How to build your metabolism?
 Metabolism, aka metabolism, in simplified formulation, is the rate at which the body burns calories. Your basal metabolism, ie in a state of complete rest, - the amount of calories needed to sustain life.

Let's first look at how interconnected metabolism and weight.

Those people who have slow metabolism calories are burned more slowly, and that do not have time to spend, deposited in reserve. This process is influenced by many factors: age, state of health and so on. Furthermore, there is a direct relationship between how much you muscles in the body, as they burn more energy than fat. But that does not affect its status as the number eaten.

Unfortunately, not everyone can boast a good metabolism, which in turn can lead to weight gain. However, panic early. There are several ways to get your metabolism working properly.

Well, let's see how to make yourself slimmer and healthier:

1. Get enough sleep.   The more and more you sleep, the more you become slimmer. Studies show that if you do not get enough sleep, your frequent approaches to the refrigerator, as it increases your appetite. Leptin   (a hormone that is responsible for loss of appetite), reduced in those enough sleep, while Gerlin   (the hormone responsible for the feeling of hunger) begins to produce more intense. And that means only one thing: you eat more than you need, and this translates into extra weight. Therefore, we listen to the experts, and 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per day.

2. Get up early.   As you start the morning? Wash, brush your teeth, take a shower, get dressed? If that's all, then you are missing two important points that help speed up the metabolism.

At first You need a good breakfast. Coffee is not counted. We must remember that breakfast should be eaten half the daily calories. Incidentally, the bunting - one of the means to improve metabolism. So that we should not neglect the first meal. No wonder they say: "Eat breakfast myself, share dinner with a friend, a dinner give to the enemy."

Secondly , Yes, it is charging. You can not force yourself to get up early. But we have to force yourself. It's worth it. By the way, it is believed that good habits are developed within 21 days. So, just a little bit will have to torment its willpower. Now there are special programs like 10 minutes to work out the maximum amount of muscle. Remember, better to have some kind of load, than none at all. Moreover you will burn more calories per day, tighten the muscles and recharge your batteries.

3. The more move, the more lose the extra kilos.   Holds the following every day. Include in your training plan cardio   (cycling, jogging, aerobics, etc.) so you will lose weight faster, and moreover, it is very beneficial for the heart. In addition, the sport helps to reduce appetite and improve mood. However, do not forget about Weight Training . They are also very important to strengthen and build muscle. And as we have seen, the more muscles in your body, the more calories per day you spend.

4. Drink water.   Dehydration - a tricky thing. When your body a little water. The arrow on the scale shows good results. However, the weight comes back once you start drinking. Moreover, sometimes confuse thirst with hunger. So if you think it's time to come back for a visit to the fridge, drink a glass of water first. Interestingly, it is believed that if you drink cold water, you will burn more calories. Since the body needs to expend energy on her warmed.

5. Eat more spicy food.   If there are no contraindications, you can diversify your menu with something sharp little. Chili, curry, cayenne pepper and others like them increase body temperature. Metabolism and body temperature are interrelated. Burning energy you release the heat and the body temperature rises. Therefore, time constant spices increased body temperature, they may at some time to speed up metabolism. Moreover, spicy food, you will be filled. So you can save 100 calories.

6. Eat vitamins.   In particular calcium . It is proved that it has a direct effect on your metabolism. Therefore, do not neglect dairy products. Now the choice is huge and you will be able to choose something for themselves. If you really do not have enough calcium, then start taking calcium alone. Remember that it is better absorbed in conjunction with vitamin D.

7. Include in the diet foods that speed up metabolism.   Meat, fish, poultry, wheat, milk and soy beans can give a good boost to your metabolism. They are rich in L-carnitine and amino acids, so that contribute to the rapid breakdown of fat in the body.

8. Eat small portions.   The Council is as old as the world. But for some reason he and neglect. And do not forget to chew. So you will eat less.

Follow these simple rules and you will find that your body will become slimmer and more energetic you. What is particularly important now, in the spring.

Be beautiful!
Author: Vera Karabutova