Ten steps to a flat stomach
 Work on their feet, on the waist, rounded up a couple of extra kilogrammchikov and stomach still does not go away? Yes, often it is this part of the female body lends itself to the latest weight loss. Therefore continue its efforts to regular classes and revision of food, and our new ten tips will bring you closer to the cherished goal - a flat belly.

Abdomen - is not only ugly, it speaks of the existence of certain problems not only with the weight and power, but also with health. Fat that accumulates in the abdomen, resulting in proceeds to the heart and liver. This process significantly reduces their work and subsequently leads to heart disease, diabetes and even some types of cancer. So, it was decided - get rid!

1. Eat foods rich in monounsaturated fats . This is a great help to our body not to accumulate fat cells in the abdomen, in addition, this food helps to resist diabetes, heart disease, reduces the risk of developing breast cancer.

 Ten steps to a flat stomach

2. Avoid bloating.   Because of this, the stomach will be much less "excellent". What you need to do? Do not stir the liquid and solid foods. Eat slowly to avoid swallowing air, avoid sparkling wine and soda. Regularly clean the intestines.

3. There is no bread!   Believe me, it "works". Whether black or white, try to completely eliminate foods from white flour from your diet. If the bread - the only whole grain, but rather replace the bread more nutritious porridge.

 Ten steps to a flat stomach

4. Stress - is our enemy!   You may it seem strange, but there is a direct relationship between the level of stress and full of stomach. The fact is that cortisol - a stress hormone produced in moments of stress and negative emotions, stimulates the appetite, especially causing thirst stick your suffering bold and sweet. And all this in the first place, is deposited in the abdominal area.

5. The exercises are not exhausting . As a rule, especially with age, abdominal exercises for women are ineffective. Stomach still "hangs". Instead of exhausting fitness offers simple aerobic exercise. All that is necessary to begin with, it is a 30 minute walk every day! A little bit, but you'll notice the difference. And the main thing - not even the amount of time spent on the trip, and the regularity and consistency.

6. Control over the food. What does it mean? Just first write everything you eat in a day. Then read, you will find that eating enough, and do not die of hunger if something currently refuse, or replace it with low-calorie. You should not be like the fat man who just stuffed your stomach. Every time you want something to eat, ask yourself: "I really want this? ".

 Ten steps to a flat stomach

7. Reduce your intake of alcohol . Of course, we understand that beer belly - is not entirely a women's issue. It is also true that the alcohol only stimulates the growth of the stomach. So - try to minimize the libations.

8. Regular exercise . The maximum loading efficiency for burning fat in the abdominal area are the cardio exercise: walking, jogging, biking and so on. Choose for yourself a suitable load. Again, it is very important to regularly.

 Ten steps to a flat stomach

9. Toxins - Down . Did you know that your body contains a certain number of parasites, toxins, and other forms of bacteria that makes the abdomen distended? Thus, detoxification of the body - a good idea. The easiest way - to drink 8 glasses of water daily, a "wash" the excess toxins.

10. Try to do self-massage of the abdomen . Just 15 minutes a day - and you lose weight, the skin becomes extremely bright and healthy, and belly is gone. Those who have children, they know that the baby's tummy massage - is to help him cope with the processes of digestion. The same thing happens with us. We need some help. Make a circular motion with his hand in a clockwise direction, then work your way to the top of the abdomen in a circular motion down, then two hands in different directions. You will not believe your eyes, but the result will be almost instantaneous: almost immediately restored the chair (its regularity and consistency), and the stomach begins to "go away." Some lose weight up to 5 kilos only through abdominal massage! I do it quite intensively, even with some a press. The most ideal - to do, lying in bed, and massages to take a few deep breaths stomach.

 Ten steps to a flat stomach

So, lose weight, lose belly hateful, and acquire ease and confidence!
Author: Olga Larsen