Hair whipped - why it happens and how to fight it
 Split ends of hair - this shortcoming is familiar to almost all have long hair, though the longer the hair, the more likely to get such a disadvantage. After all, the main reason for this phenomenon - the impact of the external environment, and the longer each hair, the more it is exposed to external influences during his life. That is why the hair length of about 30-50 cm almost inevitably begin to flake at the ends.

What matters, and heredity. Often the desire to grow Falls luxurious curls stronger than common sense, and we continue to grow hair, regardless of genetic limitations, moreover, and the torment of their irons, paint aggressive chemical dyes, do not protect against exposure to the outside world. But - the sun, wind and water (especially chlorinated) - not the best friends of our hair!

Improper care and traumatic actions also cause delamination Hair: frequent use of alkaline soap, hot dryer, rough combing (metal and low-quality wooden combs with burrs) and long wearing one kind of hairstyle (pony tail, fleece) and parting.

Another reason lies in the split ends of your menu - perhaps the hair is not enough food! Quite often, the hair becomes dry and are cut due to lack of essential fatty acids, so pay attention to your diet. It must be present oily fish (tuna, sardines, mackerel, salmon, herring), and nuts. And of course, the liquid! To have beautiful hair and whipped need to drink during the day enough water - daily minimum of three to five glasses of water, ochischёnnoy, mineral and spring.

Unfortunately, it often happens - do not withstand the aggressive influence from the outside world and neglect, protective scales that cover the hair, like a reliable armor begin to puff up. Exposes the inner layer defenseless, curls lose moisture closer to the tips begin to delaminate. Not only do these look pretty unattractive curls, they become stiff and unruly, difficult to comb and style haircut.

How to deal with this annoying problem:
  • To start cut off split ends and continue to do it regularly. Scissors must be kept sharp. You can try a haircut "hot scissors". These sensors are electric scissors, with which you can adjust the desired temperature, for delicate and colored hair - 110 ° C for thick - hot, up to 150 ° C. In the process of shearing the tip of each hair is slightly melted, and, as it is sealed. Experts say that such hair grow better and become elastic, becoming a living luster.

  •  Hair whipped - why it happens and how to fight it
  • We buy regular comb or brush. Perfect comb or brush, a natural origin, does not tear and does not confuse hair. It is better if it is a professional brush ceramics. She smooths stubborn flakes, "directing" them in the right direction. The main advantage of "pottery" in the fact that under the influence of the dryer it is not heated to high temperatures and does not injure the hair during styling. By the way, the choice of approach is also a hair dryer with full responsibility - it is better to choose a model with the function of air ionization.

  • In the cold season and in bad weather should collect long hair and pin up in her hair. This must be done in order to protect them from electrification in contact with clothing made of wool or synthetic fibers, as well as to protect against the harmful effects of the environment (cold, rain and wind). By the way, in the form of pins, too, notice, they must be without flaws and uneven ends, no tangles in the hair and does not injure them.

  • Setting up hair "oil" treatments once a week for a month or two. Then less often. For this purpose, suitable for almost any oil, whether burdock, olive oil, jojoba oil, castor or almond. The preheated water bath oil, put on the tips of the hair and put on a shower cap (or plastic kulёk), and on top to warm towel head. An hour later, the head can be washed. Or this recipe: 75 g of fresh chopped burdock roots insist night in a warm place in 200 g of almond or sunflower oil. Then cook over low heat 15 minutes, stirring frequently. The resulting mixture drain and rub into the scalp for an hour before washing. You can use ready-made hair masks, which are sold in pharmacies and cosmetics department. For example, The mask for dry and split hair Botanica In its composition includes such curative components as the plant placenta extract, shea butter extract, brewer's yeast.

And now for the washing of split ends:
 Hair whipped - why it happens and how to fight it
  • To wash your hair with problems of this type is better to use creams, shampoos, containing biologically active substances, such as lecithin, vitamin B5, chamomile, lime blossom, mint, wheat germ. Many cosmetic companies manufacture special shampoos for such hair, such as shampoo "Healthy Tips" from Gliss Kur . Not bad "Shampoo against breakage ELSEVE»   releases L'oreal . It consists nutrikeramidy - is active substances that produce a protective sheath around the hair, preventing its breakage and hair bundle. This means there are at VICHY - cream shampoo Dercos Technique c ceramides.

  • Every time after washing use special preparations for split ends - air conditioners, masks and balms. They operate on the principle of "patch", which glues the damaged scales, not allowing them to continue to delaminate. The effect persists until the next wash the head.

  • It is not necessary to comb wet and damp hair, as there is a risk of stretch and weaken, and it is better, in general, the frequency Moderate scratching. If the hair is matted, then break them into smaller strands and try to gently untangle them with your fingers, starting with the ends and moving up to the roots.

  • The main "enemies" of hair is considered chemical intervention: coloring and perming. "Chemicals" violate the structure of hair, melanin is washed away, and with it go the nutrients and vital moisture. Fortunately, the science does not stand still, and some modern high-quality hair dye, not only color the hair, but also podlechivat them. So we paint as sparingly as possible, try to use paint with natural oils, and in between painting actively treat hair (masks, balms, etc.)

Well, if you feel that the situation is out of control, and self-cope with it you can not refer to a beauty salon. Professional care line split ends have more potent and prolonged therapeutic effect. A good specialist always pick up exactly the tool that will be most effective for you.
Author: Olga Travleeva