Popular methods of weight loss have not passed the test of time
 About "Slimming" effect of counting calories, fractional power failure and the need for sweets today everyone knows. It is common methods resorted to by our contemporaries, and more - contemporaries, to get rid of unnecessary kilograms. However, few know that the experimentally these measures did not justify themselves.

Fractional power will not help to lose weight

In late March 2014 in Liverpool (United Kingdom) held its annual conference in which endocrinologists discussed topical issues in their work.

At this event it was announced results of a study on the impact on the weight of the fractional power. In the experiment, the participants were divided into two groups (each group consisted of women and overweight, and subjects with normal body weight). For the same diet alone were fed three times a day, while others - the same number of products, but in five stages.

It was found that the fractional power has not helped participants lose weight, however, led to a number of negative consequences. In subjects with obesity fractional power caused elevated levels of endotoxins, such that when the power accumulating circuit is much faster than those who ate three meals a day.

It is known that toxins increase the risk of inflammation that leads to the development of cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes. So for people who are overweight transition to a fractional power - it is the worst decision that not only help to cope with obesity, but also worsen health.

 Popular methods of weight loss have not passed the test of time

The method of counting calories disappoint his fans

Today the method of counting calories is considered a major slimming. However, it is more disappointing his fans.

Firstly, it is quite tedious - for days to count calories. Moreover, every day there is a risk that a "not counted".

Second, low-fat food does not give a sense of fullness. As a result, you live in a constant state of stress, which is detrimental to all the organs and body systems.

In the third place, the flow of chemicals that are widely used to reduce the caloric content of products, the production of substitutes is not the best way affects the health.

Fourth, the calorie calories strife. It is important to distinguish between where they received - from healthy foods or trans fat, undermining the work of the body.

Fifth, counting calories is easy to replace a switch to healthy foods and a decrease in the size of the portions, and do not have to be considered.

Modern nutritionists has proven that, for example, low-calorie dairy products - is not only poorer taste, but in general "a dead issue" because of dairy products people do not gain weight. From potatoes, too, can not refuse, if not fry, and cook and bake.

Scientists also say that no one diet for a long time will not help if you do not strengthen the calories. Therefore it is necessary to move in two directions - improvement of supply and increasing energy costs.

 Popular methods of weight loss have not passed the test of time

Dark chocolate against obesity

The authoritative edition of Daily Mail published the results of a study on the impact on the body of the most popular sweets - chocolate.

Scientists conducted an experiment and found that dark chocolate is an effective prevention of obesity and diabetes of the second type.

Experiments on mice have confirmed that the antioxidant is composed of cocoa beans (flavanol) prevent weight gain and helps to reduce blood sugar levels.

It is also known that dark chocolate reduces appetite, increases attention span, efficiency and normalizes blood pressure.

Wish there is only one - to love fitness and healthy products, and do not forget to always use common sense.
Author: Marina Tumovskaya