Fashion experiment: I go to Zumba-Fitness
 After the lunch break two of my colleagues came back with a view of the real conspirators. "Vita, we've just been in the tanning bed and we were given an invitation to that ..." - intrigued by one of them. "Yes, we received an invitation to test the free lessons on zumba-fitness" - then do not resist and opened the second intrigue. It sounded really intriguing. Zumba-Fitness ... Imagination immediately drew a large hall, it dressed in fashionable sportswear people move under incendiary Latin American rhythms. Looking ahead, I must say that my imagination I was not deceived. Because both the Zumba-Fitness I really hit on one of the above-mentioned invitation. Popa, has tested this fashionable novelty in itself and is ready to share the details of the opening of fitness with you.

On the one hand, training for zumba-fitness proved to be largely similar to the classic group fitness classes. After all, you come to the sports club, to change into comfortable sportswear and shoes on hard-soled shoes. Then join a group familiar with the coach, who for a class helps you to learn sports and dance ligaments and watches correctness of their performance. In short, the usual scheme you visit a group of sports activities. Duration Zumba workout too classic - 1 hour.   On the other hand, Zumba-Fitness - a rather unusual practice. And here's why. As I mentioned at the outset, my imagination told me that Zumba somehow must be associated with incendiary Latin American rhythms. Indeed, the practice began with the fact that smiling girl trainer included a CD with salsa and showed us a few simple chords of a popular dance. I always suspected that I love salsa. Thanks zumba-fitness to practice, I see this. My hips alive, I was moving without a break and without feeling tired. It was so cool, so easy!

Only when the coach warned that a change in the rhythm of the tango, I noticed that sweat, and my sports shirt was covered with wet spots. Wow! How nice to train in dance. Not repeating the exhausting climbs body, making infinite boring classical attacks, Seda and presses, and ease razuchivaya dance ligaments, and even such a dynamic and sensual at the same time.

 Fashion experiment: I go to Zumba-Fitness

Following the salsa and tango rhythms followed cha-cha-cha, a little more calm bachata, reggaeton then, Bollywood, mambo, cumbia, calypso, African, merengue, samba, etc. etc. Everything and I do not remember. What turns out to be movements in the Latin American dance! Thanks to them, liberating, you feel more feminine, desirable, you begin to better control his body, to be friends with him. And all the way, if you're on the dance party, rather than the sports training. The only difference is that you dance is not intuitive and amateur, and supervised by a professional trainer who will tell the correct movement will correct your inaccurate. By the way, the coach focuses on the level of training groups and newcomers, of course, shows the most simple chords. So it turns out that once already. And it's great motivation to do next. After the first success always inspires new recruits!

Watching skilled harmonious movements of the coach, I noticed on her hands ringing bright bracelets. Girl in the dance instructor and then shook hands and bracelets tinkled incendiary, as if inviting the entire group dancing more dynamic. We are continuously moved around the room, jumped up, slapped. Heart pounding in his chest. In the short breaks we were given the opportunity to sip a little water to re-surrender without a trace fiery rhythms. Then I realized that zumba-fitness - also a great cardio. And, of course, combining this new kind of sports training with moderate healthy diet, absolutely real cause all of the major muscle groups to tone and lose weight.

Upon completion of training the mood was magnificent. I wanted to turn off the mountain. His head pounded and Cuban rhythms. I am totally distracted from working office routines of family trouble and plunged into the world of dance and positive, flexible and felt sexy. And I thought, that is learning to zumba-fitness bundles I could be useful in the field of dance at the nightclub, where we like from time to time to relax with friends.

In recent years, in order to maintain the image of sporty girl, I tried to imagine a variety of types of home exercise gym, and the Chinese gymnastics group exercises static pilates and step aerobics to-one lessons with a trainer at the gym. Therefore, with all the responsibility I can say: zumba-fitness - a great alternative to the classic sports training, especially when training for the latter you lack motivation. In this sense, Zumba-Fitness has become a real godsend for me and one of the most successful fashion experiments!

 Fashion experiment: I go to Zumba-Fitness

Author: Natalia Hryshko