How do sports, or science of motivation at work
 Almost every day we all have to force yourself to perform a specific set of actions. From one we can not escape, for others we come up with a lot of excuses to them not to do, and some we just tired.
Sport occupies an important place in human life. We know that motion - a life, but even for him it is necessary to have a serious motivation.

So, how to convince them that we need exercise? What we can give training?

1. Struggling with depression.   Each responds to the difficulties and troubles of his own. Someone buys a cake and eats it, others can not look at the food, others take sneakers and do sports, go to the fourth mold dumplings and wash the dishes, in general, try to take a hand. Everyone, of course, his own. But to cope with stress hormones we need a lot of joy. And the most healthy way to get them - sports (and sex). Just think what kind of sport or dance brought to you maxim pleasure. Maybe you want to learn to dance striptease or belly dancing, or take up boxing!

2. become more confident and sexy.   The more you train, the more you get pleasure from your reflection.

 How do sports, or science of motivation at work
   I think many would agree, it's nice to see how beautiful our body is formed as sexy curves appear as increased endurance. As a result, on the heels you feel more confident, and the development of endurance and flexibility will allow to surprise the men in bed.

3. Keeping health.   Did you know that exercise significantly reduce the amount of glucose in the blood and without taking medication. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Your joints, muscles, the heart will thank you.

 How do sports, or science of motivation at work
 4. We get the opportunity to shamelessly eat a piece of cake.   You did a good job on himself, so now you can indulge. While you will be pleasantly surprised that you have decreased craving for sweets.

5. Go to the target.   Set a goal. But it is achievable. It can be in kilograms, in centimeters, to the number of visits per month. On the way to the big goal put a few small. So it will be easier to stay on course.

Our methods

When you know what you need lessons, of course, it becomes much easier. But how to do so as not to become a slave of his desires? Come to the aid of simple methods.

• Be more flexible.   Do not drive yourself to the limits. Go in when you want and be what you want. Change group lessons or if you are doing themselves, how to exercise. Yoga, running, dancing, strength training - maybe even within a week. Experiment and boredom does not threaten you! Even weight training can be built in different ways. There are numerous embodiments of the same exercise.

• gradually.   Too frisky start able to fight off any desire to train. Who would like muscle pain! Therefore, start with moderate loads and gradually increase the intensity!

• Find a partner.   No matter which of the two of you will drag each other. Together is more fun and be ashamed to surrender first.

 How do sports, or science of motivation at work

• Always reward yourself.   Goodies, new clothes, going to the club. After all, the promotion - the most important instrument in the motivation.

 How do sports, or science of motivation at work
 • The main thing - that was interesting.   So find something for everyone. But even if you believe that the occupation is not for you, you get the interest to challenge yourself. And you will be satisfied when gets his. Nothing, if not immediately happen. Be patient, be persistent and you will be rewarded.

• make yourself an idol.   Not necessarily to get to your ideal. But the main thing - to set the direction. Do you want to be confident and sexy as Angelina Jolie? Please! After all, what matters is how you feel. A sports - one way to believe in themselves and to raise their self-esteem.

It would seem simple advice, but we often forget the most basic. Motivate yourself and help yourself to follow your motivation.
Author: Vera Karabutova