7 Secrets to Beauty and confidence from Jessica Bill
 We have different attitudes to the cover girl - a model and actress, adorning its appearance screens and someone bed. But perhaps most of all the heat we have for those who are trying to carry into the world of show business naturalness and independence. One of those Hollywood beauties - model and actress Jessica Bill. Its beauty she won the hearts of millions of men, including Justin Timberlake. And her perseverance (Jessica did not immediately began to give good roles) should learn from each aspiring actress. However, not only the actress ...

When we hear or read about a woman who is a supporter of all natural, minimally use cosmetics and sharply criticizing plastic surgery, there is a question - what makes it so the fairer sex to be a beautiful and toned. It is no secret that the stars credited with "long-playing beauty" is through access to expensive cosmetic procedures and appeals to plastic surgeons who create "miracles".

Meanwhile, it was Timberlake's girlfriend was invited to the role of a stripper in the movie "Powder Blue." In one of the scenes pictures of juicy babe performs a dance temptress sensually pouring molten wax yourself. What is the secret of a woman who is not ashamed of her body in front of an audience of millions who will see the movie? ..

So, 7 Secrets to Beauty Jessica Bill, which opened its reporters trainer Jason Walsh.

 7 Secrets to Beauty and confidence from Jessica Bill

Secret 1. The variety in the sport - a variety in life

Yoga and Pilates - certainly no match for the gym with his "iron", but it's a great way to restore internal harmony. So Jessica successfully combines oriental gym with exercise equipment.

Naturally, the dull stale workout like ordinary people and stars. Therefore, one of the rules of Jessica Bill - for a variety of "mixed" sport and recreation. In addition to training in the gym, Jessica loves active outdoors (long walks, mountain bike and so on). Yes, and for filming in the movie "Powder Blue," it had a lot of "sweat" from scratch to learn the art of strip-dance.

Secret 2. Integrated Load

If you do not have much time for fitness, follow the example of Jessica Bill. It is always the maximum laid out in the classroom because it prefers exercises that involve the maximum number of muscles.

Secret 3. Only natural food

Jessica Bill chooses only healthy natural food. Among her favorites - nuts. To restore the muscles, the actress drank amino acid drinks.

4. Secret Diet

For breakfast Jessica prefers bread baked from "useful" flour. This flour from whole grains. It is known that whole grains - is not just a storehouse of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber (fiber). They also contain plant compounds that help reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and other health troubles. To toast useful actress adds egg whites and cinnamon. Interesting choice, right?

Between the first and second breakfast Jessica is not averse to drink a protein shake with the addition of different berries. Lunch is served on sweet potato with tuna. As lunch is possible the option of hummus with celery. The usual dinner - spaghetti with meatballs is a sauce or chicken breast (as an option - turkey breast).

5. Secret fats - "yes"!

According to Jessica Bill, one of the main problems of people wanting to stay in shape or lose weight - is the fear of fat. But clinically proven that fat is necessary for normal body function.

Widely known about the benefits of polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega 3 series, which lower cholesterol, strengthen the immune, nervous and cardiovascular system, improve skin and fight many diseases. Sources of healthy fats for Jessica Bill are walnuts, olive oil and coconut oil.

Secret 6. Losing weight and tone!

The question of "diet or sport? "For the actress is not necessary. It is important to combine these things and stick around balance. Only then will we bring the body to use.

Secret 7. Rest and recovery

Mode and schedule - it was good, but the body - not a machine, he needs a rest. So you need to be isolated from the crazy life - albeit occasionally, but regularly. At least once a week, you need to fully relax. We must forget about the race for success and go to the spa, enjoy a massage to restore body and soul to new achievements.

To get emotional discharge, Jessica also resorted to the "all-male" way - goes to Justin for the matches on the American football.

 7 Secrets to Beauty and confidence from Jessica Bill

... Jessica Bill has earned a reputation as one of the "sports" stars. She made the impossible, turning their hobby into fitness. Will it to us? Well, it's never too late to try.
Author: Marina Tumovskaya