Top 10 news about weight loss. Part One
 For successful weight loss is not enough to choose an effective, in your opinion, diet, carefully counting calories and exhaust itself by starvation after 18.00. It is equally important to be aware of the latest discoveries in the field of weight loss, which belong to "the most lucid minds" of domestic and foreign nutrition. We present our 10 news from the world of diets and weight loss.

1. Silence as a "fuse" from overeating

It's no secret that the main cause of obesity is overeating regularly. Often it is caused by constant stress and emotions. The more unrest in a person's life, the more he "calmed down" by a tasty and high-calorie foods.

American psychologists have found another way to deal with nervous overloads. They offer ... more likely to be in silence. Employees of the University of Pennsylvania found that the constant noise and stress may be a factor in provoking people to overeating. It convincingly proved the test results. According to study author Dr. Laura Klein, women who have to work hard in a noisy environment (knock button, phone calls), consume 65-70 grams of fat food more than their colleagues who work in a relaxed atmosphere.

Therefore, coming home after a hard day, do not just include music or TV. Better to just stay in silence. Stress gone, and with it - insatiable desire to consume the sandwiches, cookies and candy.

2. The stronger the smell, the less hungry

Dutch scientists have found that the feeling of satiety not only affects the amount of servings eaten, but the smell. Strong scents help quickly sated and additive we are certainly not going to ask.

According to the author of the study Ryuyshop Rihanna, she and her colleagues have discovered that fragrance. It helps suppress hunger long before people will eat the usual amount of food. Thus, the problem of overeating will be successfully solved.

Now we need to - the researchers will create products that will enjoy this powerful scent, which will deal with hunger. If they succeed, weight loss can be avoided.

3. Horror against obesity

Hollywood Heritage "horror" is striking - it's favorite "Hellraiser" and "Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Friday the 13th" and the novelty of this year, "Drag Me to Hell." American scientists invite us to become like the eminent film directors and ... scare myself.

 Top 10 news about weight loss. Part One
   Imagine that your 50 or 60 turned into 90, the skin sagged, and a huge belly can not hide even the most tight jeans. For realism, you can even try to stretch your own photo in the "Photoshop" - of course, in width. Well, as - scared?

Psychologists say that it is a very effective method against the constant desire to chew rolls or each commercial break to run to the refrigerator. You just have to exaggerate the threat that high-calorie food is for your figure. And what will be darker colors, the better.

The study authors gave this technique a special name - "rejects the interpretation." And by the way, proved its effectiveness in the course of specially organized experiments. Two groups of women offered sodas: one - in a room with landscapes on the walls, others - with photos of models. I'm sure you can guess that, before seeing a picture skinny beauties, the subjects did not even touch to drinks. So often think about the consequences of sweet joys!

4. Calcium - to help

Calcium - a reliable assistant of every woman in the improvement of the figure. His lack of appetite and provokes the constant craving for high-calorie foods.

Scientists from the Faculty of Medicine, Laval concluded that calcium intake in certain doses can help to lose weight, even without resorting to the diet and other dietary restrictions.

During the experiment, conducted among overweight women, it was formed two groups. Participants of the first, and stuck to the diet consumed 1,200 milligrams of calcium, participants of the second - placebo. It was found that women who took calcium, lost 6 times more excess weight - 1 kg and 6, respectively.

Scientists believe that 1000 mg of calcium per day temper your appetite and help normalize weight.

5. Most diets are based on unconfirmed data

 Top 10 news about weight loss. Part One
   President of the British Society of Gastroenterology Chris Hawkey said that most diets is scientifically unfounded. They are based on food myths that are born and breed media.

For example, Hokie questioned the effectiveness of the now so popular grapefruit diet, which is based on the idea of ​​splitting fat enzymes in grapefruit juice. The fact that the enzyme will not be overcome simply intestines to act on the fat.

Professor criticized and chewing diet, which is based on the recommendation to chew every morsel of food at least 32 times. According Hockey, it is also a theory that has not been confirmed by practice.

The target of the scientist turned a raw food diet, alkaline diet, and many others who criticized a professor at the "Gastro-2009" in London.

 Top 10 news about weight loss. Part One
   One of the most plausible diets Hawkey called the Atkins diet. "For weight loss, it can be useful, because of the statement that the protein in the absence of carbohydrates resets the metabolic parameters, are really worth scientific data", - he said.

We recommend that you do not just choose a favorite from a list submitted by the diet on a favorite site or magazine, and look for scientific information supporting its effectiveness. Otherwise, the "starve yourself" simply makes no sense.

To be continued.
Author: Marina Tumovskaya