Strategy Slimming - substitute your home fitness instructor
 The short days of February - a special period of training of all life for the spring awakening. Despite the traditional February frosts, in these days, in obedience to the nature inherent in our biorhythm, we begin to diligently monitor the weight and waist .... And if you're looking out at the store already slim line model spring jackets and coats, for you it is time to remember that improving figures - it is a struggle that requires strategy and a clear instruction.

Scientific calculations and figured tests

Begin strategic planning need to fight with the elementary mathematical calculation and tests. After all, by nature we women tend to exaggerate their shortcomings (in particular with respect to the figures) or, on the contrary, to ignore the appearance of unwanted flaws. And sometimes only numbers to adequately assess their options. But!

The so-called "gold standard" 90 * 60 * 90, mounted at the end of the last century, could become a reference, but only if you are seriously pretenduesh career model or TV star. Yet even in this case it is necessary to consider three things, which are relatively modern experts say about the old ideal figure:

- Mentioned figure is not ideal for all;
- The optimal amount of waist and hips depends on the growth and characteristics of body;
- To give the sacrifice the ideal of their health no longer fashionable, and make perfect figure the cost of a healthy blush and vitality - is irrational.

 Strategy Slimming - substitute your home fitness instructor

It is interesting.   Standard 90/60/90 appeared a little over 15 years ago. Ideally, he was recognized because the favorite of the public to such proportions very advantageously looked on TV screens from different places roomy halls. Besides 90/60/90 - dummies are parameters used while the designers and their assistants.

But in this century, designers are actively talking about the rashness stereotypical standard by refusing to protest sew clothes for skinny models. This is due to cases of death and other consequences of anorexia (physiological and mental disorders caused by fear of fullness).

On excessive fullness Needless to say, if the waist circumference exceeds 88 cm . This figure was derived by WHO experts, and guided her fitness trainers today, evaluating the state of health of students and developing individual recommendations for them.

If, by measuring the waist, you see on the tape measure is the number - you should carefully reconsider your diet. AND beware of the pathologies of the cardiovascular system .

 Strategy Slimming - substitute your home fitness instructor

Those who leads in the order form under the guidance of a qualified instructor, in this case, will be invited to combine moderate load deliberate dietary restrictions. Women seeking to get rid of their own magnificent forms, among other things, have to give up eating well before and after workouts.

The belief that a harmonious relationship between the parameters bust / waist / hips must be 3: 2: 3, continues to live at a time when the "gold standard" no longer relevant.
 Strategy Slimming - substitute your home fitness instructor

But it is not considered an axiom. Perfect for you to calculate the circumference of the hips you can easily own, adding to 25-30 cm circle his waist.

You can navigate and the correct ratio of volume of waist and hips, which ideally is approximately 0, 6-0, 7. From the point of view of medicine, is cause for concern if this figure is greater than 0, 85.

To determine the presence of problem areas can be and without tape measures. For example, to check whether the normal hips, a simple exercise can help.

 Strategy Slimming - substitute your home fitness instructor

Combining legs together, try to sit down without lifting your heels off the floor and his hands horizontally in front of you. If you fall back - you can assume that your hips are too massive.

When you first visit the fitness center you can offer a number of other validation exercises. Run, they must not only and not so much to test endurance, as to identify the places over which need to work hard.

Determine the best place can be at home. Ask a friend or partner for future studies be back, pressed her hands to the region where most of the fat deposits occur, and slightly pull the hand back. Any deposits which are removed in this way, it is possible (and needed!) To eliminate by exercise.

 Strategy Slimming - substitute your home fitness instructor

Sometimes figure flaws associated with the state of the spine. Even small changes its curvature shape of the abdomen. And often - it becomes the cause of ill health and, characteristically, fatigue while exercising.

The main indicator for the curvature of the spine of experienced trainers - asymmetry of the body. If you spend most of the day sitting - check the evenness of the spine using straightforward techniques.

From time to time standing in front of a mirror just relaxing and letting his hands. In this position, both arms of both arms and hands should be at the same height.

Time to detect flaws in the ridge and allow other methods. Push the back of his head against the wall, blades, buttocks and heels. Without changing your posture, take a step forward, wait 10 seconds, and come back to the wall. If you can just take the original position - the spine is in order. If there are suspicions of serious flaws - before workouts you should consult a professional masseur or take a course of physiotherapy.

In addition to the appointment to the fitness routines you can recommend well-known test for flexibility. It consists in the fact that, keeping legs straight, try to press the palms to the floor.

Those who have to deal with that, will not have difficulties with many other warm-up exercises for body shaping. But if you can not be proud of the innate flexibility to work on it is never too late.

The tactics work on a

 Strategy Slimming - substitute your home fitness instructor

Extra weight and inches around the waist - are often signs of metabolic disorders and poor physical fitness. Classes on exercise bikes and similar exercises used to develop muscles, can aggravate the situation and make the stomach more expressive.

If you suspect that obesity (and, consequently, cardiovascular problems) in the early stages of weight loss programs fitness trainers prescribe simple exercises to "shrinkage". Bear in mind that if you are struggling with the weight of their own.

Excretion of excess water and toxins contribute to the well-main aerobic treatment - running and accelerated walking . During a 10-minute jogging burned in an average of 200 kcal. And when we go for a long time small but quick steps, "forcing" while working the thighs, improving body contours.

