If you decide to run: the secrets of athletes
 Of all the training you chose run? Congratulations, this is the most accessible and effective form of fitness. But with all the ease of training some tricks to know can not hurt. So, start to run dedicated!

You can help 10 secrets of running, which everyone should know begins to run.

1. gradually.   Do not end the race dramatically. If you decide to stay, as well as at the end of each run (and run each phase), first go to jog at a slow pace. Less intense movement gradually help restore the heart rate and breathing. Do not forget about stretching after jogging.

2. Cross-training.   Do not expect that to muscle tone and weight loss, you should simply jogging. The golden rule of all runners - to load a variety of training themselves. It improves the run. Biking, swimming, walking, aerobics, yoga - these lessons should not be forgotten. At least once every 2 weeks, replace a run to any other activity. This would deprive the routine, and help work out those muscles that are in the race would not be used. You will see that after the unusual loads you will become a better run.

3. DOMS.   This term is called the athletes soreness in the muscles after a very intensive training. They usually last 1-2 days, but delivered a lot of discomfort. Especially these feelings familiar to beginners who are too boost the event. Sometimes a condition called DOMS, accompanied not only by pain in the muscles, but also nausea, fatigue, exhaustion. Therefore it is better to try to get rid of simple ways:

- Before jogging drink a cup or two of coffee or tea (with caffeine) to increase muscle strength and endurance, and reduce the likelihood of pain.

- Snacks should be low in fat and high in carbohydrates, protein is also shown.

- Do not forget to warm up before you start running.

- If you have to make a stop during the exercise, do not stop to move, to rest better in motion, only reduce the intensity of movement.

- Drink water every 15 minutes during exercise to avoid dehydration.

- Immediately after a workout snack should be a carbohydrate and protein (ratio of carbohydrates to proteins 4: 1) to help recover lost while exercising nutrients.

- A good massage specialist can bring significant relief.

- The ice bath or a cold shower - recognized professional helpers spotsmenov, ice bath is not above the waist and no longer than 7 minutes.

 If you decide to run: the secrets of athletes

4. kicks.   When we run on foot accounts for a very large load, they hit the ground with every step we take, the load gives to the joints and muscles of the ankles and calves. To reduce the risk of injury, you need to properly land. Experts advise to land directly on the entire surface of the foot, not the toe to heel, as we used to do when walking.

5. Interval jogging.   This division is run for short periods at different speeds. That is jogging followed by a period of more intense running (as fast as possible). Practice this approach. Interval training is important not only because it allows us to improve in the race, it is also important for a more efficient fat burning.

6. Shoes.   To avoid injury, buy good running shoes designed for running. They absorb the blows stop. This is particularly important for those suffering from flat feet, as well as those who have a walk with the lowering of the foot inside. Properly selected shoes allow to run and get pleasure from running, but not injuries and sprains.

7. Posture and technique.   Always keep your arms bent, back straight, head straight (not tilting sideways). Take the first workout than running endurance, and running in the proper technique. This will protect you from injury. Too great a forward bend makes breathing difficult and creates too much strain on your back. The head should not throw too high, but also very tipping is not necessary, it also makes it difficult to breath.

8. Keep track of time and distance.   To set itself each time new challenges, as well as to analyze their successes obzavedites appliances such as a stopwatch and pedometer. Make sure that you run any distance. Put most new problems (not only on time but also on the distance). Keep track of, for example, as you run the same distance every month. Just make sure that the results of the training is, and progressive.

 If you decide to run: the secrets of athletes

9. Find your own pace.   First, do not think about how to run fast and a lot. You can start with running at a distance of 3-5 km of 3-5 times a week for 5 consecutive weeks at your own pace. Such a beginning will allow you to avoid injury and to know your acceptable pace running. Next, go to the interval run, to avoid the effect of the plateau. You can only arrange a sprint training (training every seventh). For beginners periods sprint runs can be up to 10 minutes for experienced runners - 20 minutes for the advanced - 40 minutes. When the dizziness and weakness of intense jogging is better not to do.

10. Running-workout.   If you choose not to run as an essential element of training, as well as warming up, and then go to the gym, then this run must be at least 5 minutes. During this time, the muscles may begin to heat up. Smaller in length run does not make sense. But this race should start gradually from less intensive to more intensive.
Author: Julia Shestakova