benefit they are fraught? Let's take a closer look at the positive aspects of the female body, which carries a friendship with the bike:

• increasing endurance muscles

Riding a two-wheeled "horse" is built on contrasts: the leg muscles alternately contract or relax, that the best way influences their formation and tempering beautiful terrain. In addition, the risk of strain the muscular system and joints, riding a bike, is minimal in contrast to jogging and fitness.

• aerobic exercise on the lungs

The long promenade interspersed with finding the fresh air - a great opportunity to make work easy, even if you are moving at a minimum speed. Oxygenated blood begins to actively feed the cells of the brain, liver, heart and other organs. As a result - a great feeling and a great appearance.

 Pedal: what is the use cycling?

• strengthening the heart and blood vessels

Those who choose the bicycle as a physical activity, 50% lower risk of heart attack to make. Among the positive steps on the highway of life, blood vessels, it is worth noting the prevention of varicose veins and vascular dystonia. Incidentally, in the second case of the disease is possible even complete healing in conjunction with the implementation of the recommendations of the doctor.

• the ability to lose weight

Good news for all those wishing to gain shapely form: cycling burn a significant amount of fat, especially in the hips. The only caveat - the daily training duration should be 45 minutes. Add to that a balanced low-calorie diet, and the result will surprise you soon.

 Pedal: what is the use cycling?

• «reset" of the nervous system

Cycling - your best friend in finding peace of mind and balance. Judge for yourself: two-wheeled transport management help to distract from the problems of life's adversities and intrusive thoughts, improve your mood, get a huge charge of optimism and a surge of strength.

• prevention of myopia

Walking cycling beneficial effect even on the eye muscles. The fact is that by directing his gaze into the distance, you can not help it are focusing on objects that are far away from you. Such training is just reduces the likelihood of developing myopia.

 Pedal: what is the use cycling?

• increase immunity

Regularly pedaling in the open air, the body will thank you strong immunity and allow easy transfer of colds season. No wonder: according to statistics, those who prefer lying on the couch active, 70% less likely to suffer during the cold season.

Of course, the cycling will benefit only when they meet all the safety rules to the management of other iron. Therefore, be attentive to the rules of the road, watch for traffic flow, do not pose a threat to passengers and, of course, always wear a safety helmet, as well as possible - elbow pads and knee pads. Regularly check your two-wheeled vehicles for faults and immediately bring them into proper condition detection.

Such some simple steps will not only save you health, but also greatly multiply it. Do not miss this golden warm days to become even more beautiful, feel better and get their portion of gentle summer sun, which is favorable to us so long! Especially as a way to move selected a very, very nice.
Author: Anna Hodchenkova