Ideal weight - what is it?
 Ideal weight - a problem which occupies the minds of millions of women. What is it - an ideal weight? How to calculate it and how to achieve?

On this issue a lot written and said. In this article we will not talk about calories, useful and harmful products. We will not discuss the benefit or harm of a particular diet. We will discuss the questions: how to find the ideal weight without all these tricks, and it required us to scales and calorie counters to obtain the ideal weight?

Women whose weight loss was a sad experience, objected: ideal weight can not be achieved, because it does not exist! In fact it's not. It exists only ideal weight is unique, and every woman his own.

How to define it? Before finding the answer to the question about the ideal weight, think, and why do you need it? What do you want to achieve, losing weight or correct? Want to be beautiful? For whom? For myself? But if you are happy and successful, love and are loved, you yourself like you for who you are. And if your career or personal life is not exactly succeed - then there is the matter not in weight, and your self-esteem, ability to set goals and achieve them.

Want to lose weight, to be fashionable? And who told you that in vogue dried roach? Who likes skinny models? A fashion designer, because these girls are easy to pull anything. The rich and famous, but not for love and affection, and for the entourage to create the image of a superhero.

And who said that it is fashionable to be always hungry and therefore angry and irritable? Where is it written that fashion - it's early wrinkles, bluish skin, protruding veins and protruding clavicle? The fashion now is quite another - a healthy body and a healthy mind. In a fashion bright eyes and confident gait.

 Ideal weight - what is it?

Now, sit down in front of a mirror and read the following lines: fasting, laxative, diuretic, psychotropic drugs; fatigue and exhausting exercise; rice diet, cabbage diet, the apple diet; gastric balloon, gastric banding, gastric bypass surgery ... Now look at the expression of his face green and distorted? But this is just a small part of modern methods of weight loss.

Add to them the most common consequences: loss of strength, anemia, hypotension; irritability, loss of attention, memory problems, blurred vision; bad hair, skin and teeth; constant heartburn and other stomach problems; psychosis, neurosis ... Very bad? Take a look in the mirror: Is looks so beautiful and happy woman? But you've just read about all the "charms" of what happens when you join a fight?

Of course, it is foolish to deny that being overweight, as well as inadequate - this is normal. But that's not the problem itself, but only its consequence. If overweight or underweight is not a consequence of a disease, in order to attain the ideal weight, you just need to remember when you feel particularly good and comfortable. To recall that time, and their feelings. And now try to achieve this in the same emotions and feelings, try to approach as closely as possible to the way of life and thought, which was accompanied by a feeling of happiness. Believe me, once you reach all of your weight change. A greater or smaller side - we can not say, but it would be really ideal. The body automatically adjust to the desired mood and normalize your weight.

Eaten with pleasure a piece of cake will bring less damage than disgust swallowed a slice of apple, mix in the hatred and envy of the ladies with a model appearance.

Ideal Weight - is the weight, in which we feel most comfortable.

It has long been observed that happy people do not care the question of their weight. They are good, they are comfortable to be what they are. In contrast, not a single person whose mind is the problem of finding the ideal weight, can not say that he is really happy. It turns out that it is not in the body and in the head ...
Author: Catherine Khetagurova