Help your hair in the winter
 Trust these simple tips and your hair will look magnificently throughout the season.

Winter - the most fun and festive time of the year. However, our hair this season often presents not the most pleasant surprises - brittle and dry.

Although it is easy to blame the cold inhospitable weather in trouble with the hair, the reason for this is not only external factors. Any limit temperatures - warm or cold - can be devastating. In the winter and central heating and cold weather in the street 'take away' moisture from the hair and contribute to their dryness and brittleness.

Instead of waiting until the winter come into its own, it is better to take preventive measures. First, do a good haircut and painting. Take care of your hair the same way as, for example, you take care of your skin. Apply daily moisturizer on the ends and the middle of the hair, hold for a few minutes, then rinse. The sebaceous glands, secreted by the head, keep the roots moist enough, so there is no need to apply the cream on the area.

Use heavier, fatty moisturizing mask once a week. Apply a large amount of the air conditioner, wrap hair in a towel (or plastic bag) and leave for 10 minutes. This will create a damp, moist environment and allow the conditioner to penetrate deeply.

To fix the hair, use one - two drops of serum silicone-based - it will help to get a tight perm, and at the same time nourishes the hair.

Hats and hair

While wearing a hat - one of the best ways to stay warm in the winter, it does a disservice to your hair. Continuous wearing hats can lead to an increase in the action of the sebaceous glands, causing your curls will always look dirty and greasy. Accordingly, it should choose the right headgear (they should not be tight) and regularly to give a wool hat to the dry cleaners.

Holiday help

Strangely enough, the products that you use to look their best at Christmas or other holidays, usually make hair dull and dull. To stop using these devices, to add volume, use a cleansing shampoo no more than once a week. But ordinary shampoos are not intended for that use them every day.

Going out into the street, dress warmer, but at home, do not open the windows, as can easily pick up the flu or a cold. And during his illness hair becomes dull and lifeless, and may remain so for several days or even weeks after recovery. In such cases, apply an intensive deep conditioner, and do not wash it for an hour.

Home SPA procedures

You do not always get, get a professional to take care of your hair? The best and most effective means might be in your kitchen or on the shelves of the local grocery store.

Conditioner with jojoba oil

250 ml of rose water
15 ml of jojoba oil
10 drops of vitamin E oil

Heat rose water and add the jojoba oil. Pour the mixture in the blender and add vitamin E. Mix on high speed for two minutes. Wet your hair with warm water, then rub massage movements resulting air conditioning. Leave for a few minutes (possibly for as long as taking a bath). Rinse with warm water. Wash your hair with shampoo and rinse with cool water.

Air conditioning of clover honey

Wet your hair with warm water, then rub half a cup clover honey in your hair, paying attention and tips. Put on your head plastic bag or a special hat. Screw on the hair with a towel as a turban. Leave the air conditioner, at least 20 minutes. Wash your hair with shampoo and treat with a light cream conditioner or simply rinse with cool water.
Author: Ann, New York