Belly dance. Movement of the hands and abdomen
 Belly dance is gaining increasingly popular among the masses. It allows you to make your body more plastic, reveal their sensuality and sexuality, to learn to control his body.

Catching up belly dancing, you will develop the abdominals, back, arms and posture. Today we tell about the movements of the hands and abdomen.

Exercise 1.   The hands at chest level, one foot in front of him on the nose. Smoothly cross their arms in front of him, while lowering the foot to the heel. And the rear lift-to-toe. Apply the brush. Movement of arms similar to the way you like scoops to his sand or water. Make as many times as you want. Then repeat for the other leg.

Exercise 2.   Now, make circular movements shoulders. First back, then forward. This can be a little squat and work the body.

Exercise 3.   The circular rotating brushes. First rotate forward, then back. Then add the rotation of the hips, thighs describe a semi-circle in front.

Exercise 4.   Hands at chest level. One arm is straight, the other tray to his head. Palm while open. At the same time the traffic passes thighs. To bend your knees. Now, bringing your left hand to his head, straighten your right leg and vice versa. All traffic flowing. Hips thus will describe a semicircle.

Exercise 5.   Now, continuing to move your hips, arms drops to the chest and lift up, so that they touched back of the hand.

Exercise 6.   Next arms raised above his head and slightly bent at the elbows. Slightly sway them from side to side. So that one arm remained bent at the elbow, and the other - straightened. One brush reaches for another. Connect the thigh. Use of your knees. Hips should go in the same direction as the hands. Do not forget that all the traffic flowing.

 Belly dance. Movement of the hands and abdomen

Exercise 7.   Hands at shoulder level. One hand goes up in front of other findings on the diagonal. Then both hands returning to the starting position and change them. This is all accompanied by a familiar motion of her hips. Then add a small element. Raise your hand over your head, bend your arm at the elbow and wrist, so that it forms a semi-circle above the head. The lower arm is also bent at the elbow and hand and forming a semi-circle, but from below. Then return to the starting position and repeat for the other hand. You can do as many reps as you want.

Exercise 8.   Hands in front of you at chest level. Getting smooth motion at the same time with both hands to the right as if you drive a wave. Then to the left. Do not forget to work your hips.

Exercise 9.   Spreads his arms to the sides to chest level. And do undulating arms up and down. You can not work your hips. Works only hands. First, lift the shoulder, then the elbow, then the wrist. Dipped in the same order.

Exercise 10.   This is - the continuation of the previous exercise. Continuing to make wave-like movements, begin to sway from side to side.

Exercise 11.   It helps to learn to work the chest while dancing. Hands on hips. Print the chest forward, with shoulders and elbows go back. Then the chest back, elbows and shoulders come forward. Then, from side to side. Then on a diagonal.

Exercise 12.   Now we describe a semicircle breast. At first, leading her back. And after some time, we are describing a semicircle bringing it forward.

Exercise 13. Now hands breed apart, slightly bent at the elbows. Raise the chest up and goes down.

Exercise 14.   Next, we derive the chest, first forward, then lift, then back and down. This exercise helps to learn to do a wave of stomach. When are comfortable, all of these exercises are joined together.

As you can see, that sounds complicated, in fact, such was not there. Practice. Remember: it is - a dance, you have to enjoy what you are doing. Repeat as much as you want. And smile.
Author: Vera Karabutova