"Snow, snow, not methylene me on the spit ..."
 Sedin few people decorate, although some ladies manage and gray hair to look stylish. But it can be said, a rare phenomenon, but mostly the fair sex is struggling to push as far as possible such an unpleasant event like graying hair.

Unfortunately, the loss of the natural hair color, unidirectional (mostly) and, unfortunately, is progressing. But, nevertheless, still in our power to delay the appearance of gray hair, slow its victorious march, and in some cases, turn the clock back. Why do we, who had, who later lose hair color? What does bloom, try to understand, because what would be fought successfully, it is desirable to "know the enemy in the face."

  A little anatomy

Anatomically, the hair is divided into core (trunk) and roots. Rod - is the visible part of the hair above the surface of the skin. The hair root is located in the dermis and is surrounded by root sheath, with whom he is called the hair follicle (bulb).

The rod in cross section consists of an inner medulla, cortex and middle cuticle, the outermost layer. Medulla (the core), composed of cells proteinaceous substance - keratin enriched with sulfur, trace elements (iron, copper, zinc, chromium, manganese), and some vitamins. Here, cells are not yet fully horny. Average cortical layer consists of the same, but dead cells, and is about 90% of the total weight of the hair. It is from this layer depends on the strength of the hair, as well as color, since its cells are pigments that give hair its color: eumelanin (black and brown) and phaeomelanin (yellow-red). From the ratio of these pigments depends on the hair color, and if pigments have disappeared or their number reduced, the hair is bleached.

The outer layer (cuticle) of hair-like covering of pine shingles or scales when washing hair under the influence of alkaline medium scales open, and under the influence of acid (rinses, conditioners) are closed and the hair looks smooth and shiny.

What happens to our hair, making it suddenly loses its color? Violations generation tyrosine, an amino acid that promotes the production of pigments, as well as the accumulation of air bubbles in the hair is considered to be the main cause of graying. And versions of why this is happening, a lot!

Despite extensive research, the process of graying is still largely a mystery. While the main role in this sad phenomenon, according to most researchers, plays heredity . If the parents have turned gray early, then it is likely that children will happen the same. Some gray hair appears in a fairly young age, even up to 20 years. But most of the graying progresses with the beginning of aging - with time he produces less and less pigment cells.

Can play a role and other circumstances: for example, the same stress or metabolic disorders, environmental factors . Still, at any age, gray hair appears because lack of tyrosine Incidentally, it is found in most dietary proteins. This must not forget lovers sit on a diet - do not give up for a long time from the protein-rich foods.

Also, graying may be associated with disorders of the nervous system, endocrine glands, vitamin deficiency, anemia, chronic fatigue, and prolonged exposure to the sun . After all the hair - an indicator of all that occurs in the body as a whole. Early graying can also result from certain serious diseases.

Sedin treated ?!

 "Snow, snow, not methylene me on the spit ..."
 Recently there have been quite encouraging news on this front .  For example, an interesting side effect discovered by French scientists from the University Victor Segalen in behalf of the city of Bordeaux, the new drug for the treatment of blood disorders .  They found that in some patients when used recycled gray hair its natural color .  Of the 133 people who participated in the experiments, five men and four women recovered hair color .  Perhaps the same side effects, there are other volunteers, but because their hair dyed, and they continued to paint them, and the period of recovery of the colors from 5 to 14 months, it just is not visible .  The authors of the study noted that the drug itself (Glivec), of course, can not be used for cosmetic purposes, but laboratory tests such side effects it has already begun .  There is a hope that maybe in the near future, to get rid of gray hair, we will take the pills . 

There are already methods to combat gray hair using zinc supplements   (tsinktiral 1 tablet 3 times a day for a month, repeat the course for a year twice). Well affect the color and condition hair with Supplements Selenium .

Repigmentation (return colored) hair may be observed after administration of high doses P-aminobenzoic acid However within 2-4 weeks after the drug is re-graying hair.

So far, practically the only medication for the treatment of gray hair is 25% injection magnesia . The course of the treatment can only assign a dermatologist or triholog. The complex appointed vitamins and minerals that contain zinc.

Not a bad result gives Mesotherapy   with nicotinic acid and shampoos, in which the composition also contains zinc, copper and iron.

On medicine for gray hair   after a series of successful laboratory experiments, scientists have talked of the University of Manchester and the University of Luebeck. Team Ralph Pausa established hormonal medication (known is called K (D) PT), which restores natural hair color.

In the laboratory, scientists were able to make even a gray and white hair back to its original color (samples were taken from women aged 46 to 65 years, making a facelift). In case of a successful outcome of the case in the future dermatologists hope to translate it into the form of a shampoo. It would be a very good option. Just wash your head - and no gray hair!

