When the fitness trainer - man
 My pause in fitness classes dragged on, when I once met after work in a supermarket former colleague Alla sports training.

- You know, Wit, and I did go, and now fitness, - immediately after greeting me she blurted enthusiastically. - However, the coaching staff has changed completely.

- As well? - I was surprised.

- I do not know what happened there, but I'll go to the new hybrid training Latin fitness instructor and her young is a very interesting guy.

- Fitness is a man? - I'm interested in.

- Yes, - Alla confirmed. - You know, and very good leads. We are learning a lot of incendiary dance moves, a lot of jump, stretch. There is a power part in training when we swing the press, muscles, thighs and buttocks ...

What's dances, press and buttocks. I'm not listening to Alla. I am interested in other things. Fitness classes is a man! This in my life moderately intense sport has ever had. And I madly wanted to buy a ticket to this instructor.

I remember how, after a long break came in a sports club and went to the reception desk. Some gym regulars recognized me and began to shake hands and ask, where was lost. Amid all this accumulation of "steel" piles of muscles suddenly slipped strange lean creating indeterminate gender in the absurd "sweat pants" with low average seam. I imagine my surprise when I walked into the dance room and realized that this strange creature is my instructor latina-fitness.

But all my shock dissipated as soon as the beginning of the exercise. Pasha (that was the name of my new coach) was a big professional. It is amazing move, and I began to drink in all his fiery movement. I was delighted, as this man speaks with his body. His hips under the Latin music went so shaking that seemed to live their own lives. I - a woman - I never dreamed of such looseness! If Paul bowed his neck, then this movement was so strong-willed! If moved his shoulders, it was such charisma!

Very soon I realized that just Pasha against the backdrop of the guys from "rocking" looked shaky. But here in the ballroom it was discovered that his body is in very good shape and aesthetic quite boldly and courageously. Its flexibility, sense of rhythm, stretching, and ability to balance inspiration. I finally found an undeniable motivation not to skip a workout on the dance fitness. You know what I mean? That man was the coach of my inspiration!

Along with all the other advantages Pasha I said to myself, his patience. He did not draw his professional dance in front of us - girls. He did his job perfectly instructor, moving step by step in our training and balanced. Razuchivaya us simple dance ligament, he inspires each of us, giving the feel that we can dance. And then suddenly inserted into a simple bundle of virtuoso element located beyond our current capabilities. And then we immediately realized that we still oh so much to learn.

- Stop devouring me with his eyes, ladies! Enough to grasp at every item! Dance, finally! More courage! - Encouraged us to Pasha.

And I said to myself the difference in the style of conducting training coach of the men (and even a dancer) and my previous coaches women who previously instructed me to work at the gym, the exercises with the ball, dumbbells on fitball, etc. "Trenersha" is focused on his players seamlessly flow into each other in the other movements. The manner of the coach of the men was very different: here, more sudden movements, flowing patterns, and then abruptly changing, explosive element, etc. And I found that I like the surprise. She once more in line with my inner perception of the world.

 When the fitness trainer - man

More willed and turned the power block by a male instructor. Here I felt even some military bearing that you do not recognize appeals.

- Today, 300 press! Do not stop! We continue combustion! If someone stops, the group takes another additional 10 repetitions! - Pasha shouts when he notices that one of the wards begins "filonit."

What do you mean? I liking. I feel dominant leadership of its coach, and I want to follow him.

In conclusion, I would like to share your erotic sensations during exercise. Sure, in one way or another, watching a flexible elastic body of his coach, all the girls in the group are experiencing a certain emotion of a sexual nature. It is impossible to remain indifferent when the man in front of you moves to rhythmic music is not just perfectly, and is clearly enjoying his movements and knew a lot about them. I do not know what more erotic: triceps pumped up pimples, because of which man's hand can no longer cling to the body, or a male dancer from class to class, patiently teaches the you own the body, without touching him.

And for myself, I realized that a male coach in my life has made a revolution about the same as at the time a male gynecologist. And it consists in the fact that the services of women in these sectors, I will never use will not ...
Author: Natalia Hryshko