Luxury hair ... Gift of Nature? No extensions! Part 1
 Natural hair extensions, appeared over a decade ago, it has completely changed the general picture of the modeling hairstyles. Modern technologies allow to make such a build-up that can significantly transform your image.

The main weapon of mass destruction, the woman - that's the beauty. And not the last role is played here by the hair and hairstyle. But what if the bad hair cut or short hair tired, or you want to weave, but are afraid to mess up your hair? And if you just want to change something in your life? Wait until the hair grow back? You can, but it's easier and faster to come to the salon and make capacity (mount overhead strands of artificial or natural hair to the hair present). In addition, the hair extensions can help solve a number of problems: to make hair thicker, simulate the hair, add the desired length and bangs, decorate with rhinestones or colored hair strands.

The first hair extension technology was invented in Italy, and has revolutionized the world of hairdressing. Judging by the high rate of development and the great popularity of "operations" to increase hair was perhaps five years will become as commonplace as paint them or cut.

It is believed that the hair after such a procedure deteriorate. They can really go bad, but not from the building, and from improper care of the hair in the process of socks, wearing too long without correction, which leads to a strong entanglement. In addition, your hair can damage the improper and unauthorized withdrawals naraschёnnyh hair, especially at home. Therefore, we recommend to apply this procedure to a specialized salon or studio.

It is popular today and another myth concerning naraschёnnyh Hair after the procedure, the hair stops growing. However, after increasing hair grow, and much faster than without it. After removing naraschёnnyh hair may seem like its not grown a millimeter - an optical illusion, as naraschёnnye hair was long enough, and its up to capacity - short or medium length, the eye becomes accustomed to the new length, and it seems that with the native hair there have been no changes.

Since the procedure is expensive enough capacity, then another key moment when it is selected is the term socks naraschёnnyh hair. In most cases the term socks of 2-4 months, but can carry the hair longer, but do not leave them without compensation, because it can really mess up your hair, because it leads to basal entanglement.

In addition, it is necessary to properly care for hair naraschёnnymi .  The concept of the right care includes proper brushing, proper washing and proper nutrition hair .  They harm the heat and cold, so should not be a long walk in the winter without a hat, and in the summer to leave them uncovered in the sun .  Also, be sure to wash your hair with fresh water after swimming in the sea - from salt hair fade and become hard .  Wash them should be the extent of contamination, and to wash thoroughly comb .  Wash your hair should be in the direction from the roots to the tips, do not throw back his head while washing can be vertically, standing under the shower, to avoid entanglement .  When washing do not bend and do not rub strongly hair, so as not to damage the stems and roots of the hair - it can also lead to entanglement .  The entire length, apply balm-conditioner, avoiding contact with the capsule, as this can lead to its disintegration .  It is undesirable to comb wet hair . 

Special mention deserves naraschёnnyh combing hair. Proper and careful batt strands not only prevents tangling and damage your hair, but also can extend the period of new socks strands. Comb the hair should be at least 3-4 times a day, a special massage brush having bristles 2 level (a combination of plastic and natural bristles), which guarantees a good result comb filtering. At night it is recommended to collect hair in a braid or ponytail. As the regrowth of the capsule must be carefully separated from each other, preventing them from tangling with each other.

To grow long hair, you need to make Herculean efforts, and, we must note that this is not always possible for genetic reasons. Only one way out: the growth of natural hair!
Author: Inna Sedykh