Trendy experiment on a diet "Dinner minus"
 In describing this fashionable dietary experiment, do not look for the traditional photo in the style of "Before and After". And before the diet, and at the exit from it my body has changed radically. Do not change for one simple reason: I have no spare tens of kilograms, disposal of which would significantly impact on my figure. I will not stoop to the accumulation of a number of such "bodily trash."

"Minus 32 kg in two weeks! "" Boca and stomach had disappeared a week! "," How to lose weight by 75 kg in 2 months ": surely you any time on social networks and popular Internet portals have come across such links. But I do not believe in miracle schemes that for a few months or even weeks can permanently get rid of the huge amount of fat that some people save themselves in years. And the one who at least once took himself in hand and worked on adjusting his body through diet and sports load, knows what a chore and a titanic effort of will and patience it requires. Moreover, the older we get, the harder it is given a positive result in weight loss. And because I did not react to familiar grin that my determination to lose weight wonder, "Well, where do you lose weight? You and so skinny! ".

Yes, 2-3 extra kilos that I notice from time to time on their floor scales at the weigh-in, really invisible to others. But from that obesity begins - with a 2-3 extra kilos that are not really something and visible from the outside.   But it is necessary to pull the plug on the first bells of obesity (about them because no one but you knows) how after two or three there are five extra padding, and then all ten. And then the familiar beginning to make remarks entirely different kind: "Once you have, in my opinion, have a chur recovered." Just fix it "chur" already much more complicated than imperceptible 2-3 kilograms.

That's why I sounded the alarm now, when instead of the usual 58-59 kg my scales showed 62 kilograms, and sat on a diet under the name of self-sufficient "Minus dinner" . Why self-sufficient? Because of its name at the same time tells us about its essence. And it is that of the daily diet is necessary to eliminate the evening meal. Not at all. Notice is meant not dinner until 18.00, and the lack of it at all.

This diet chart, I decided to try, because a year ago it successfully lost weight on my husband. It was his positive example inspired me to repeat his feat. The first day was given hard. It's hard psychologically. Dinner for me - an office worker - is an outlet after a busy day, pure pleasure, not only and not so much the satisfaction of physiological needs. So resist the temptation tasty leisurely dinner proved to be very difficult.   But her husband had promised that I quickly get used to it, and he was right. Even the diet is already the second evening was given easier. In a few days I realized that, no dinner is released a lot of night time. It is not necessary to cook or reheat food, spend time on the meal itself, which is delayed due to the parallel watching TV, and then another, and washing dishes.

Thus, it is sitting on a diet "Minus dinner" I usually had breakfast and my last full meal accounted for approximately 13.00. and like any dinner consisted of a half portion of soup, salad and a bit of meat or fish dishes. Upon returning home from work the same after 18:00, I allowed myself only a small cup of yogurt and a couple of fruit (eg kiwi).

In parallel with the shock restriction in food, I start every day deal with the Chinese gymnastics "Five pearls", aimed at all the major muscle groups, to carry out the rise of the bent and straight legs in a vise on the wall bars and 100 times a day to pull a stomach to give the press tone. Also, my daily sports load included 30 poluprisedany to get rid of cellulite on thighs and buttocks. To enhance the effect in parallel with sports, I began to apply the anti-cellulite cream for problem areas the figure.

 Trendy experiment on a diet "Dinner minus"

The first days of the weight of standing still. It's very sad. After all, I have attached so much effort to lose weight, but it did not show. The only motivation was the approval of her husband, and it was no longer enough. But about a week scales weighing each began to show a decrease my weight. It was not the tens of kilograms. A total of three weeks on a diet "Minus dinner" took about 2, 5-3 kg. It has been a real success!   Slimming immediately felt in the locker room: weak belt on your favorite skirts and trousers that stopped me peredavlivat waist. Also noticeably began to look more aesthetically pleasing line of my forearms, which together with the stomach is always rounded first while typing my weight. To dispense with the evening meal was the usual, but there was a feeling of lightness discourage desire something to overload your stomach in the evening.

From the fourth week, its official output with the diet I mentioned going to the bath, where in addition to the alternation of hot steam with a dip in the pool with cold water, presented its new thinner body skrabiruyuschuyu procedure using the rubbing of the skin normal table salt.

It's been a few weeks since the end of my experiment with fashion diet "Minus dinner." Now my evening meal will be around 18.30 and consists of a small portion of sauerkraut with loaves (net bran).   My weight continued to slowly decline, despite the fact that the output from time to time, I will give myself a late alkogolesoderzhaschego cocktails and snacks in a pleasant to him to keep me company. This once again proves that the body is important to inform the impetus to lose weight, and it itself will in time you set a course for the direction, even allowing you while small concessions in the form of a late celebratory banquet on the occasion.

That's how our world: in order to get something, you need of something to give. And refused to dinner, I got my minus 3 kg of excess weight, and what you want. And let all your experiments will be successful!

 Trendy experiment on a diet "Dinner minus"

All photos from the personal archive of the author.
Author: Natalia Hryshko