There is in the arsenal to combat gray hair tools such as various lotions such as "Antisedina"   and they actually return the color of gray hair at a time .  They include: glycerol, ammonium chloride, ethyl alcohol, distilled water enriched with silver ions, biostimulants, sulfur, amino acid complex, resorcinol, urea, lead acetate, D-panthenol, vitamin B6, PP, C, A, E, sulfur, flavorings and other substances .  As part of some of these lotions have herbal extracts: horsetail, aloe vera, burdock, hops, birch leaf, chamomile, juniper, nettle, etc. .  According to the producers of daily recovery is the natural color of the hair takes seconds - just put lotion on your hair - and all! To fully restore the color of hair will take 2-3 weeks, then have to use lotion occasionally .  So does this mean I can not judge, consumer reviews are contradictory .  But, nevertheless, many of these are, though, of course, all of the gray hair, he does not save, and when to stop using it, gray hair appears again .

Prevention of graying

Since the causes of gray hair are not well understood, and the methods of prevention rather conventional. But something we can do all the same! When premature graying attention should first be paid to the overall strengthening of the body, especially the nervous system.

Early gray hair can be due to a lack of zinc in the body, selenium, oxygen starvation and malnutrition hair vitamin deficiency. Harmful and dangerous strict diet and monotonous diet.

Thus, in order to prevent premature graying is necessary to set a specific food regime and monitor the condition of the nervous system.

What is the most important vitamins in this case:

1.   Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) - found in yeast, liver, kidneys, milk, meat, fish, fish eggs, cheese. Lack of vitamin B2 in the body causes disturbances in the formation of hair colorant.

2.   Vitamin B8 (biotin) - required for the synthesis of ascorbic acid keeps the skin healthy, eliminates symptoms of eczema and dermatitis, prevents hair from graying, helps in the prevention of hair loss. Natural sources: beef liver, egg yolk, soy flour, brewer's yeast, milk, kidney, not polished rice.

3.   Vitamin B9 (folic acid) - keeps the skin healthy, can slow the graying of hair if taken along with pantothenic and parabens. Sources: dark green leafy vegetables, carrots, liver, egg yolks, apricots, pumpkin, avocado, beans, whole wheat and dark rye flour.

4.   PABA (vitamin H1, para-aminobenzoic acid) - a representative of the family of B may be synthesized in the body. It helps restore the color of gray hair when applied externally protects the skin from sunburn, keeps it healthy and smooth, slows the formation of wrinkles. Found in liver, brewer's yeast, kidney, unrefined grains, rice bran, sprouted wheat.

5.   Vitamin PP (niacin, nicotinic acid) - has a great influence on the nervous system, the metabolism of the skin and hair. Contained in cereals, whole grain bread, legumes, liver, kidney, heart, meat, fish, some vegetables, yeast, dried mushrooms.

6.   Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) - promote hair growth and the formation of pigment.

In addition to vitamins, to slow down the process of graying of hair and trace elements are important. There scientific assumption that early gray hair to appear with a deficit of copper in the body, so that the prevention of bloom should be used copper-bearing products such as mushrooms, nuts and cheese.

Well, as long as the scientists are working on a cure for gray hair, we have to drink vitamins, eat healthy food, strengthen the nervous system, yoga and ... dye your hair color.

Staining of gray hair

 "Snow, snow, not methylene me on the spit ..."
 The most common way to deal with gray hair - is filling. If a little gray suit, soft money, coloring shampoos. If more than 25% of the hair lost its color - without proof paints can not do. Permanent ink is usually non-pigmented paints the hair completely, but if you are totally against ammonia paints promise 100% coverage of gray hair, there is a way for you.

The safest hair dye plant are considered: henna and Basma, rhubarb and camomile tea. With henna and Basma dyed hair in a reddish color (you can achieve very dark shades), chamomile tincture - yellowish-gold, rhubarb can help make your hair light brown.

The most time-consuming method - henna and Basma. First you have to dilute henna hot water, apply it on hair, keep a warm cap for 40 minutes, wash off the henna to dry hair, dilute basmu, spread on the hair and again kept under heat for about an hour, then wash off and you can admire its beautiful, shiny hair color from copper to dark black. It is certainly possible to simplify the process and mix henna and basma together - but the result will be worse, the hair can not paint over quite well.

The easiest method of hair dye is washing their infusion of chamomile. This tool is perfectly suitable for blondes. Camomile brew boiling water, infused for 30-40 minutes, then strain. To 100 g of strained infusion 5 g of glycerin. This solution moistened hair. Concentration of the solution affects the resulting shade of hair. For darker take not less than 150 g per 500 g of camomile water.

For hair coloring cook rhubarb 150 g rhubarb in 0, 5 liters of sour white wine until half the volume. The resulting liquid is rubbed into the clean hair, then they are dried.

And can opt out of the staining? Well, a bold decision, and subject to full harmony with the general appearance of the silvery hair can give a certain charm to a woman - but only if there is no white hair yellowish, they are well maintained and look shiny and healthy.
Author: Olga Travleeva