You can not lose weight - look at the environment
 The epidemic of obesity is to blame not only advertising, discounts on large packages of food and the evening watching TV. It turns out that in many respects our weight determines the environment that affect, even if you do not notice.

Scientists have noticed ...

British scientists have been known to pay much attention to the psychology of human behavior. A recent study published in the edition of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, will interest all who wish to look like "a woman from the cover of" rather than "a woman plus-sizeĀ».

Experts from the University of Liverpool examined eight studies related to the problem of power and society. Eric Robinson and his colleagues analyzed the data on the norms of consumption of products (including serving size) may affect the choice of food.

"The results showed that the food consumer behavior can be influenced by society, society", - says Mr. Robinson. - "People choose the same products in the same quantities as the surrounding."

Who is guilty?

As you know, over the past decade, the size of servings per food service establishments increased in two or even three times. We blame their weight in fast food and too sweet cakes, a series of New Year's holidays and the system all inclusive, which does not have to control the consumption of goodies. Unfortunately, the status quo largely responsible ourselves - no one forces us to eat up in restaurants and buy the best cakes and enjoy the New Year's feast uncontrollably and do not know the steps for a buffet. However, the fault is not only we, but also our surrounding. British scientists have confirmed that our eating behavior is very strongly influenced by the people around them - relatives, colleagues and friends. In other words, those with whom we sit at the same table.

 You can not lose weight - look at the environment

Tell me who your friends are and I'll call you your weight

Research has proven that others affect not only what we eat, but also on the size of our portions, as well as the number of snacks, the number and nature of alcohol consumed, etc. How does this happen?

If the person with whom you are communicating together and eat carefully monitors what is eating, limits itself in harmful dishes, you consciously or unconsciously do the same. And even if you are on a diet, which sits your friend or colleague, you still choose lower-calorie foods, eat less and do less talking and thinking about food. It happens as if out of a sense of solidarity - you can not discuss with the person sitting on a diet, new cakes, which appeared in a candy store around the corner. Do you prefer to abstain and to support the theme of how useful the apples, and accept the invitation to eat one of them.

On the other hand, if your loved ones are nothing do not limit yourself and constantly crunching chips, waffles, crackers and rustling candy wrappers, you gradually get used to this state of affairs. At the same time you may think it is too far from their way of thinking and living. "I eat a lot less candy than Sveta from our department" - you think, so reassuringly added to each couple for tea drinking chocolate "sufleshek."

Play value, of course, and the traditions established in the collective. If your colleagues are constantly bringing homemade cakes and cookies, you can not permanently give up, referring to the diet. In the end, it's just not right - you part of the team. So you gradually get used to the patties, and the liver, and even sad if no one today has brought sweet to please colleagues. The fact that a person gets used to everything. And if you eat a lot of everything, he is also involved in this celebration of the abdomen - even if eating less than the others. All that being said, is relative.

Curiously, the dietary habits work, even if a person eats one. That's what she and the habit that becomes second nature. Including nutritional ...

 You can not lose weight - look at the environment

What to do?

What to do in such a situation?

* Clearly protect yourself from harmful products at home. Just do not buy them.

* If you find yourself in a place where people eat a lot at once, select a couple of dishes for yourself, stop them and nothing else do not pay attention.

* Do not eat up only out of courtesy - courtesy of the "breaks" your stomach and spoils the shape.

* Do not be tempted by the charms of food, even if heard slammed the refrigerator door at eleven-thirty at night. Drink water and go to sleep!

* You are free to lead the environment. Declare all that eating right, refused to chips and chocolate bars for lunch take only soup and salad - and you pulled people.
Author: Marina Tumovskaya