You'll be able to achieve maximum effect and benefit from running if:

- Before classes are always going to do a short and easy warm-up (friends from school slopes Mahi hands);

- Learn to run differently (traditionally, jogging, with a maximum raised knees, heels touching the buttocks) and alternate different types of racing when crossing distances to obstacles.

 Strategy Slimming - substitute your home fitness instructor

Note.   If you have heart problems, instead of running, fast walking is better to choose. After a while you need to run like this and take deep breaths.

The second stage after the "shrinkage" naturally includes procedures for fat loss and body shaping. Options sports programs developed for this purpose, a set. Let us consider some of them.

The basis of health and beauty has long been considered a morning exercise. That she should ideally include?

• Exercises for modeling waist and hips . For example, variable pitch along the body. Bend at 25 times the left and right, trying to touch the hands of sex, having closed his hands over his head into the lock and connecting to the brush head. The first version of the exercises can be more difficult with time, using dumbbells.

 Strategy Slimming - substitute your home fitness instructor

• 20 squats with arms outstretched to legs and buttocks . Supplement charge for the feet can be a simple exercise with a chair: put a chair in front of you and keep your back straight, alternately (20 times) to put it right and left legs. For trained complexity; there are options for jobs - becoming one foot on a chair, the other knee should be touching the elbow of the opposite arm.

 Strategy Slimming - substitute your home fitness instructor

• Charging legs, back and waist . Remember familiar with school exercise "kitty" (when the initial position of the need to crawl on all fours under the imaginary barrier, caving in the back). In addition, to effectively train all the body parts you can and with the help of another simple exercise - lying on his back for 5 or more (depending on the preparation) minutes blades off the floor and hips.

 Strategy Slimming - substitute your home fitness instructor

• The final push to strengthen arms and chest   (10 pushups in three positions - holding his hands close, at a distance of 15 cm and shoulder width apart). In the transition to each new position you need to lift the pelvis.

 Strategy Slimming - substitute your home fitness instructor

For those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, and strives to achieve the effect in the shortest possible time, it is recommended to supplement these simple exercises other fitness training. There are, for example, simple exercises for the waist, legs and other body parts with chairs and sun loungers.

One hand resting in a lounger, try to stay in this position for half a minute. Repeat this exercise 15-20 times, changing hands - it will help you make the waist thinner.

 Strategy Slimming - substitute your home fitness instructor

In addition, to train the waist (as well as the shoulders) can be using the 2 chairs. By placing chairs backs to each other on a small distance from their shoulders, and fasten them securely rely on the back of hands, the maximum lifting body at arm's length. In this position, try to do 15-20 turns on each side of the body.

 Strategy Slimming - substitute your home fitness instructor

For thighs and legs you can use another exercise with sunbeds. Being on the rug in half-sitting position and put his hands on the armrests, cross your right leg over the left. Lift the left 15-20 times, pulling a sock over. Change legs and repeat.

 Strategy Slimming - substitute your home fitness instructor

If you need to work on shapely legs - on a daily basis, using a chair, perform kicks. They do so: holding back, alternating each leg to bend at the knee, straighten and led away. The final position is recommended to be held for 30 seconds and repeat the exercise - 15-20 times.

Another variation of this exercise is as follows: in the initial position hands on the back of the chair and your knees - on the seat. Then one leg is retracted to the maximum height and is rotated in a direction. Hold the leg takes about 5 seconds, and the number of repetitions for each leg should be 12-15.

 Strategy Slimming - substitute your home fitness instructor

Complete fitness complex with chairs you can exercise for the buttocks. Make buttocks elastic help, in particular, simple shallow squats (which must be done, holding the back of a chair). In addition, to maintain the elegance of the upper legs help other type of workout.

Based knee of one leg back and holding the same hand on the back, slowly tilt. Then, straighten your leg and the opposite arm will hold their 2 seconds parallel to the floor. Repeat the exercise 10 times and do the same, changing position.

 Strategy Slimming - substitute your home fitness instructor

Note.   Have you noticed that a rich fitness program is valid only in the first days of work on oneself? And then cock stubbornly standing in one place? It is worth remembering physiology. When you first load the body out excess water. Eliminate excess fat is more difficult, and this experienced instructors often recommend combining lessons with a massage or termoprotsedurami.

A little about numbers

 Strategy Slimming - substitute your home fitness instructor

If training became mandatory item in the schedule of your day - you're on your way to perfection. However, at this stage, do not forget about the "digital" strategy. What else figures to be losing weight in the calendar?

5.   The full 5-times the consumption of small portions of food - one of the main conditions for achieving harmony. If such a regime "in conjunction" with a brief warm-up will become your habit - you can maintain a normal shape, even allowing himself to fats and sweets.

thirty.   Counting the number of minutes after a workout, drink natural fruit juice. It perfectly stimulates metabolism and allows you to preserve the natural glow. In addition, the juice after exercise improves memory.

1, 6-2, 5.   This - our daily norm liters of fluid required for normal metabolism (in violation of which form cellulite). The first number refers to all, the second - to those who are engaged in physical activity.

8.   About as many hours of sleep should last a young girl. With a lack of sleep metabolic processes do not have time to recover, take place in slow motion, which naturally affects the waist.

Taking the advice of the rules, you're sure to get rid of annoying kilograms and centimeters. But if your desire to become the next athletic smartness - you have to arm themselves with other methods of work on oneself.

The basis of this work will have no numbers, and the thin account of the characteristics and needs of the body. But let's talk about this in the next article.
Author: Alla Pilipenko